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Yogi and the Bear Read É 104

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Yogi and the Bear Read É 104 À [Reading] ➶ Yogi and the Bear Author Nix Knox – If the fall is inevitable might as well enjoy the tumble Months after a scaffolding accident leaves him in chronic agony construction worker Ryan Powell has exhausted all that Western medicine has to If the fall is inevitable might as welIf the fall is inevitable might as well enjoy the tumble Months after a scaffolding accident leaves him in chronic agony construction worker Ryan Powell has exhausted all that Western medicine has to offer He’s willing to try anything even yoga to get some relief He expected to feel out of place at the New Age Center but he never expected a power outage bathroom encounter to magically erase his pain When he discover. DNFI reuested this book from NetGalley in early February thank you Samhain I've tried to read it on four separate occasions in the past couple months I've gotten as far as 30 percent and then skimmedspeed read through the remaining chapters hoping it would catch my interest Alas it never did and I think it's time I say good bye One of the MCs Nik seems to have a personality transplant at some point There is a side story involving Ryan's sister that didn't feel relevant and I LOATHED Ryan's bigoted religious parents I avoid religion in books because it's shoved down my throat on a daily basis I live in state that's essentially a theocracy The Ds play seemed off and awkward There were some steamy scenes but they fell flat for me probably because I wasn't invested in the characters or the story The writing is fine and the cover is absolutely GORGEOUS There are some positive reviews of this book out so it very well might be just me I'm counting this as a DNF so no rating Incidentally this is only the second book out of than 2000 that I've added to my DNF shelf If you are not finishing half your books it's probably best to start reading in another genre

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S the man with the magic hands is his drop dead sexy yoga teacher Ryan Yogi and PDF or decides that there might just be something to this metaphysical thing after all Yogi Niklas Baumgartner has found it remarkably easy to keep his shiny vow of chastity untarnished until now Still a bathroom hand job doesn’t really count as sex right But his footing on the no nooky wagon slips when he realizes the big blond bear at. Ryan is a burly construction worker out on workman's comp due to a job site injury to his back that has left him in chronic pain He is recommended to a yoga class and hits it off with the instructor Nik Well he thinks he does they have a blacked out handie in the bathroom and Ryan isn't sure it's Nikuntil Nik gets close enough to Ryan to bring his delicious scent in Ryan's amazed by how good he felt in class and in Nik's arms and he wants Nik has had a traumatic life familial abuse and living as a runaway for nearly a decade has taught him to be very wary So much so that Nik made a vow of celibacy one that he ruined in the lavatory with a complete stranger The Nik comes to know Ryan however the he sees the gentle side of the towering giant Together they explore a physical relationship one that includes organic BDSM elements of Nik's design Having had little control over his life Nik craves power in the bed and Ryan is down with it Until Nik's Dom persona starts stretching his wings outside the bedroom Jealousy and paranoia begin to creep in and Ryan is put in a very real position of jeopardy I loved how this story was so fully developed I could thoroughly grasp Ryan and Nik's characters Ryan was plagued by bigoted Mormon parents who wished Ryan would catch The AIDS after he was repeatedly raped in prison This was their wish Ryan was never in prison He forged a great relationship with his younger also black sheep sister and his compassion absolutely rang off the page I had a bit of trouble with Nik's backstory only because it was so heinous as to seem far fetched Still I know there are some messed up families out thereHow Ryan and Nik resolved their problem was truly mature and wonderful It puts so many of these BDSM novels into perspective especially for novices as Nik and Ryan were I liked that they took baby steps and followed expert guidance never knowing if they could achieve the level of intimacy each craved but trying faithfully to build a real and true relationship There is a solid HEA here as well as some delish sexytimes Ryan was so tenderly rendered a character so absolutely dec t a human being I wanted him to be real And Nik he did the heavy lifting to make sense of his world and rebuild Ryan's trust He knew Ryan was worth recreating his life for and this not only helped them it helped Nik be happier than possibly ever Definitely a good read Probably 45 stars I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Yogi and the BearThe back of the class is his man in the dark Their unlikely attraction brings out sides of themselves they never knew lurked beneath the surface sides it takes courage to accept But when trust is broken repairing the damage might just tear them apart Warning Contains a gentle giant a dominant orgo bunny a pair of weighty manacles too many movie references accidental porn overcoming stereotypes and deliciously kinky se. I received a copy of Yogi and The Bear from the publisher via NetgalleyThis began as a 4 5 star book but unfortunately I had to bump the rating down the I read It's like a 25 and the extra half star is just because of Ryan His personality grabbed me from the very first page and I fell in love with his character He is confident unafraid of acting silly or being forward And he is hilariousThen comeshur hur Niklas who isdifferent He begins the story as a calm yogi who is at times confident and at times skittish and afraid of everyone And he has good reason to be But it didn't make sense to me that this character would uite suddenly change his personality and view spoilerbecome a virgin Dom with something very like a split personality hide spoiler