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Characters ´ Midnight Walk Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ❰EPUB❯ ✻ Midnight Walk Author Lisa Morton – This all original horror anthology features 14 tales of terror and suspense Jodi Kaplan Lester's The Guixi Sisters describes three ChiThis all original horror anthology features tales of terror and suspense Jodi Kaplan Lester's The Guixi Sisters describes three Chinese American children who have an especially strong connection to their heritage Armand Constantine's Monsoon Devil offers up an American stranded in India seeking a legendary demon in The Tennatrick John Palisano creates a wildfire starting monster in Southern California a young boy undergoes a Halloween rite of passage in Richard Grove's Silver Needle in The Measure of a Man by George Willis th century Zulu warriors fight something far worse th. The problem with horror editor Lisa Morton theorizes in her introduction to Midnight Walk is that the genre is trying too hard to cling to its old ways She goes on to cite the thematic expansion of other literary genres while lamenting the fact that horror fiction seems firmly rooted in the Stephen King era circa 1980 when evil settled into suburbia and hasn’t ventured out of the cul de sac since Blame it on the housing market but chances are that falling home prices aren’t so much the culprits as are lackluster imitation promulgated by a lazy publishing industry and the disconcerting lack of imagination of unchallenged readers But that’s a discussion for another timeWhat Morton sets forth in this tale of fourteen short stories – written primarily by writers residing in the American Southwest – is an expansion on the themes and settings of modern horror From the Far East to the Indian ghetto the backdrops of these tales offer distinct flavorings to the terrors at their core And while some of the horrors might be familiar horror tropes at first glance – zombies ghosts malevolent faeries urban legends – the cultural fine points Morton and company imbue each tale with will have you looking at these genre staples in an entirely new way Read the rest of the review here

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An British invaders Mike McCarty's The Grieving Process offers a middle class husband learning to cope with than just the death of his wife Vince Churchill's Late Check In puts a new spin on the classic ghost tale set in a lonely deserted inn Inside Out by Lisa Majewski gives a vain model a particularly loathesome come uppance in the novelette Diana and the Goong si Lisa Morton provides a look at th century China seen through the eyes of a British noblewoman in search of her missing husband Del Howison's Alley Oops is a vicious little twist of fate story about an elderly woma. The goal behind this 14 story anthology was to feature horror stories that are anything but the same old crap as editor Morton puts it in her short and sweet introduction Butdoes it succeedThe opener 'Monsoon Devil' by Armand Constantine while a fine well written tale is a familiar supernatural revenge yarn Weird that WALK starts with this right after the aforementioned introduction Same goes for the second story 'The Tennatrick' by John Palisano; it's a fun monster mash but nothing you haven't read beforeBut by the third entry things begin to get a bit differentand the rest of the antho follows suitOne of the best here is Mike McCarty's 'The Grieving Process' a tale that leads you one way then ends up being a fresh take on a classic horror icon Richard Grove's 'Silver Needle' is a neat little Halloween tale featuring a one eyed cat and a mysterious house full of even stranger treatsOther memorable tales come from Vince Churchill Kelly Dunn and I think THE best was saved for last Joey O'Bryan's 'The Svancara Supper Society' an extremely grim take on a death row inmates last mealWhile it's hard to stick to a single topic or concept in any anthology Lisa Morton has done a fine job delivering some solid horror stories that are fresh and a few are actually scary Check it out

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Midnight WalkN and a robber Kelly Dunn's The Mysterious Name rips the veneer of wealth from a well to do small town and finds evil lurking beneath the surface in Eddie G at the Gates of Hell R B Payne limns a serial killer trying to survive a road trip The Bear Who Swallowed the Sky by Jason M Light mixes Native American folklore and contemporary dread as a man fights to save his family and Joey O'Bryan's The Svancara Supper Society is a novelette set in a future where synthetic food becomes all too addicting The book also includes an introduction by Stoker Award winning author Lisa Morto. I bought this anthology of horror shorts because an online friend of mine wrote one of its stories The book arrived I cracked it open to my friend's story because hello that's the most interesting one and realized I'd read it before As a person who registers all their books on Bookcrossing I went back to search my shelf there and couldn't find it So unless I'm a time traveler a psychic or caught in some sort of horror story loop I don't want to consider I must have borrowed this book from the libraryAs a fan of horror what's not to love in a compilation of scary shorts As a fan of people who have the courage to share their creativity what's not to love about reading a snippet of a friend's fertile imagination I very much enjoyed both the imagination and writing showcased in this book but especially in The Measure of A Man a chilling zombie story with an interesting new angle and a poignant twist