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DOWNLOAD µ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ä Mark Watson The light by a one of a kind cleaning lady and forced to confront his own biggest regr. 'Eleven' is the best book I've read in a while I bloody loved it You can feel while reading that Mark Watson is a comedian but it's not all 'HAHA THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE SO FUNNY' It's subtly funny but also sad it's light yet you really feel for all the characters involved and everything just clicksIt makes you wonder how the choices we make in life affect other people we may or may not know without trying to point a finger at anyone it doesn't try to hard Linking eleven lives back to one instant without it feeling forced or far fetched but feel very logical and natural is an accomplishment for any writer You can really feel Watson has a very good eye for detail otherwise a story this intricate wouldn't run so smoothly Xavier is the perfect main character lovable but mysterious up until the very end he has no idea of the way in which he affects other peoples livesOn top of everything Xavier and the other elements in the book surprised me all the way to the ending I don't know what I was expecting but definitely NOT that even further evidence of how impressive a novel this isI'm already looking for the next Mark Watson book to read Very curious about the one he described in the interview that was tied in to my copy it's about a young boy who is initiated into a school of wizards and gets drawn into a cosmic battle between good and evil But also a few characters turn out to be vampires And then on top of that there's a romp through an ancient European city to uncover a mystery revealed by a trail of religious symbols So I reckon I've got every popular angle covered CAN'T WAIT

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READ ï Eleven By Mark Watson  ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Eleven Author Mark Watson – Xavier Ireland is a radio DJ who by night listens to the hopes fears and regrets of sleepless Londoners and by day keeps himself very much to himself until he is brought into the light by a one of a k Xavier Ireland is a radio DJ Xavier Ireland is a radio DJ who by night listens to the hopes fears and regrets of sle. What a lucky find I have been to see Mark Watson's stand up performance before and really enjoy his sense of humour but I had no idea he could write as well And while his stand up can be uite frenetic at times his writing in this case at least is very measured and restrained The comparisons to David Nicholls are spot on in my opinion love them bothWatson's humour and his fondness of Australia shine through but this is not a comedy It's almost a parable a story about action and inaction Xavier Ireland has run away from his life in Melbourne; away from his family and his tight knit friends since primary school little 'gang' to start over in London There over the past 5 years he has become reasonably successful and popular as the host of a radio program on the graveyard shift During this particular London winter Xavier's failure to effectively intervene in a bullying incident out on the street has a knock on effect for 11 characters We don't know why Xavier left Melbourne until well into the second half of the book When the reason was finally revealed my heart was in my mouth I would almost say it had of an impact than the ending which left a bit to the reader's imaginationThe beauty of this story is in the detailed characterisation of what might at first appear to be a rather large cast But that detail makes it easy to keep track of everyone and where they fit in the interconnectedness of all thingsHighly recommended 45★

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Eleven By Mark WatsEpless Londoners and by day keeps himself very much to himself until he is brought into. Xavier Ireland moved from Australia to London five years ago and is a late night talk show host He has become a uasi therapist to his listeners but in his usual life he is a loner who tries not to get involved in other people's livesAs the story unfolds we discover what happened to Xavier which caused this change in him including changing his name from Chris and he also discovers a way to try and get back to his old selfAlthough this is the main story there is also another large thread running through the book which is how a seemingly innocuous action or inaction by Xavier at the start of the book impacts on eleven lives Sometimes it was a little confusing keeping all the characters straight but I think Watson did a very good job at keeping the Xavier story front and centre This was a very clever novel which left me holding my breath and with goosebumps all over as I read the final lines