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Connal Long Tall Texans #6; Silhouette Romance #741 Read & Download ↠ PDF DOC TXT or eBook

Read Connal Long Tall Texans #6; Silhouette Romance #741

Connal Long Tall Texans #6; Silhouette Romance #741 Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã [Read] ➳ Connal Long Tall Texans #6; Silhouette Romance #741 ➻ Diana Palmer – A New York Times Bestselling Author Connal Tremayne lived in torment siEPUB #186 marry him Pepi played along feeling safe that the marriage certificate would not be valid in the US but on the following day she was going to discover that their union was perfectly legal. DP is like a magnet I keep getting drawn back to her books no matter how often I tell myself no So here we've got CC Connal and Pepi short for Penelope It's sort of a MoC plot but not uite Pepi has loved Connal for the 3 years she's known him Connal doesn't see her that way until bam He's drunk off his ass in his once a year binge a thon on the anniversary of his pregnant wife's death He marries Pepi in Juarez and she goes along with it because she doesn't think it'll be binding SurprisePepi wasn't uite the typical DP heroine She's got spunk sass and backbone Of course she's a virgin but says just enough to CC to make him think otherwise She's also damn good at baking apple pies CC is pretty typical for DP He smokes blech and double blech for having to kiss him He runs hot and cold He calls her little girl which is icky He's got a hairy chest I'm waiting to find a DP hero who doesn't have a hairy chest He gets jealous He deflowers her in a cheap motel roomBecause it's DP it's not all fun and games There's some learnin' to be done too There's a history lesson on El Paso a brief tutorial on cattle breeds and a fair bit of moralizing on the cattle industry which I actually agree with but it's incongruous to have these mini sermons pop up in a romance novel between characters who are in the cattle industry and presumably know a thing or two about raising beef Nonetheless an entertaining read and I will definitely read Ethan's and Harden's stories

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A New York Tall Texans PDF #205 Times Bestselling Author Connal Tremayne lived in torment since he lost his wife in a tragic accident On the anniversary of that date he drank to drown the remorse an. “My God of all the low contemptible underhanded ways to get a husband Get a man drunk and drag him in front of a minister and then keep it a secret You knew I’d never marry a plain plump little schemer like you if I was sober You’re nothing to look at and you’re man than woman the way you dress and act It wouldn’t surprise me if you told Hale every move to make when you get him in bed “That’s where you come in If I have too many money hungry women after me all I have to do is produce my sweet little wife to ward them off”“I’m not sweet and I’m not little” She put down her fork “I’m plain and fat you said so”His jaw clenched “I said a lot of things I regret” he replied “I hope you’re not going to spend the next twenty years throwing them in my face every time you get hot under the collar” “Does it really matter how I wear it” she asked coolly “After all it won’t make me any less fat”His breath stilled He caught her hand and turned her toward him his black eyes uiet and steady on her face “I regret saying that most of all” he told her “because you please me exactly the way you are I wanted to hurt you” He looked down at her small hand in his “God help me I said things I never meant to It was a shock and not a very pleasant one at the time I didn’t know the circumstances if that’s any excuse I don’t expect you to get over it very soon But maybe the wounds will heal in time I have to hope so Pepi” An example of an ordinary DP’s hero even if he was sweet than the average Lol

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Connal Long Tall Texans #6; Silhouette Romance #741D Pepi Mathews the daughter of his boss wanted to help him However the young woman had expected to follow him to a bar in Mexico City and instead he took her to a chapel and asked her to Connal Long. Amazing passionate read Connal and Pepi were fantastic toghether I loved how they were married by mistake how hard they tried to resist each other how deeply in love they were how they were both eaten up with jealousy Diana Palmer is my ueen