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The Duke's Stolen BrideAn urgent dilemmaTo save her impoverished family Marian Langley will become a mistress But she will not be just any mistress Marian intends to become so skilled so The Duke's PDF coveted that she can set her own terms retaining control over her body and her fate Only one problem remains finding a tutorA scandalous sol. I’ve enjoyed the other books in this series and I loved this premise I really liked Marian and Nate She’s looking for a way out and is super loyal to her family He’s bored and needs a challenge Together they have loads of chemistry but not much of a connection I liked Marian’s sisters and I was intrigued about Nate’s friend but we didn’t get to know too much about anyone else Plot wise it was good I would have liked banter and conversation They were a match physically but didn’t really talk too much The “lessons” uickly evolved into a relationship but their interactions didn’t and it felt like there were plot threads that were introduced for no reason The conflict was resolved fairly uickly and even though I wanted a lot from the epilogue it was good Overall it was uick read with characters I really liked If there’s another book in this series I’ll be reading it Huge thanks to Avon Books for providing the arc free of charge

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Ction spin out of controlAnd a most unlikely duchessWhen Marian is blackmailed into engagement by a man she despises Nate impulsively steals her away Though he never intended to take a wife he can't tolerate the idea of Marian forfeiting her freedom to another But can he bear to give her what she demands a real marria. This has to be one of the stupidest premises ever Former governess for a duchess is so desperate she’s willing to turn to prostitution and needs lessons You’re telling me she was too proud to ask her for help but being a whore was okay Gross There were so many things that made absolutely NO SENSE in this story Ugh So just skip to the steamy parts because they’re super hot and that saved it The end

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Read & Download The Duke's Stolen Bride 107 ß ❰Read❯ ➫ The Duke's Stolen Bride Author Sophie Jordan – An urgent dilemmaTo save her impoverished family Marian Langley will become a mistress But she will not be just any mistress Marian intends to become so skilled so coveted that she can set her ownUtionOther men deprive themselves of pleasure for propriety's sake Nathaniel Duke of Warrington would much rather be depraved He slakes his desires with professionals who ask nothing of him but his coin Marian's proposal that he train her without taking her virtue is an intriguing diversion until their lessons in sedu. There is nothing even remotely romantic about this book I kept going hoping something would change but nope It's lust and lack of choice that drives this bookDesperate to keep her brother in school give her sisters a chance in the world and pay off her father's debts Marian Langley asks the Duke of Warrington to train her in sexual acts so she can become a courtesan Now I get that Marian is desperate and proud but for some reason this option is higher on her list than begging for help from her former charge Lady Clara who we're told towards the end for some reason is fond of Marian and would have helped This doesn't make the slightest bit of sense Sure her siblings would have had money but they never would have been accepted into respectable society right Marian's idea is brought on by the widow in town everyone knows used to be a courtesan but that's hardly the same situation An older retired courtesan is a different thing than a new young working oneAnyway this plot relies entirely on Marian skipping at least one sensible decision first so already we're on shaky groundThen there's Nate the duke He's emotionally cut off which I've ranted about before Project Duchess if you're wondering Other than that he has zero personality or anything that makes me like him It's a sob story background neglectful parents bullied by his classmates dead wife who only wanted his title in place of actual characterization He agrees to tutor her only after he's given a dare by someone who works for him; another side note these characters don't have actual friends Nate explicitly says that and we never see any with MarianSo he tutors her And she's just so gorgeous in bed he kicks her out but then he can't stay awayrolls eyesThis book then comes to its crashing awful unsatisfactory conclusion because character development is for characters with personality and romance development is for actual romances It literally doesn't feel like we're in the final stretches by the way I was seriously disturbed when I realized the story was nearly over It was pretty easy to read so I was just going along and not paying attention to the progress bar I should have I might have realized I should have tempered my expectations a few chapters ago There is nothing romantic about the end Marian is caught between three eually awful choices And yes I consider Nate an awful choice since he never showed a care about her And then all of a sudden they're in love and we have a happy epilogue and I'm left wondering who the fuck read this and went yep sounds like a good romance to me Sex and attraction are not euivalent to love and I don't know what's appealing about a man who takes advantage of a woman in a bad predicament