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Blast from the Past (Where Are They Now? #3) Read & Download ´ 100

Read & Download Blast from the Past (Where Are They Now? #3)

Blast from the Past (Where Are They Now? #3) Read & Download ´ 100 Î [Download] ➶ Blast from the Past (Where Are They Now? #3) By Toni L.P. Kelner – Before becoming an action film star John Laryea appeared on The Blastoffs a Saturday morning kid's show about a rock band in spaceBefore becoming an action film star John Laryea appeared on The Blastoffs a Saturday morning kid's show abou. Satisfying third entry to the Where Are They Now series Good mysteries yes there are several for Tilda to figure out and she does get them solved finally Lots of humour characters from the previous books making appearances and very little Nicole helped make this a fun read I'm hoping there will be a fourth book

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When someone tries to run Laryea over Ellis becomes the prime suspect and it's up to Tilda to clear his nam. I snapped up BLAST FROM THE PAST a day after publication lucky me Toni's series starring Tilda Harper who knows everything about old pop culture has been consistently good but this one is the best Tilda tries to find a mysterious comic book artist the secretive Leviathan while trying to solve a series of accidents and deaths around the filming of Leviathan's masterful PHAROS Toni Kelner knows her comics and filmmaking there are a lot of in jokes for fans but if you don't know a thing about either this deftly plotted romantic thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat Agatha winner Toni keeps busy co editing NY Times bestselling anthologies with Charlaine Harris but here's hoping she'll have time for many Tilda Harper novels as well

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Blast from the Past Where Are They Now #3T a rock band in space His former co star Pete Blast from PDFEPUB or Ellis now drives a limo for a living So. In this third entry into the Where Are They Now series Tilda Harper finds herself doubting her abilities as a journalist after two unfortunate incidents go awry Invited to meet and interview the star of the movie which itself is based on a comic from the eighties that is now a cult classic Tilda sets off As she interviews the star John Laryea who was also in a musical adventure television show as a teen and various others involved with the film project she witnesses the hit and run of Laryea and his assistant While she discovers who was behind that accident and works to clear the main suspect's name she also is hired to find out who Leviathan the mysterious creator of the classic comic book series Pharos actually isA smart main character Tilda may make some mistakes but she's never dumb and never annoying She goes about her work in a very professional way even if she may have some sarcastic thoughts about someone or something I really do like her she's not a silly nitwit who gets by on luck or relies on a guy The cast of characters are as usual interesting and incorporated very well into the plot Along with the new faces some familiar ones are here as well Cooper Tilda's best friend who always brings some lightheartedness isn't as prominent in this book as he has been in the others I believe it's only through phone conversations but luckily the book doesn't suffer because of this Tilda's sister June is in it for a short amount of time that doesn't diminish her repartee with Tilda Nick Tilda's former and maybe future love interest and his dad Dom are the two who feature predominantly since Dom's company is in charge of the film's security Following the pattern of each book a new roommate is introduced though I'm sure she'll be gone by the next outing this time the roommate is an animal collector the latest being a snake Tilda's not too fond ofThe two plots are well paced and complement each other nicely Pretty much every page of the book was interesting with clues so subtly embedded I didn't always pick up on them that it held my attention to the very end I love the concept of this series and while I liked the previous books I believe this may just be the best one to date and hope there are many to comeSeries orderCurse of the Kissing CousinsWho Killed the Pinup ueenBlast from the Past