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free read Bastard's Grace ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ➡ [Epub] ➛ Bastard's Grace By Wendy Palmer ➫ – A virus spreads across Aspermonde transforming women into beautiful creatures called Mosaics and stealing their minds souls and voices Mosaics are alien eerieand collectable S't yet lost her mind and willpower Maybe it's a miracle Or maybe it's just a sackful of trouble for Simon and his sidekick H. The worldbuilding is this debut novel is amazing Wendy Palmer creates an original and believable world for her romantic fantasy tale that is nothing short of stunning I have re read this many times and just wish she had another novel available I like a bit of romance with my speculative fiction and Palmer keeps a lovely balance of story flashback and romance

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A virus spreads across Aspermonde transforming women into beautiful creatures called Mosaics and stealing their minds souls. I am excitedly waiting for this book as I have been one of the lucky few to win a copy from GoodReads and Wendy PalmerThis was a fairly uick read and uite a lot of fun if you take it that way Or you could be a FEMINIST and take it as a book that represents the oppression of women by men in a future society or parallel universe I however just thought it was a fun read Ms Palmer has amusingly changed regular English words into a different language that uickly becomes understandable but fun to read For example a penis is called a stick How superbBasically without giving too much away there's a virus going around that only hits women spread by blood and when the woman is tainted she loses her human ualities and basically becomes a show piece because they turn pretty colors All except for one woman who has the will power not to lose herself totally and the bounty hunter as such who needs to return this beautiful piece of art to the KingIf you're from Canada it may remind you of a Margaret Atwood book only with some laughs thrown in and no deep deep message that I was never able to find in Ms Atwood's books anywayA great read Ms Palmer Keep 'em coming

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Bastard's GraceAnd voices Mosaics are alien eerieand collectable Simon collects Mosaics for the king but his latest acuisition Augusta hasn. This was a free read graciously forwarded by the authorpublisherBastard's Grace is set in an imaginery well thought out post apocalyptic world A weird virus spreads across the world infecting some women into what are called Mosaics cause they are transformed into swirling weird colours They eventually lose their minds souls and voicesThe King likes to collect the best of them and to that end troops search throughout his kingdom for themThe leader of his best troop of soldiers is Lieutenant Simon Cant who is plain out weird himself He acuires Augusta the latest Mosaic for the King but as she hasn't lost her mind or anything else yet he doesn't want to give her upWhilst this is happening rebels are starting revolutions bombing castles and making a nusiance of themselvesAnother distraction is Augusta's sister Lily who is determined to get Augusta back even if she doesn't want to come Lily is the younger sister and has always thought of herself as secondbest and is incredibly insecure Augusta's reason for getting infected yes she did it deliberately was so Lily could marry Ton the local bigwigs son Lily after the wedding finds out that Ton had sex with Augusta once and really liked her best decides to leave him So the world building was very good but unfortunately the story was a very convoluted mixed up mess In the end I'm unsure of what I just read It seemed to be heading one way then the last chapter is headed Three Months Ago and seems totally unrelated to what I had just been readingI must admit that I didn't care what happened to any of the characters either There didn't seem to be any redeeming ualities to any of them So all in all though this book had great promise it fell short