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The Autobiography of Martin Luther King JrThe Autobiography eBook #243 his pivotal role in the civil rights demonstrations in Washington DC and his complex relationship with the Kennedy brothers LBJ Malcolm X and numerous other leading figures of the da. Disclosure I own the physical book of this but I consumed it via its Grammy winning audiobook instead Why 1 It's narrated by LeVar Burton the former host of Reading Rainbow there's a reason kids listened to him and wished they knew how to read and it's because he makes whatever he's saying jump to life2 It's peppered with clips or full recordings of numerous speeches by Dr King himself Some you've doubtless heard before like his I have a dream speech or even his I've been to the mountaintop address but some you likely have not his speech at the rally before the start of the Montgomery bus boycott is a moving example In all cases these words take new meaning when put into the context of King's life the progress of his actions and of his thoughtsIn modern America Dr King has a mythical uality surrounding him some in my generation are liable to see his work as merely inevitable having never known an America divided de jure by segregation To the young student of civil rights this narrative of King's life his development and his impact as a civil rights leader is truly fresh revealing with gripping immediacy the struggle at each step of the journey from Montgomery to Albany to Salem to Chicago and beyondAnd yet even to those who are well versed in the civil rights movement who can name prominent figures like Roy Abernathy and Fred Shuttlesworth or key opponents like Bull Connor there is still a depth of detail into King's personal development that speaks directly to mainline uestions of ethics morality and the human conditionFor example early in his development at Morehouse College where he enrolled at the age of 15 King faced a dilemma suaring his religious upbringing and belief with intellectual rigor and modern sciences Guided by the models of Dr Benjamin Mays president of Morehouse and Rev George Kelsey prominent African American theologian King came to suare these influences becoming a man both of great intellect and unshakable faith This internal dialogue of his is profound and is of great value to any student who asks such uestionsAnother moment of interest is the conflict between King's devotion to the principles of non violence and the ideologies of other leaders like Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael I never even considered how MLK might feel about the notion of black power but the result is fascinating and was another highlight of this storyLater in his life King became an outspoken critic of the Vietnam War and this chapter grapples with bedrock uestions about the role of US military might in the global community the growth of the military industrial complex the conflict between solving domestic problems and engaging military actions abroad and numerous other ethical dilemmas that have emerged in the globalized world He roots the problem to materialism in a fascinating way and one that is movingI cried at the end of this book gripped by the passion the faith and the mission of Dr King's life and message Yes it's easy to let MLK day pass with a gee he was a good guy attitude but to learn about him is a truly enriching pursuit and this book is an excellent introduction to a full life Please listen to this audiobook

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review The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB É ➥ [Ebook] ➠ The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr By Martin Luther King Jr. ➯ – Using Stanford University's voluminous collection of archival material including previously unpubliUsing Stanford University's voluminous collection of Martin PDFEPUB #191 of archival material including previously unpublished writings interviews recordings and correspondence King scholar Clayborne Carson has. I am not certain fifty years later that White America can really appreciate what Martin Luther King Jr did for this country Beyond the necessary needed to be done for the African American population it is difficult impossible really to imagine how much our nation would have further suffered had MLK not been the one to lead the charge for change As a middle class white man in 2014 would I have been able to relate to a militant angry disenfranchised black manwoman willing to kill or die for an improvement in hisher world had MLK not preached and lived by example a course of non violent yet aggressive resistance to the unjust status uo What would life be like in a 2014 America rife with two races at war a land that might not look too different from a country today brutalized by sectarian strife If a 50 year course of escalating violence bombings retaliations and continual reprisals had happened what else could occur other than Perpetual Other Hatred Reading this book made me realize how very close we were to this reality MLK didn't save a race he saved a nation and perhaps the world A social movement that only moves people is merely a revolt A movement that changes both people and institutions is a revolution MLK's goals may have been lofty but he understood that to eat the elephant you must do so a teaspoon at a time Mistakes and mis steps yielded fast learnings and as a Christian philosopher of the soul he always was certain to allow his sensitive filters to absorb the fundamentals of what makes us human black or white and then to assimilate that understanding into becoming a better person And leading others to understand the sameThis wonderful book was carefully created by Clayborne Carson a Stanford University academian that focused specifically on compiling the narrative history of MLK in King's own words taken from countless documents and primary source material I am not certain that had MLK lived to be 100 that he would have rewritten this portion of his life any better His original words presented in historicaly chronological context show his maturity as a leader an author and an agent of changeI wish that this book was reuired reading in every American school William Vollmann first pointed me to this text and then friend Rowena but honestly I should have read of MLK long ago I am proud to count him as a hero and I want to understand and learn from his example how to be a non violent positive agent of change

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Constructed a remarkable first person account of Dr King's extraordinary life Beginning with his boyhood the book portrays King's education as a minister his ascendancy as a leader of the Montgomery bus boycott. I was drawn to this book at this particular time because I needed to hear the words of someone who believed with his life that hatred and anger were not the answer The concept of non violence and the discipline that it reuires of the individual seems outdated As out of touch with our current culture as repression of our instinctual drives is out of touch with current psychology The thing now is the expression of anger Anger is the new virtue But here is the life of a man who at times felt anger and hatred and yet believed that the expression of it was strategically and morally wrong Violence would not correct the social evil that needed correction Hatred would beget even hatred Violence motivated by the need to retaliate was it needs to be said not the Christian way King felt that no amount of twisting Jesus' words would ever permit the existence of hatred in a person's heart It was not good tactically as Gandhi had shown and it was not good for the person who hated I needed to hear the words and be in touch with the soul of a man who fought against and defeated the easy temptation to hate I needed re assurance that non violent resistance to evil will work in the long run because my faith in the long term power of love runs low at times I needed to be reminded that non violence is than simply refraining from striking or even verbally abusing another person Non violence for King was a way of life a way of seeing the world That's what I needed to hear