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Me guadagnarvi da vivere dedicandovi ai vostri molteplici interessi specialmente nell'attuale difficile mercato del lavoro Come focalizzarvi su molteplici progetti facendo progressi in ciascuno di essi Come affrontare le difficoltà più comuni inclusa uella di perdere interesse per le cose che prima amavate Diventa chi sei vi insegnerà a progettare una vita – a ualunue età e a ualunue stadio della vostra carriera – in cui potrete essere pienamente voi stessi e di fare il tipo di lavoro che più amate. I enjoyed this book for the most part The writer's tone throughout was not necessarily my favorite it often felt like she was adding a lot of jokes to the text to be funnyrelatable but it felt a bit put on However the overall idea of not forcing yourself into one specific role or position or business appealed to me enough that I powered through Wapnick cites a lot of other authors throughout the text making me wonder if their books would be worth checking out further or if this book would suffice as a general understanding of what to take from them I haven't decided where I stand on that yet Of the approaches mentioned I definitely see myself as one to take The Einstein Approach In many ways this alignment reinforced ideas I'd read about and related to in McGinnis' The 10% Entrepreneur I appreciated the exercise of taking the time to write out and narrow down between each and every interest I may hold advice I'd seen before but never actually acted on Having this concrete but also always growing list is a good way to check in and make sure I'm still doing things that align with my vision for myself and my future Overall I enjoyed the book I wouldn't call it a must read but if you have the time and the topic interests you I'd say it's worth a read or a skim at the very least

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Diventa chi seiAvere tanti progetti e interessi non ci condanna affatto ad essere dei dilettanti inconcludenti Una curiosità insaziabile non ci rende necessariamente degli eccentrici che disperdono le proprie energie ma dei multipotenziali persone che perseguono molteplici attività creative E uesta può essere la più importante delle nostre ualità Diventa chi sei  si propone di aiutarci ad incanalare positivamente le nostre passioni e le nostre doti Partendo dalla sua Diventa chi ePUB #186 famosa conferenza TED “Per. I think I might have ugly cried while reading this book because it was so nice to feel like I wasn't a weirdo for not having a career path at 30 I found this book to be genuinely helpful as well as easy to use and engaging I might want to actually hug Emilie Wapnick and I am not a physical contact person My copy which thank goodness I had the foresight to buy is bristling like a hedgehog with all the sticky notes I stuck onto passages that resonated with me I will definitely be referring to this book in the future and if you think this applies to you at all please buy it and read it

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Diventa chi sei Free read à 105 ✓ ➽ [Reading] ➿ Diventa chi sei By Emilie Wapnick ➲ – Avere tanti progetti e interessi non ci condanna affatto ad essere dei dilettanti inconcludenti Una curiosità insaziabile non ci rende necessariamente degli eccentrici che disperdono le proprie energ Avere tantiChé alcuni di noi non hanno un’unica vera vocazione” Emilie Wapnick capovolge i criteri che tradizionalmente guidano la ricerca di una carriera e una vita di successo Invece di suggerire la specializzazione in un’unica disciplina la scelta di una nicchia o la pratica costante in una singola area l’autrice fornisce un programma pratico per vivere una vita soddisfacente attorno a tutte le nostre passioniIn uesto libro scoprirete Come individuare la carriera più adatta alla vostra vera personalità Co. Emilie Wapnick rose to fame after her TED talk Why some of us don't have one true calling that has almost 4M views Emilie has devoted to help people who are multipotentialites or someone with many interests and creative pursuits This book is an extension of her talk giving anecdotal support to what multipotentialites are and what they do to be effective in spite of their multiple interests and lack of consistency The book is a good intro for multipotentialites a feel good Welcome to the tribe as the title of one the chapters book It provides some tools to assess if one is indeed a multipotentialite and its kind Finally it offers some tools to improve effectiveness However the books is somehow soft in a way it is expected since the core idea of multipotentialites is that they don't follow social norms on how to live ones lives Nonetheless that softness seems like a rationalization an excuse to fail on delivering Like it or not multipotentialites live in the real world where people expect results on time on cost and on uality no excuses Hope Wapnick work gets the attention in academic circles to become a research subject and thus future books and papers Meanwhile you can find about Wapnick and multipotentialites in her site Puttylikecom