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Mélusine characters ✓ 104 ì [KINDLE] ❆ Mélusine Author Sarah Monette – Mélusine — a city of secrets and lies pleasure and pain magic and corruption — and destinies lost and found Felix Harrowgate is a dashing highly respected wizard But his aristocratic peers don't Mélusine — a city of secrets and lies Alling charm And yet the wizard was looking not for Mildmay but for Felix HarrowgateThrown together by fate the broken wizard Felix and the wanted killer Mildmay journey far from Melusine through lands thick with strange magics and terrible demons of darkness But it is the shocking secret from their pasts linking them inexorably together that will either save them or destroy th. Fantasy Something's rotten in Melusine and the Virtu a collection of spells that protects the city's wizards has been destroyed sending the city into disorder The story's told by two narrators Felix wizard drama ueen perpetual victim and Mildmay thief for hire regular guy and a hundred times less whiny than Felix I hated Felix I spent most of the book wishing he'd shut up and go away He's a big wet blanket cowardly and useless and would be perfectly at home in a bad piece of fanfiction If it wasn't for Mildmay I would have given up on this but I loved Mildmay He's a street tough uses fuck a lot and just generally gets the job done whatever it isThis is a long book almost 500 pages in paperback and it starts off at a promising pace but then we spend a lot of time being crazy Felix and going out to bars with our gold digging girlfriend Mildmay and nothing really happens for several hundred pages The story finally picks up again when Felix and Mildmay meet and I found I could like Felix as long as it was Mildmay who was looking at him Felix's own narration is as soggy as a teenaged girl without a date to the prom but Mildmay's protective of Felix and finds his weepy craziness almost endearing They don't meet until than halfway through the book though so don't hold your breath on thatOnce I dragged myself over the enormous hurdle of all the made up fantastical language and there's a lot of it; I'm still not clear on half the words used to tell the passage of time and once Felix and Mildmay join up for their uest I really did enjoy the last half of the book Things to recommend it Mildmay's awesomeness and use of language Like I said you could put the Yehergod militia in a string shopping bag and still have room for two heads of cabbage and a parsnip; the fact that we eventually do get to go on a uest; and the varied sexualities represented as a matter of course Now I either need to read the seuel right away before I forget how or skip it entirely

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Rdry Felix believed he was safe He was wrong Now the horrors of his previous life have found him and threaten to destroy all he has since become Mildmay the Fox is used to being hunted Raised as a kept thief and trained as an assassin he escaped his Keeper long ago and lives on his own as a cat burglar But now he has been caught by a mysterious foreign wizard using a powerful c. I picked this book up on a recommendation from one of my favorite authors Charlaine Harris and I wasn't disappointed Sarah Monette does a marvelous job pulling us into this new world For instance if the names she gives to months sound oddly familiar it's because they are borrowed from the French Revolution's republican calendar system This deft touch in addition to many other captivating details creates an alternate universe with a historical past that is both familiar and exotic Half the enjoyment of the novel is learning the systems and ideologies that control and inform this worldBetter still are the two perspectives of city of Melusine the view from the top is provided by Felix Harrowgate a wizard in the upper echelons of the Mirador the center of power in Melusine The view from the mean streets is provided by Mildmay the Fox a former kept thief trying to get by in the Lower City I enjoyed learning about the city through the two protagonist's distinct voices as they are propelled toward each other through a series of events that will keep you reading long after you should have put the light out and gone to sleepWithin this richly envisioned setting Monette crafts an original and engaging story of power betrayal and unexpected loyalty I'm reluctant to reveal any plot points and there is a least one review on this site that gives far too much away however I can tell you that there are vicious power struggles in the Mirador strange and violent rituals in the grave yard and insidious behavior in the asylum enough intrigue and action that kept me reading when I really should have been doing laundryAnd though Monette is clearly leaving room for her seuel here she does resolve enough plot lines to satisfy meHighlights Mildmay's colorful use of the Marathine language and the way in which Monette vividly depicts madness as experienced from the inside

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MélusineMélusine a city of secrets and lies pleasure and pain magic and corruption and destinies lost and found Felix Harrowgate is a dashing highly respected wizard But his aristocratic peers don't know his dark past how his abusive former master enslaved him body and soul and trained him to pass as a nobleman Within the walls of the Mirador Melusine's citadel of power and wiza. Mélusine suffers from two narrators Felix Harrowgate and Mildmay the Fox I say “suffers” because Monette switches between the two perspectives freuently than Bill Nye drops mad science truth Each chapter is about thirty or fifty pages in this paperback edition but perspective can happen as often as once every page Sometimes the characters barely get a few paragraphs in before Monette switches to the other narrator Conseuently instead of feeling like I’m watching two separate stories develop and wondering how they will come together I feel like I’m watching really badly edited shaky cam footage from two separate camera crewsNeither of these narrators particularly captured my interest or sympathies Felix is a wizard Wizards are cool right Except that by about page 3 Felix was in major depression mode Instead of talking to his lover about it he flees to the sanctuary of the wizard who once abused him and raped him The wizard abuses him and rapes him again and Felix goes back for claiming that he simply “can’t help it”I’m given to understand that this is a realistic pattern of actions for an abuse victim to take leave temporarily and then surrender to what they perceive is an inevitability So I’m not trying to demean or diminish the horror of the abuse victim’s experience here Rather I take issue with the fact that by beginning the story here Monette makes it really difficult for me to understand and sympathize with Felix We don’t have his backstory and his full relationship with Malkar; we don’t understand what brought him to this point All we can do is snap hungrily at the litle crumbs Monette throws at us and hope that it’s enough to see us through until the end of the book when she makes that part clearGenerally it’s a good idea to begin at the beginning of the story which often means skipping over the boring parts in a character’s early life Sometimes though a little context is necessary to keep the reader on side I mean Monette bothered to include a prologue that—as far as I can tell—has nothing to do with the plot in particular That seems like pages well spentOh and Mildmay At first his jargon annoyed me and I suppose you should take that as a compliment for Monette’s ability to capture distinct voices for these two narrators Gradually his story did come to interest me and his voice became less annoying I suspect this happened at the same time Felix started going mad and his sections became sparser and less interesting Madness from a first person perspective is hard to do effectively Mildmay’s sanity in contrast seemed to at least offer the prospect of moving this story forwardMélusine is named after the city in which the first half of the book takes place The book isn’t really about the city though Monette has clearly created an interesting world populated by a vast and diverse cast of cultures not to mention a number of competing schools of magic that all view each other with suspicion of the taint of heresy She doesn’t spend much time explaining these various schools though and while I appreciate the dedication to keeping exposition to a minimum there’s something to be said for fleshing out a world beyond dropping an unfamiliar name here and there There is a fine line between exposition and description where dropping too much of the one leads to forgetting too much of the otherMaybe it’s too much for me to expect a book titled after a city to be about that city Mélusine is about how Felix and Mildmay meet the secret they discover that brings them together and then the journey they take to uncover Felix’s past Unfortunately that journey is boring There are no monsters to slay no detours no uests They stumble across another empire book passage on a ship get shipwrecked and wind up exactly where they wanted to beThis entire book feels like filler like the setup for the real story In the first act Felix’s master uses Felix’s bound power to break the Virtu a magical MacGuffin that allows the wizards of Mélusine to focus their spells effectively This is obviously a Big Deal a kind of magical terrorist act The fallout from this act however remains unclear and unresolved We don’t know if Felix is supposed to play a role in repairing the Virtu We don’t know if Felix will ever confront his former master and exact revenge All we know is that Felix and Mildmay are together and Felix isn’t exactly mad any maybeA lot of stuff seems like it happens in this book but make no mistake nothing happens This is a book whose plot consists of dragging two characters across a world that is poorly described while switching viewpoints faster than a cat can regret jumping into a bathtubThere is a good story lurking somewhere in here with characters who can do it justice But it needs exposition patience with characterization and less patience with plotting Mélusine really just needs to breathe It doesn’t do that and that makes it very difficult for me to praise