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Melanin 'n' MeOur skin that gives afrocentric people their color It tells t. I bought this book for my seven year old brown grandson My little grandson who is an only child grew up in a loving supportive and encouraging home environment He is highly intelligent and he had the highest self esteem UNTIL he started to attend school in a well to do and predominately white district Recently he has been feeling as though he's not good enough and even stated to me his confidant that he wishes he were white He has already noticed and is being affected by white privilege and the idea that America puts out there that white people have set the standard for handsomeness andor beauty It's awful what this society is doing to our children This book is teaching him why he looks the way he does and I remind him that all of human mankind originated from the Black race but that no race is superior to another His parents have been reading Melanin 'N' Me in hopes that it will restore the pride that his parents has instilled in him but he seems to be losing now that he's surrounded by white children He's attending a very good private school where his parents are paying university like tuition rates and he continues to excel academically however his little self esteem is falling It is my hope that this book will help I highly recommend this book and encourage every parent with a Black or Brown child purchase them I bought both; each written by a different author

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This book is about a chemical named melanin that is found in. This is an excellent little book for all young children of African origin It is positive informative and most importantly it is factual It is an illustrated poem all about Melanin and its wonderful attributes that very small children will be able to grasp and immediately feel a sense of pride from knowing all about itI recommend it as a starting point on the topic from 4 years up You'd be surprised even adults have learned something from reading this book Melanin is not a topic we generally hear about or have been taught about Surprisingly such an important attribute that currently sells for than the price of gold is not even on the national curriculum Not a wonder it is a real eye opener to many It's the God given gift that makes black people black makes their skin soft and supple and keeps them healthy and strong It's the stuff that makes fairer skinned people want to tan themselves for because they simply do not possess enough of it

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Melanin 'n' Me Read í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ [Ebook] ➥ Melanin 'n' Me Author Beverly Dyson Crespo – This book is about a chemical named melanin that is found in our skin that gives afrocentric people their color It tells the story of a young boy who discovers thHe story of a young boy who discovers the benefits of melanin. This is such a great simple way to introduce children to the uses of melanin in the body This is an illustrated poem that teaches about the wonderful properties of melanin and how wonderful it is to have melanin in the skin hair and irises of the eye My daughter had a big smile on her face when I read this to her I highly recommend this book The best part was when the children on the continents of Africa N America and S America were all holding hands while the book explains how all Africans are united through ancestry and how melanin shows us our connection