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Vita di Benvenuto di Maestro Giovanni Cellini fiorentino scritta per lui medesimo in Firenze Free download  105

Read & Download Vita di Benvenuto di Maestro Giovanni Cellini fiorentino scritta per lui medesimo in Firenze

Vita di Benvenuto di Maestro Giovanni Cellini fiorentino scritta per lui medesimo in Firenze Free download  105 ✓ [Read] ➵ Vita di Benvenuto di Maestro Giovanni Cellini fiorentino scritta per lui medesimo in Firenze Author Benvenuto Cellini – FeedmarkforExcerpt from Memoirs of Benvenuto Cellini a Florentine Benvenuto di PDF #8608 Artist Containing a Variety of Information Respecting the Arts and the History of the Sixteenth CenturyAware probably of my preceding English edition printed in collated with the text and enriched with notes from the Milan edition of G P Carpani Signor Molini had the kindness to present me with a copy of his new Cellini Vita. Cellini was a goldsmith and sculptor of genius and little of his work survives today Perseus with the Head of Medusa the bronze sculpture he made in 1545 being a stunning exception Precious metals tend to be melted down especially in times of strife One of the text's greatest pleasures therefore is Cellini's description of his works and his painstaking process of making them This is truly a book of an artist of exuisite talent and his work plans Were it not for this text we would know little of the larger body of his work since as I've said so few examples surviveThis praise aside one is tempted to label this memoir auto hagiography for a lot of it is about self promotion and securing the author's posthumous myth Cellini's self love can overwhelm; he has no gift for humility But the fact remains that the book's also highly readable Readable as say Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island is readable Suddenly he's walking down the street with his mentor Michelangelo or meeting with Pope Clement—for whom he made many baubles—or manning the Castel Sant'Angelo's guns during the 1527 Sack of Rome by Holy Roman Emperor Charles VHe was one of those people who liked making enemies By tearing others down he'd propping himself up Apparently his works alone were insufficient to the task of contenting him Perhaps because producing them reuired such fawning acuiescence before the rich and powerful; Cellini was far too headstrong to be a courtier When he is calumniated by a vicious Vatican courtier who says he has gravely insulted the Pope—Farnese now not Clement—Cellini sets off to find work in France for the Pope will no longer pay him for his baubles' true worth and he fears arrest On this journey by horseback we glimpse the pristine countryside in 1530 or so from Grisons to Zurich and then in and around Lausanne Geneva and Lyons until finally—after fighting off murderous brigands—the road to Paris is open But soon Cellini returns to his shop and boyfriends in Rome I found the rationale for doing so unclearWhen Pope Farnese's illegitimate son Signor Pier Luigi calumniates Cellini—saying that during the Sack of Rome under Clement he stole Vatican jewelry worth 80000 crowns—he is thrown without a hearing into prison which turns out to be the same Castel Sant'Angelo from whose terrace he'd valiantly supervised the Church's guns during the Sack The French king who met Cellini in Rome and whom Cellini has promised to come and serve for a time tries diplomatic measures to free him and fails Ultimately the wily goldsmith escapes by tying together strips of bedsheets but during the escape he breaks his leg On all fours then leaving a trail of blood he crawls through the streets to a friendly Cardinal's house for sanctuary Pleas from high society are then made to the pope on Cellini's behalf But once again Luigi smears him with a heinous lie outrageous than the first and Cellini is thrown into the Vatican's worst dungeon crawling with tarantulas and venomous worms Now his death is eagerly sought by the pope and his henchmen But finally the French king is victorious in his diplomacy and Cellini is almost literally spirited out of the VaticanThe French king Francis I inundates Cellini with money and honors I cannot understate how despicably corrupt the French royal court was My God the avarice And naturally there were no police no rule of law The so called chivalrous knights were too busy shaking down the peasantry for coins Moreover it's the 1540s so we can hardly fault Cellini for the many unsourced scenes in which he is not present but seems to possess a verbatim transcript Suspect too are his many speeches set before his noble patrons in which he wins the argument Many of these speeches feel like staircase wit Yiddish trepverter; French l'esprit de l'escalier if not outright invention But we must keep in mind that Cellini was very social It could be that these overheard conversations some of them were relayed to him later by third parties We can never really know for sure of course and this undermines credibility That said the autobiography remains a rare glimpse into the daily life of Renaissance Italy and has few if any textual euals as such it compels careful reading Highly recommended

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Di Kindle From this source I have derived several inter esting additions of which I have availed myself in the present popular form of publicationAbout the PublisherForgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books Find at wwwforgottenbookscomThis book is a reproduction of an important historical work Forgotten Books uses state of the art technology to digitally reconstruct. All men who have accomplished anything worthwhile should set down the story of their own lives with their own hands But they should wait before undertaking so delicate an enterprise until they have passed the age of 40 says Benvenuto Cellini 1500 1571 in the opening chapter of this book The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini first published in Italy in 1728 This is one of the earliest classic autobiographies in the world eclipsed only by the likes of Saint Augustine's Confessions 3 stars Babur's The Baburnama Memoirs of Babur Prince Emperor and Marcus Aurelius' MeditationsBenvenuto Cellini was an Italian artist who became a friend to Leonardo de Vinci 1452 1519 and Michaelangelo 1475 1564 These are reasons enough for me to pick this book in a second hand bookstore a couple of years back Well aside from the fact that this is included in the 501 Must Read Books I enjoy reading memoirs and autobiographies especially those of world renowned personalities but for some reason not known to me Cellini was 58 years old when he wrote this memoir or autobiography and first I thought it would be a difficult read but the edition was really easy to understand and because of the many interesting events that happened in Cellini's life and his tongue in cheek meaning candid and honest telling of his life the book is engaging and definitely worth reading Imagine Cellini even exposed himself in telling the murder that he committed despite the fact that he was a religious person The other interesting part of this book is the supernatural experience that he had while imprisoned in the Castle of St Angelo in Rome In particular this autobiography should be a must read book for anybody who is interested on renaissance art because it reads like a who's who of that world Cellini was a goldsmith and a sculptor although his only popular sculptor is the bronze statue of Perseus Holding the Head of Medusa and it looks like this

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Vita di Benvenuto di Maestro Giovanni Cellini fiorentino scritta per lui medesimo in FirenzeThe work preserving the original format whilst di Benvenuto di Kindle #180 repairing imperfections present in the aged copy In rare cases an imperfection in the original such as a blemish or missing page may be replicated in our edition We do however repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical work. Italians do it better don't they Well I think I just found myself a new role model of self confidenceBenvenuto Cellini was first and foremost a goldsmith and a sculptor but he made himself known and appreciated also as a flute player a draftsman and a talented writer He was nonetheless a brave soldier and a clever strategist Of course that for the most part of his autobiography he blows his own trumpet but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it It's a firsthand account of his experience in the Rome of Clement VII the France of Francis I and the Florence of Cosimo de’ Medici I'm fascinated with his life and works of art He was a daredevil who stuck at nothing to accomplish his desires even if this meant murder The story itself is fascinating a rare glimpse into the world of a Renaissance artist larger than life Tales of early apprenticeships family crises exiles revenge plagues and invasions imprisonments and adventurous escapes necromancy and a legion of devils which he and a conjuror invoked in the Colosseum mistresses love affairs and charges of immorality supernatural visions and angelic protection royal and religious patronage poisonings all this and Now I so want to visit Florence and Rome and Vienna and all the other places where his works are exhibited