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The Bamboo Dancers review é 0

review The Bamboo Dancers

The Bamboo Dancers review é 0 Ó ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Bamboo Dancers By N.V.M. Gonzalez ✸ – In the Philippines the caste of “untouchables” is not the impoverished peasant but the elite leadership on which society depends so much for patronage but from which the masses commonly have recei In the PhiliNcers Gonzalez’s characters are discovered rather than explained They present themselves without comment from the author Such subtlety and disciplined self restraint keep Gonzalez’s fiction far from the ordinary “literature of protest” Perhaps Gonzalez’s constant attentivenes. I think it was good but i have to read it first to sure that book wa good

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In the Philippines the caste of “untouchables” is not the impoverished peasant but the elite leadership on which society depends so much for patronage but from which The Bamboo eBook #198 the masses commonly have received indifference cruelty and betrayal of purposeIn the Bamboo Da. how can i read this story

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The Bamboo DancersS to the manner of speech and even to silence owes much to his culture’s reliance for unobtrusive communication on courteous consideration of others Gonzalez’s craft is perfectly expressive of these Asian aspects of Philippine folkways Leonard Casper Critical Survey of Long Fiction. Reading this book I felt constantly that I was missing something Very little exegesis is given; it reads as if we are dropped into the middle of conversations full of significance and history and we have to try to figure it out I felt this way reading Hills Like White Elephants when I was in middle school so maybe I need to wait twenty years or so and read this again I like it but I’m not sure I get it There's this sort of affectless narrator traveling around the world seemingly at random New York Vermont New York San Francisco Tokyo Kyoto Hiroshima existing at a remove from all those he encounters even his lovers and family It reads like a lot of your favorite manly midcentury writers—Hemingway Kerouac Salinger if I were going to be cruel I might describe it as Salinger without the heart Kerouac without the enthusiasm and Hemingway with sensitivitybut it's better than that makes it sound The Hemingway influence is perhaps intentional at one point he tells his lover she looks like Lady Brett Ashley but there is slightly too much emotion and too much exuberance for Hemingway Slightly Not that I would describe the work as exuberant it’s fairly flat but not uite as flat as HemingwayThere's a lot I don't remember about this book but one of the few scenes that really stands out in my mind is when the narrator Ernie is invited to dinner at a Filipino couple's house in the US and the way the smell of the food cooking reminds him of home It is perhaps the most emotion we see from him even in a book that involves a senseless hit and run killing and a tour of post nuclear Hiroshima It captured for me the feeling of constant tension that comes with living in a foreign country the way that things are always just a little bit different from what you grew up with Sometimes you're not even aware of the ways it wears you down until you are presented with something you didn't even know you were missing like a home cooked meal with ingredients from your childhood I very much doubt this was the point of the book but two years out that is my major takeawayThis is a condensed version of a review that I published on my blog Around the World in 2000 Books