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Free download Ø Bass Aerobics ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ [Ebook] ➧ Bass Aerobics Author – Bass Builders Perfect for beginning to advanced players this book with online audio access by world renowned bassist and educator Jon Liebman provides a 52 weekReased speed improved dexterity better accuracy and heightened coordination not to mention an awesome new Bass PDF or groove vocabulary The accompanying online audio contains all workout grooves for both demonstration and play alon. I got this book about a month ago and I've been sticking to the 'one exercise a week' system as recommended so I'm currently on workout 5 It's designed to take you a year to get through the whole thing so be prepared to stick with it for a whileI have been playing to a semi pro level for over 20 years now and wanted something to give me a bit of a kick in the butt to push me out of a rutMy first thought is that a well written and well thought out book that I can already tell will improve my playing In fact it already has I can already feel my techniue improvingOne thing is worth mentioning however the front cover states For all levels From beginner to advanced Now my idea of beginner may be somewhat different to Jon's but if imho this is not a book for beginners I would consider intermediate to advanced accurateDon't be put off though it is a great book and I find myself looking forward to hearing the next workout worrying when I see the score my sight reading is not brilliant and feeling proud when I have worked through it a week laterOverall thoughts Brilliant Well worth it

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Bass Builders Perfect for beginning to advanced players this book with online audio access by world renowned bassist and educator Jon Liebman provides a week one exercise per week workout program for developing improving and mainta. I've been playing bass for over 50 years That's a long time and I consider myself an accomplished player However during that time I've established some bad habits and let my techniue slipSince using this course my left hand I'm right handed has gained considerable strength and dexterity Since this book uses tabs along with standard notation it reuires me to walk up and down the fretboard on chromatic runs versus jumping to other strings to hit the same notes In terms of economy of motion maybe the exercises aren't the most efficient way to get the sound and feel of the songs but it's called Bass Aerobics for a reason It's for conditioning and on that front it's right on targetThe other benefit for me is that my sight reading skills are now better than they've ever been I couldn't play a chart cold before I'd have to study the chart and pick the notes and timing apart I still can't play the pieces cold but I'm spending far less time than I used to analyzing the chartsFor those that are just starting out it might seem daunting However listen to the exercises over and over Let the bass lines become melodies you hear in your head Then slowly use the tabs in the book to recreate those melodies It might not be easy but it will pay off I'd say stick with it and put in the time In the end I think you'll be glad you did ç 9 Read

Bass AerobicsIning bass guitar techniue Liebman teaches chromatics scales string crossing and advanced patterns slapping and all in styles ranging from rock funk and RB to jazz disco reggae and Bassists using Bass Aerobics will benefit from inc. When Jon L declares 'the groove everything and everything must groove' each workout has a groove and some have funk ‘on the 1’ I bought this book in March 2015 and put it in the closet next to the bass in its case Then in Nov 2017 devoid of any ability to make anything groove I began Jon's series of 52 bass workouts Holding to Jon's guideline to 'go over each workout until you can pat it perfectly' this Dec 2019 I've finished the 52nd workout My sense of what perfect is creating the groove over 3 repetions These workouts develop the techniues your right & left hands must have to make everything groove as well as the stamina reuired However how to descriptions of those techniues are not provided The workouts can be physically demanding and as in all physical exercising strains can result if you do not know those how to do like where to place the thumb of your left hand on the back of the neck of the bass to reach each note in a measure So purchase this book and a how to book and by the time you complete the 52nd workout you'll be able to make it all groove and funk