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T only stirred his admiration with her bravery but ignited feelings of passion inside him that made him want to be to her than just her protector Now the killer is out for revenge Micah is determined to save her from the sadistic monster again But this time he wants He wants to prove to Lenora that happy endings do exist – and that he can give her the love she desperately wants If only she’ll let him in her heart. This is definitely a trigger warning story i liked the story not too long or over done However I should have read the plot before hand because I am not a fan of serial murdererrapist stories They freak me out I had to finish it in one day after starting it because I was so freaked about the first chapter The reader also gets to see inside the murderer's mind why he thinks the way he doesThat aside it was a decent story and the characters were developed enough for a short story The ending did seem a little rushed though since the author took great time to develop the back story

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Safe by His Side Manhunt #2A woman scarred from the His Side PDF #197 past a killer out for revenge a Texas Ranger who will protect her – or die trying Lenora Lockhart survived a Safe by ePUB #186 dangerous killer once but she was traumatized by the brutal kidnapping and attack Knowing the man is in prison has given her a chance to start a by His Side ePUB #10003 new life As a bridal consultant she helps other women plan the most special day. Safe By His Side reviewSafe By His Side is the second fast paced romantic suspense book in the Manhunt series written by author Rita Herron

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review Safe by His Side Manhunt #2 Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB Ì ❴Reading❵ ➷ Safe by His Side Manhunt #2 Author Rita Herron – A woman scarred from the past a killer out for revenge a Texas Ranger who will protect her – or die trying Lenora Lockhart survived a dangerous killer Of their lives – but she sees no love or marriage in her own future Then the man who assaulted her escapes from prison and her nightmare begins all over again Texas Ranger Sergeant Micah Hardin has seen the worst of the worst – and one of them is the man who brutalized Lenora Micah rescued her once then stood by her side while she put the maniac in prison but he nearly lost his heart in the process For Lenora no. This book starts with Lenora kidnapped and kept in a four by four room Robert Simpleton the man responsible for this has done unspeakable things to her and made her watch while he did the same things with the other woman he'd kidnapped Just as he's killed one woman the police arrive and Sergeant Micah Hardin is the one who frees Lenora he becomes a symbol of safety for her and sits by her in court where she re lives her ordeal she'd been in the process of planning her wedding when she'd been taken and her waste of space fiancé leaves her Five years later and life is moving on not romantically but still it could be worse then Micah is at her door informing her that Simpleton has escapedAlthough this is a romance there's not actually much romance what there is is a build up of feelings and attraction between the two main characters but this is slow since there's a lot going on Lenora is a good character even with everything she's been through she's still a strong person the parts of the book which are from Simpletons POV are very crude and explicit which is in keeping with his character This is a romance so you have to let go of the fact that police in this book are unlikely to ever catch anyone a couple of the women in this book really let down the female sex one is justwell you'll see if you read this it's a uick read so won't take long and I think a fair rating is two and half stars