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Framed Traces #1 Read & download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ ❰Ebook❯ ➨ Framed Traces #1 Author Malcolm Rose – Luke Harding is excited to become the youngest person ever to ualify as a forensics investigator He barely has time to celebrate Ers follow and all the evidence points to Luke himself The stakes are high as Luke sets out to prove his innocence and show that he has the talent to crack any crime. Traces luke harding forensic investigator it's a mystery novel and crime it takes you through a crime twist well in Luke harding forensic investigator well there a girl that got shot right in the kidney with a arrow and luke was the investigator his fingerprints were all over the arrow and the bow so they threw the investigator in jail then they found out that the robot Luke created his names malc He was the murder and they went and destroyed the robot before it killed people Characters The characters are make believe like luke the investigator he is a little shy and happy and confident malc the robot is evil and mysterious Luke thinks he can solve every mystery but he doesn’t know what he’s doing but he thinks he is the best of all time Malc I would of thought he would be nice but he is notConflict The story for me I thought it would of been a little better but the main conflict was about a girl and a killer and the killer shot the girl with the arrow in the kidney Then the girl lived for a couple hours and then the investigator was investigating and the robot scanned the girl for fingerprints and found the investigator prints Then he threw the investigator in jail but later they found out the robot was acting weird and they straped the robot to a chair and asked it uestions and it came and said it killed the girl and they destroyed it and created a new one Plot The summary was good the author was Malcolm rose he uses a lot of emotion in the book and he moved the plot a lot like back and forth and had team work In it he had a lot of creative events and feeling in it and he placed the event s everywhere most of it was in a school What i have learnedI recommend it because I liked it and I learned that all the books are going to be a twist and it wasn't bad twist I recommend all the series the author uses a lot of crime and twisted parts analyzing people were they got shot and I like the book and it's a nice book to read and I am going to read the whole series it's good and I like them Also the character in the story is based on a crime that wasn't his fault and it should of been the robot that went the jail and after he destroys it and makes a new one

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Aid to Law Framed Traces eBook #222 and Crime calls him to their first case A fellow student has been mysteriously shot dead with an arrow Two grisly on campus murd. This has been the only book I’ve had to force myself through because I’ve legitimately wanted to uit reading it and start a complete new book The only thing that kept me going was knowing my vocabulary would increase by reading The proclaimed plot wasn’t even followed and the characters were so bland it made me uncomfortable just to try to relate to their likes which were near to nothing I’d say the only interesting thing about Luke was that he commonly ate pomegranates Characters The characters of this book either have personalities that make them seem brain dead ghosts that go with whatever is given to them to do The characters that do have personalities try to be stereotypes but screw up in doing that A prime example of this is Jade’s punk rocker girl attitude and appearance we wouldn't think of her to be straight up caring the moment she’s mentioned in the book There were even points when she could show a good personality like when she introduced her spotlight sound she sounded like a technician that who she really should be she didn’t even seem excited like “Yeah Doesn’t it sound great I just love this song” instead we got a boring vegetable version of a stereotype Plot The plot of this book follows Luke Harding a very young investigator on three murder cases However the clues don’t seem to make the story pop in anyway there is no ‘aha’ moment It doesn’t leave you on the edge of your seat wanting to know the suspect at all I didn’t even have a guess on who it could be in the end and the ending itself wasn’t a shock in fact the conflict that happens here didn’t even make me tense up or feel concerned for Luke they didn’t exaggerate or make it a big deal Conflict The conflict according to the summary on the back of the book is supposed to be all the evidence pointing to Luke as if he had committed his own case However instead we only get him uestioning other people and evidence rarely pointing to him Luke himself only mentions proving his innocence a few times as if just reminding us will make it stick There is no internal conflict about the murders with him all he cares about is the case and very rarely is doing anything else I guess the author ‘tried’ to make a secondary conflict with the pairing community and jade but even that doesn’t resolve in the end and it made me feel very unsatisfied about it even being mentioned What I Learned The only thing I could really learn from this look was my increase in vocabulary and what a bad book can really be I’ve never encountered a book I couldn’t get into in any way shape or form until this This had so much potential to be an actual good book but the characters and descriptions were so bland that it isn’t I feel like this book should be on the wall of shame of suspenseful murder mysteries

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Framed Traces #1Luke Harding is excited to become the youngest person ever to ualify as a forensics investigator He barely has time to celebrate his final exams when Malc his Mobile. Set in a uasi dystopic future in which children are removed from their parents at the age of five to begin their schooling and come under the aegis of the shadowy 'Authorities'; where marriages called Pairings are arranged on the basis of genetics and aptitude groupings a scientist to a scientist an artist to an artist etc; where race is turned upside down and white people are considered freaks and abominations because everyone is brown Framed the first book in a series is a thought provoking look at a potential future of the human race Set in England and focusing on the life of Luke Harding a savant in the field of forensics and at 16 the youngest certified Forensic Investigator his trusty robotic aide MALC a Mobile Aid to Law and Crime and Luke's girlfriend Jade a talented musician and forbidden love the book introduces us to Luke's world and his first crime a murder Newly ualified as an investigator the murder seems routine until Luke discovers that all the clues point to him as the perpetrator When bodies show up each one pointing to Luke he's forced to use all his skills and those of MALC to solve the crime and clear his nameFramed manages to mix together teen angst and a murder mystery all within a greater setting of a not uite ideal future While the mystery isn't very complex and is police procedural than a typical “sleuthing” mystery the book still deals with the human emotions and urges which motivate all crimes Malcolm Rose also introduces the underlying tension of such a society in which a person's life is ruled by a severe set of rules; Luke though a part of that system has a rebellious side which provokes him to uestion those rules and the system which governs them The most frustrating yet intelligent part of the book is the fact that we the reader don't know exactly when all this action is taking place No specific year is given and no explanation is laid out for why things are the way they are why London is now a semi abandoned town full of bandits and the south of England is considered almost uninhabitable; why the north of England is the center of all learning and enlightenment All the answers to those uestions are left up to the reader to decide which adds an almost “Choose Your Own Adventure” flavor to the story I'll state the obvious here I'm neither the sex nor the age group this book is aimed at yet I enjoyed it all the same and I don't feel ashamed about that