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summary Aliens Anorexia ✓ eBook ePUB or Kindle PDF

summary Aliens Anorexia

summary Aliens Anorexia ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¼ [Download] ➽ Aliens Anorexia ➺ Chris Kraus – As the rope was tightening around my neck an Alien made love to me Belief is a technology for softening the landscape The world becomes beautiful when God is in it Here is what happensR the winter to chronicle the failure of Gravity Grace her own low budget independent filmIn Aliens Anorexia Kraus argues for empathy as the ultimate perceptive tool and reclaims anorexia from the psychoanalytic girl ghetto of poor self esteem Anorexia Kraus writes could be an attempt to leave the body altogether a rejection of the cynicism this culture hands us through its fo. Part art criticism part biography part memoir part sadomasochism philosophy or Ds as Kraus often abbreviates itThis is a real tour de force exploration of Kraus' philosophy and life lived I learned so much from her About the art of Paul Thek about philosophy and life of Simone Weir about Kraus' film Gravity Grace and about her epistolary Ds romance with Africa For that I say thank you Chris This was greatThe thread that ties these parts together is a specific kind of failure; a rebuke or rejection from the peers from which validation is sought It explores what it means to create something of meaning and then digs into the superficial reasons that meaning can be so easily overlooked even spurned or just forgotten It seems Kraus tries to define empathy or so missed opportunities for it that comes across especially in the Africa Ds epistolaryAnd this is fiction though not non fiction and not memoir It's not for everybody I'd say avoid if you need coherent plot in your novels But if your thing is just smart insightful philosophical playful writing

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Adical The book unfolds like a set of Chinese boxes using stories and polemics to travel through a maze that spirals back into itself Its characters include Simone Weil the first radical philosopher of sadness the artist Paul Thek Kraus herself and Africa her virtual SM partner who's shooting a big budget Hollywood film in Namibia while Kraus holes up in the Northwest Woods fo. Before she became the groundbreaking theorist novelist detourned conceptual memoirist she is today Chris Kraus was the maker of deft smart experimental films culminating in her rarely seen under acknowledged feature Gravity and Grace The film took its title from Simone Weil but explored the modern emptinesses waiting to be filled by cult membership and the aimless but determined pull towards art It didn't do well with audiences critics or festivals it seems and both the unwieldy production process and last ditch distribution attempts at the Berlinale's satellite film market become mordantly despairing episodes here But so since this is Chris Kraus they become the jumping off points for conceptual studies of art and life Simone Weil and Ulrike Meinhoff philosophies of culture body and desire SM performance art and starvation It's difficult to explain exactly how it all works but it works with extreme elegance here Even better than her first novel and etc I Love Dick and far far ahead of the attempted series thereof though I find the existence of that highly interesting in its own right

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Aliens AnorexiaAs the rope was tightening around my neck an Alien made love to me Belief is a technology for softening the landscape The world becomes beautiful when God is in it Here is what happens inside a person's body when they starveWritten in the shadow of Georg Buchner's Lenz at razor pitch Aliens Anorexia first published indefines a female form of chance that is both emotional and r. I love chris Krauss and I loved the part about Simone weil but she speaks of so many different things it´s hard to follow sometimes Still it´s a great book and the combination she does is pretty uniue theory with fiction with performance Definitely on the Chris Kraus side always