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Summary â His Los Angeles Surprise Millionaire Moguls #8 ↠ PDF DOC TXT or eBook

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Gniteswith lasting repercussions Derek wants to be there for his baby but Alexis will only marry for love Can he convince the stubborn beauty he’s for re. FANTASTIC The Millionaire Mogul series is one of the best multi author series I have ever read The authors in this series always seem to be on point with the series thread and accurately keep the facts of the other installment authors Derek has always appeared to be the toughest Moore brother He has so much emotional baggage that it seemed impossible to overcome That was before he crossed paths again with Alexis Ms Lister has written a story that was well developed kept to the premise of the series and also left us with great anticipation for the next book

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His Los Angeles Surprise Millionaire Moguls #8A millionaire Angeles Surprise ePUB #9734 with a wary heartAnd a first love worth repeatingSuccess couldn’t make former model Alexis Armstrong forget the. Derek and Alexis are a great fit Both are wealthy and have a great concern for the welfare of the less fortunate So happy that Alexis stood her ground and refused to marry Derk unless he truly loved her and not for any other reason Even though Derek had huge trust issues because of his selfish and self absorbed father he had a great relationship and support system with his hilarious brothers

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Summary â His Los Angeles Surprise Millionaire Moguls #8 ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì [PDF / Epub] ☁ His Los Angeles Surprise Millionaire Moguls #8 By Sheryl Lister – A millionaire with a wary heartAnd a first love worth repeatingSuccess couldn’t make fOne who got away When she “rents” Derek Moore at a fund raiser to show him what he’s missed things don’t go as plannedTheir sizzling chemistry rei. CONCEPTMillionaire reunites with his first love and gains surpriseCHARACTERSDerek Moore never expected to see Alexis Armstrong at the fund raiser event nor did he expect that Alexis would “rent” him for a date to support the fund raiser Alex is determine to show Derek what he has missed when he broke off the relationship during high school without an explanation The results of the date comes at a surprise for both Derek’s character is portrayed as a bit of a loner as he attempts to develop a relationship with his brothers while at the same time deal with the issues he has with his father While he reluctantly agrees to help clear his father he is not trying to convince Alex on a loveless marriage Alexis became a successful model and will only marry for love She knows Derek wants to be a part of his child’s life but she will not marry unless he loves her Two strong willed people will love win out DIALOGUEThe dialogue was fitting for this themeSTRUCTUREThe story was structured and maintained a consistent flowOVERALLMs Lister has another hit on her hands I enjoyed Derek and Alexis’ story and there were times during this book I wanted to shake Derek and one scene he lost some “cool points” but I could understand his actions due to his past insecurities Overall His Los Angeles Surprise was a good read