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Download ´ Party of One Lib/E: The Loners Manifesto 102 ☆ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Party of One Lib/E: The Loners Manifesto By Anneli Rufus – The Buddha Rene Descartes Emily Dickinson Greta Garbo Bobby Fischer J D Salinger Loners all along with as many as 25 percent of the world's population Loners Rdue argument in defense of the loner then and now Marshalling of One LibE PDFEPUB #234 a polymath's easy erudition to make her case assembling evidence from every conceivable arena of culture as well as interviews with experts and loners worldwide and her own acutely calibrated analysis Rufus rebuts the prevailing notion that aloneness is indistinguishable from loneliness the fallacy that all of those who are alone don't want to be and wouldn't be if only they knew ho. A very easy read and read it in a day as I am currently on Holiday Most of the things she says strikes a cord with me but I don't agree with everything she says Maybe this is part of being a loner the independence and individual in all of us that it is her message I would recommend this book for people who feel that they could be a loner or sway in that direction but take parts of it with a pinch of salt and sift out the bits relevant to youThe constant reference to loners and non loners seemed to make her point of grouping moot when she put all people into two categories I did agree with her on the media usage of loners being pervos pedos or indeed of any weird disposition when infact we like to spend time on our own People like Mark Champman are pseudoloners those who seek approval but have faced rejection and react Loners like time on their own I do infact go to the cinema on my own and eat at restaurants on my own and at work I will sit on my own at break but I don't agree with her generalisation that we hate all social contact Whilst I myself prefer my own company I do have time for relatives close friends and when not on my break will freely talk to othersI found the writing style very easy and would have liked her to go into detail about people like Kurt Cobain Einstein John Lennon instead of touching on them briefly to expand on the different types of loners I do not like surfing which she seems to say all loners like I guess the point is she makes most of her points in the first few chapters and if she went away from and us and them attitude like it is in harry potter with mudbloods and muggles it could have been a much better argument but I gave it 4 stars because I have empathy for the most part

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The One LibE The Loners Kindle Buddha Rene Descartes Emily Dickinson One LibE eBook #9734 Greta Garbo Bobby Fischer J D Salinger Loners all along with as many as percent of the world's population Loners keep to themselves and like it that way Yet in the press in films in folklore and nearly everywhere one looks loners are tagged as losers and psychopaths perverts and pity cases ogres and mad bombers elitists and wicked witches Too often loners buy into those messages. If you ever felt guilty for spending time all by yourself and constantly pressured to make some excuses for not hanging out with others this book is yours Having read this book now all I can think of is Why didn't I read this soonerThe author will painstakingly show you with lots of examples from all walks of lives past and present from business religion or academia that it's not a crime to be alone I didn't realize that it is even possible to be alone stress free without even a hint of shame and I was very skeptical of the premise of the book at least for the first 10 to 20 pages Loners like me have an ingrained belief that to be alone you need to have some valid convincing excuses to do so as it is against the social norm and therefore not encouraged or acceptable We have been told since we were very young that it's not okay to be a loner and we should be friendly to others This notion is so deep rooted that it did actually take me the whole book to realize that we are doing nothing wrong by being alone I thought this loner characteristic of mine is something to be remedied somewhere down the road but the author says otherwise Just as converting a gay guy into a straight is stressful and catastrophic okay a bad example but I'm not Rufus You get the point forcing yourself into an extrovert will not end well and in retrospect that's why I've been constantly distressed Loners are a very skeptical animal and I know that you won't buy my argument my former self wouldn't have either and that's why you need to get ahold of the bookLoners by definition do not gather around with like minded people and form a group like yoga classes or poker buddies Just because there is no such thing as loners anonymous an oxymoron does not mean that we are living an unacceptable form of lifeI'd recommend the book for non loners as well If you ever wonder why your boyfriend thinks you are clingy when you think you are not get a copy of the book and you'll have a peek into loners' mindset and his behavior should make sense to you provided that he is a true loner not an accidental loner like serial killers See the book for the difference between the two Loners are not the mainstream but all the because of our minority status it would be nice if you have some basic understanding of who we are and how we think if you happen to have some loners in your lifeI sometime go back to the book to remind myself that it's okay to politely decline if you don't want to hang out with others and enjoy the me time without guilt A very eye opening empowering must read for introverts or loners

Summary Party of One Lib/E: The Loners Manifesto

Party of One Lib E The Loners ManifestoAnd strive to change Party of PDFEPUB or making themselves of One LibE The Loners PDFEPUB or miserable in the process by hiding their true nature and hiding from it Loners as a group deserve to be reassessed to claim their rightful place rather than be perceived as damaged goods that need to be fixed In Party of One Anneli Rufus a prize winning critically acclaimed writer with talent to burn has crafted a morally urgent historically compelling tour de force a long ove. A truly marvellous book Now everyone can begin to understand the introverts they're struggling with in their life Anneli Rufus knows this hot topic from the inside out and her keen insight and light touch succeed in making introverts aka loners feel validated and even 'normal' I read it with high delight freuent nodding and the occasional shout of Yes That's so right The book offers a great many interesting insights and my only regret is that I did not come across it sooner I highly recommend it