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Throw Away Faces Summary Ë 0 ´ [Reading] ➶ Throw Away Faces By Josef Alton – A string of patricides rocks 1916 Dublin and a washed up Scottish doctor receives a mysterious manuscript from a fellow Scotsman recounting his dark experiences in the pioneer city of Seattle in 1889 A string of patricides rocks Dublin anIn Dublin and he and the author crossed paths many years before and under tragic circumstances In Seattle a tale of corruption and conspiracy unravels at the feet of a crazed Throw Away PDF or serial killer hell bent on halting historical progress It’s just a matter of time before the c. What an explosive debut this turned out to be First and foremost I loved the cover of the book It's been a while that book's cover actually made me go 'eew' The tension begins right from the first page and doesn't let steam till the end Well even at the end I should say coz I didn't want to stop and wanted to go on reading to know what happens nextThe story alternates between Seattle in 1888 and Dublin in 1916 There's a ghostly murderer terrorizing the people a la Jack the Ripper and each and every character introduced adds to the creepy and menacing feeling in the book The historical era of the book comes alive in a very rich and fascinating fashion and it is evident the author has taken the time to research the times in detail He has used actual figures of history in the story and woven it finely providing end notes for the reader to devour Awesome debut Josef Alton and waiting for the seuel with bated breath

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Ity will burn The doctor must decide if the author is an ally or the killer himself amidst an atmosphere of political instability and impending revolt Throw Away Faces is a raw look into the abuse of power the well of madness and the inevitability of tragedy versus the power of redemption. I was lucky enough to recieve a free copy for this book from Josef Alton himself so thank you I didn't know what this book was about when I jumped into it which added suspense and mystery to the book for me The cover was what drew me in and it is fantastically made The book was a bit confusing for me at the beginning but after a few chapters I began to understand what was happening From then on i couldn't stop myself from reading the book as I was so interested in what was going on My personal favorites in the book was when they jumped to Dublin in 1916 as it made me curious about what was happening The book ended up leaving me confused as it ended abruptly but I was told that there is going to be a seuel so I am really excited to read that when it comes out I can definitely recommend this book

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Throw Away FacesA string of patricides rocks Dublin and a washed up Scottish doctor receives a mysterious manuscript from a fellow Scotsman recounting his dark experiences in the pioneer city of Seattle in As the doctor reads the manuscript he’s made aware the murders in Seattle are connected to those. My thoughtsI decided to leave my comfort zone thrillerssuspense for this historical fiction because a Goodread’s group was readingdiscussing this book and the author was joining in Ok so I didn’t entirely leave my comfort zone this historical novel is filled with murder and suspense I just added a little history to it but that still countsright I’m glad I did This is the author’s debut novel and it’s a doozy I have to admit that the GR discussion was what first brought my attention to the book Then the cover caught my eye and the description totally hooked me I thought it was awesome that the author engaged with readers in a GR’s group and answered their numerous uestions Unfortunately I didn’t have time to read the book at that time but I checked in on the comments periodicallyThe book takes place in Seattle and Dublin and contains footnotes for anyone who wants to read on the subjects Doctor Dooley receives a manuscript from someone he’s crossed passed paths with years ago—Enoch Campbell Enoch is now a lawyer and informs the doctor of similarities between patricides of June 1889 in Seattle and current patricides of 1916 in Dublin Historical murders have always interested me In fact that was about the only thing that kept my attention in History class This was a uick read and the author did a great job of researchingMy Rating 4 ⭐️’sPublished January 10th 2019 by Black Rose Writing Pages 205Recommend YesThank you to NetGalley Black Rose Writing and Josef Alton for this digital ARC in exchange for my honest review#Netgalley #ThrowAwayFaces