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characters Faustine Bonfire Chronicles #1

review Faustine Bonfire Chronicles #1 103 ê ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Faustine Bonfire Chronicles #1 By Imogen Rose ❤ – Who is Faustine When Faustine Spencer was five years old she discovered a secret that changed her life forever At twelve her parents sent her to Bonfire Academy in Switzerland to ensure that Shattered when her father a prominent sovereign disappears after naming her as his successor Her siblings begin to disappear and Faustine finds herself in the midst of a power struggle With her life in danger Faustine must learn to follow one of Bonfire Academy’s most important rules Trust no on. This was obviously written for a VERY young audience And when I say young I mean 12 13 year old girls 24 hours after finishing this book I am still suffering from my brain cells slowly being sueezed of their intelligence It is so important to me for books to be believable particularly so when dealing with paranormalfantasy settings I could not find anything believable in Faustine Not One Thing Grrr And even annoying is that this had promise Real promise Faustine our 15 year old heroine and half humanhalf demon princess was a brat It shocks me seeing the author is a mom that as a mom that she would create such an insolent character with such weak supporting adults What do I mean Faustine’s father is a demon king and has disappeared her brother has been violently killed in a bathroom where Faustine is attending a party her sister has disappeared Faustine has been selected to rule in her father’s absence and no one seems to think that Faustine might be in than a casual amount of danger Her mother the adults guiding her and all other adults present simply capitulate to everything Faustine wishes to do whether that puts her in danger or not Not one adult puts their foot down at any point Ever No matter what the danger may be A 15 year old is running the show The fate of the world is left to the whims of a child who despite repeatedly stating “trust no one” – repeatedly trusts everyone Thus showing her extreme immaturity Further it can not be ignored that she is 15 and just starting high school Despite her young age she finds “insta love” and is immediately kissing and making out with him without ever knowing his last name where he is from nothing nada They even get caught after having spent the night together – and no one says a thing about it I wanted to scream and throw my Kindle across the room at this point Come on Kids will be kids but usually there is at least a modicum of parental controlI could go on and on but my depleted brain cells are begging me to stop Sorry but this one really is for the kiddos You adults out there that are loving on this I am guessing that you are not parents and if you are shame on you PS I do feel it necessary to state that the writing itself was very very good And I will be checking out Portal in the hopes that the characters are not selfish twits

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Attan All she wants is to be a typical teenager at least one Faustine Bonfire PDF that’s part of the in crowd at her Upper East Side High School When drop dead gorgeous Ryker her long time crush from the Academy finally notices her she couldn’t be happier However her desire for a normal life is. Great read I loved Ryker and Faustine's relationship How they just seamlessly got together I just wish there were scenes of them together delving into their feelings So much crazyness happens in this book and I'm glad we finally know who has been behind all the chaos I get Faustine is 15 but her attitude was annoying How can she possibly choose school over trying to stop murders chaos and complete havoc to the world Glad she started to shape up though hopefully in the next book she has matured a little and takes her responsibilities seriously

Imogen Rose ½ 3 read

Faustine Bonfire Chronicles #1Who is Faustine When Faustine Spencer was five years old she discovered a secret that changed her life forever At twelve her parents sent her to Bonfire Academy in Switzerland to ensure that she received the training needed to control her increasing powers Three years later Faustine returns to Manh. I'm really going to try to write this without spoilers because fans of The Portal Chronicles will undoubtedly read this next series The Bonfire Chronicles Imogen Rose does not disappoint with the first book of this series Her smooth and easy flow writing continue with this book I couldn't decide if I wanted to curl up with a glass of wine err orange juice is it is YA afterall or if I wanted to sit up in bed and read it uickly before I fell asleep I did a bit of both in the end Her characters have depth with a lot room to grow in the coming books But where the author shines is her ability to write a YA novel where I actually like the main characters It's very rare that I don't want to smother the main characters and I kind of wanted to adopt Faustine It's all very confusing because I keep looking for a character that I hate I didn't even hate the bad guys all that muchThe cover art for this edition kind of grabs you Who is the girl with the red eyes and what is her story I will admit that her story was absolutely nothing like I thought it would be To be brutally honest I wasn't sure if Ms Rose could pull it off The Portal Chronicles were well done but very niched I thought if she stuck to what she knows we'd be okay but while the book first unfolded and we found out about Faustine I was wondering how'd she pull it off Well she certainly pulled it off The woman has a gift until I got to a certain part of the book I don't want to give anything away but a certain word in the book sent me running around to search my books from her first series Imogen Rose is a genius an evil genius I just oh I want to say but you guys would hate me if I ruin it Having said that it's VERY small and you do NOT have to have read the first series to read this one It was just a thingThe story itself is well written The storyline unfolds with grace and and pace The plot is well thought out and well planned but leaves enough room to add in a few surprises I was shocked when I learned Faustine's secret It came a bit out of left field but a very pleasant surprise I was folded in and felt invested in her life and what was going on around and within her I realize I'm not telling you much here but I don't want to give anything away from the description make sure you read it Just trust me it's a great book and makes my must read for the yearThis book is recommended for for fans of Young Adult books and those who are looking for something easy and fun to read