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The Experience of Nothingness Summary ë 102

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The Experience of Nothingness Summary ë 102 ê [Read] ➱ The Experience of Nothingness Author Michael Novak – In The Experience of Nothingness Michael Novak has two objectives First he shows the paths by which the experience of nothingness is becoming common among all those who live in free societies SeIn The Experience of Nothingness Michael Novak has two objectives First he shows the paths by which the experience of nothingness is becoming common among all those who live in free societies Second he details the various experiences that lead to the nothingness point of view Most discussions of these matters have been so implicated in the European experience that the term nihilism has a European ring Novak however articulates this experience of formles. The experience of nothingness teaches a man the poverty and the limitations of all symbols It teaches him to look with skepticism upon perceptions and values that others take for granted Thus those who have shared the experience of nothingness are the most profoundly subversive of all dissenters; for they deny not this or that institutional arrangement but the prevailing sense of reality Their conscience is out of tune with the conscience of the dominant elites as well as out of tune with the corresponding conscience of those ordinary people who still have faith in the elitesA really interesting read that speaks to a subject that tends to elude description The experience of nothingness arms a man against his own puritanism his desire to be perfect and his despair at not being able to be honest courageous free or brotherly Who is he who is at his center nothing to be dismayed because his actions prove his worthlessness The self is not at the center of the universe The sun shines no less brilliantly the skies are no thickly gray because he has betrayed his resolve

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Istic conclusions without observing the moral commitments to them For this reason Novak believes that nihilism is fraudulent as a theory intended to explain the experience of nothingness Nihilism in practice he maintains often results in a form of intolerance The Experience of Nothingness is a work that will cause many scholars to rethink their beliefs It should be read by philosophers theologians sociologists political theorists and cultural historians. Important and clearly written apologetic of nihilism Exhilarating to consider but empty and hopeless in the end

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The Experience of NothingnessSness in an American contextIn his new introduction the author lists The Experience Kindle four reuirements that must be met by an individual in order for the experience of nothingness to emerge a commitment to honesty a commitment to courage recognition of how widespread the experience of nothingness is and a virtue of will Novak writes that these principles are what guide self described philosophical nihilists But many people simply borrow the nihil. First before discussing this let's agree on the author's use of the term Nothingness His use of the term and he says so in the book is synonymous with nihilism Nihilism in this context is the belief that life and the universe has no objective purpose or instrinsic meaning to itThe experience of nihilism how it effects people and society in general is an interesting topic But that's precisely what you don't get in this book I will admit that there is the occasional interesting passage on Nothingness But this uickly degenerates in to page after page of meaningless drivel which is just the authors personal opinions No attempt is made to justify reason or argue anything in this meaningless book In addition the author's opinions uickly gravitate to the whole everything is shit point of view Nothing is spared from this relentless scathing torrent Which again would be all very well if some justification for these ideas were offeredIn many areas it drifts rather obviously to the post modern theories where everything is just a story The author uses the words myths but the idea is the same While i basically agree that life is without any external meaning I think it's interesting that Science has revealed so much about the universe around us Why is that What is special about science What is wrong with focussing on ordering our own human society in order to bring as much happiness as possible to people The cynicism of this book is relentless and after a few chapters I found myself skimming it I guess it's my fault for choosing a book like this but in my opinion there are better books on nihilism