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Free read Abstract Love õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Ebook] ➠ Abstract Love By Samantha Christy – He can’t save my breastsI can’t save his voiceBut what we can do is take the scariest thing we’ve ever faced and make it better tolerable dare I even say funAt twenty four and facing an uHe can’t save my breastsI can’t save his voiceBut what we can do is take the scariest thing we’ve ever faced and make it better tolerable dare I even say funAt twenty four and f. Keri’s life wasn’t easy At sixteen she loses her parents in a tragic accident living after in many foster homes Now at 24 she works as a bartender while finishing her degree in Sociology She also works at The Freeway Station a home for children who have problems at home Keri’s life is shattered when she finds out she has breast cancer stage two Her only support is her roommate and best friend TannerJace is a 27 years old man who also has cancer throat cancer He’s a humanitarian helping people through his organization He's also an artist His family is wealthy but they doesn’t support him like a family should do Instead they plan his life He doesn’t have a real support in his girlfriend Morgan because she doesn’t accept he has cancerKeri and Jace meet each other at their chemo sessions They become friends very fast soon both of them looking forward to these meetings “You are so different from other women Keri I’ve never met anyone like youI never expected thisMe Never expected whatJace You I never expected you Keri” They feel drown to each other from the beginning they are connected by a bond that nobody sever They don’t need wordsthey can communicate just looking at each other Soon Keri starts to fall for Jace but Jace has Morgan He loves his girlfriend he doesn’t want to be without her even if he feels this strong connection with Keri Everything changes for Keri and Jace when Morgan breaks up with Jace Reading the prologue you will think this will be a depressing read It really wasn’t I truly enjoyed the first half of the book but after it started to drag a little bit The first half it was refreshing for me because like I said it wasn’t depressing or super emotional like I expectedI liked both Keri and Jace They are strong and determined to fight and live They are perfect I mean very perfecttoo perfect For me they didn’t feel always very real AnywayI liked how strong they are They have so much faith and hope I love their banter their sweet and funny moments together and their connection What I didn’t like is how fast Keri falls for Jace Too fast for meIf the first half was entertaining the second half felt a little flat The story has too many plot devices for me I felt it was too much There’s too much going on There's angst and dramalike I expected it but also there's some unnecessary drama like the drama in the end Overall I like this one but I didn’t love it

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Acing an uncertain future I wasn’t looking for thisI wasn’t looking for himBut life never asked me what I wantedWe come from different worldsHe’s an artist I’m a bartenderI wo. I am not strong enough to read a book that deals with cancer

Free read Abstract Love

Abstract LoveNder however if this horrible bond we share is enough to bridge the gap between usWhat happens if we don’t get betterWhat happens if we doGet this sweet tale of love and survival no. Abstract Love is the best book I’ve read all year An emotionally gripping love story with amazing characters that fall in love in an atypical situation I don’t want to be the type of reviewer that spoils the plot for you but suffice it to say that this is not your typical love story in your typical setting with the typical characters with the typical problems In my opinion this book is extraordinary It tackles hard real life problems with humor and grace and demonstrates that true love does indeed conuer all I have been known to read up to 700 books a year and for a book to make this much of an impression on me is really saying something I’ve already downloaded Samantha Christy’s other novel and I cannot wait to get started If it’s half as good as Abstract Love I’m already hooked