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Soulcraft Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and PsycheFor millennia ceremonies into the MOBI #243 and initiation rites have helped societies survive and thrive by marking life transitions In contemporary America except for bar mitzvahs graduations and weddings these rituals are conspicuous by their absence Written for peo. After a four month journey savouring SoulCraft – reading contemplating rereading uestioning discussing and rereading again I closed the cover today tenderly as if biding farewell to a much loved friend I have loved this bookI facilitate a Spiritual Literacy Group for a group of international and interfaith women who gather together with the shared intent of cultivating spirit and a soulful dimension to life through reading and discussing spiritually themed books We meet twice a month spending weeks and sometimes several months on any given book A reference to Bill Plotkin and Soulcraft caught my eye while the group was reading Linda Kavelin Popov’s A Pace of Grace – The Virtues of a Sustainable Life In a chapter entitled Lead with a Passion Popov cited Plotkin’s use of a uote by Frederick Buechner in Soulcraft Our calling is where our deepest gladness and the world’s hunger meet In a chapter What is Your Yes she refers to Plotkin’s groundbreaking work Soulcraft saying he presents a model of the life of the soul that delineates each phase of life from birth to elderhood and the soul tasks that accompany each stage At times we need the virtues of purposefulness and determination at other gentleness and detachment Each of us is here for a purpose and it is our sacred obligation to become mindful enough to discern it pg 174 Plotkin’s central theme is helping his readers to understand that everyone has a purpose Then with beautifully crafted prose he guides us the wayfarer or wanderer on a path to identify claim and embody our soul’s purpose not only for our self betterment but for the service and betterment of the world Why did I love Soulcraft For one it reacuainted me with profound ideas from authors I have read in the past in a new meaningful light Joseph Campbell A Hero with a Thousand Faces and The Masks of God; CG Jung and his explorations of the unconscious mind James Hillman and James Hollis It prompted me to explore indigenous nature based people’s spiritual communion of the human soul with the deeper powers of nature and with a dependency on a universe that provides for both physical and spiritual needs I’ve enrolled in an online course on Native American Spirituality and Religion as a resultReading and contemplating Soulcraft placed me on a new learning curve – intellectually psychologically as well as spiritually For a person who has considered themselves a spiritual seeker for than thirty years that’s exciting I had never before considered that spiritual development and growth was a dual journey – that of a Descent into darkness and Soul as well as an Ascent to the light and Spirit; which together bring about a connection of ego soul and spirit and ultimately wholeness It opened my eyes to the sanctity and sacred powers of nature as well as to our dire collective need to escape our soul suelching twenty first century saran wrapped enclaves in order to glean ancient truths and wisdom of nature as treasured by generations of indigenous people There is another way to liveThe path of the wanderer collective unconscious a second cocoon and second adulthood sacred wound loyal soldiers soul initiation ego centric and soul centric relationships and than human world are all part of a liturgy of terms and concepts in Soulcraft that stimulates baffles releases broadens illuminates and ultimately enlightensWhile reading Popov’s A Pace of Grace mentioned earlier our Spiritual Literacy Group was introduced to Popov’s Virtue Cards and the concept of a virtue pick – a pack of cards which describes in detail a particular virtue what that virtue looks like and how it is practiced A virtue pick is a random selecting of a virtue card followed by discussion on how it might apply to a persongroup Our pick for the last session discussing Soulcraft was the virtue of initiative Initiative is originality and creativity in action When we have initiative we boldly express new ideas discover a new method or find a different way to solve a problem We accept responsibility as an engaging opportunity to apply our own ideas We spring to challenge with enthusiasm We call on discernment to forge a new way We use our creativity to bring something new in the world We initiate we dare to be original Among Plotkin’s parting instructions is You must now speak your vision into the world You must learn to act on what the soul has revealed to you You must create ways to act on what you received A vision without a task is just a dream

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Ple in search of their true Soulcraft Crossing eBook #218 selves particularly those on the verge of adulthood and those at a major crossroads such as divorce or carrier change Soulcraft restores the ritual to its rightful place as a crucial part of personal growth and. Powerful perspective changer I thoroughly enjoyed it and will need to revisit this book freuently

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characters Soulcraft Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ð [PDF / Epub] ★ Soulcraft Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche ✪ Bill Plotkin – For millennia ceremonies and initiation rites have Self employment Exercises and insightful stories Crossing into the Epub #181 explain how to discover one's uniue gift or soul purpose to be shared with others through a ceremonial event Drawing on ancient traditions this vision uest serves as a modern rite of initiatio. Some uotes from the book that moved me The gift you carry for others is not an attempt to save the world but to fully belong to it It's not even possible to save the world by trying to save it You need to find what is genuinely yours to offer the world before you can make it a better place Discovering the uniue gift to bring to your community is your greatest opportunity and challenge The offering of that gift your true self is the most you can do to love and serve the world and it is all the world needs Bill Plotkin Soulcraft And also The call to adventure is the prologue to the journey of descent The call comes when it's time to inherit a greater life to plunge yourself into the limitless expanse and depth the world affords This is both a crisis and an unsurpassed opportunity The old way of life has been outgrown The familiar goals attitudes and patterns of relationships no longer fit your developing sense of who you truly are The time as arrived to step over a threshold into a whole new way of beingWhatever allows you to hear the call you find your nose suddenly pressed up against the existential uestions you have been successfully avoiding What is my life about anyway For what do I liveIt is always possible however to refuse the call entirely and to turn th eear back to the egocentric interests of unrewarding work relationships and culture The refusal of the call turns our flowering world into a wasteland of open pit mines and clear cut strip malls and billboards Bill Plotkin Soulcraft Pp 48 49