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L and what drove him to make endless sacrifices just for the chance to endure the trial of his life Enter the secret world of the Nights and experience the heartaches and hell of being a “roach” who seeks the glory and honor of knights from days gone by. I had heard about this book several years ago and when a friend mentioned she had it I asked to borrow it I am from South Carolina and wanted to know about the Citadel but this book took me by surprise I will admit that I read 34 of it wondering why in the world anyone would want to attend there and do the things it takes to make Junior Sword Drill but by the end of the book you will understand perfectly Although it seems like a teenage boy's diary account of his life at the Citadel you will watch him grow and mature to become the best of the best The writing gives a true voice to the main character You feel like you know him inside out While worrying right along with him you will become enthralled in the story and want to know exactly how it ends uickest 628 pages I have ever read

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Sword DrillThough disbanded forever in the Citadel’s Junior Sword Drill existed for over years reuiring immeasurable sacrifices from cadets who aspired to become a member of the elite precision drill unit Providing only one minute performance the Drill’s activitie. I really enjoyed reading this fast paced book The story is a simple one but the details and plot uickly got me hooked It was a page turner and kept me enthralled of what's gonna happen next This book was especially sentimental to me as it brought up old memories from my Knob year I had tucked away and forgotten about until I read this book Though my experiences in the Fourth Class System couldn't have been as intense as the Old Corps I still found the 2002 2003 school year a challenging and unpleasant experience Brett Chapman Pipe Band The Citadel 2006

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Free read ò Sword Drill ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ô ❰PDF❯ ✐ Sword Drill Author David Epps – Though disbanded forever in 1993 the Citadel’s Junior Sword Drill existed for over 60 years reuiring immeasurable sacrifices from cadets who aspired to become a member of theS were always secret and steeped in controversy The biggest uestion was always what could possibly motivate someone to take on such a challenge Sword Drill is a fiction based on fact story of one man’s aspiration to join the ranks of the Junior Sword Dril. Oh My GOSH Do NOT begin reading this book unless you have time to read all 628 pages because you will NOT want to put it down Written by a Citadel grad class of 1981 this based on fact novel sets the stage by breezing through John O'Bryan's high school years leading up to his matriculation into El Cid As a Knob John watches the Junior Sword Drill performance and becomes determined to do whatever is necessary in order to ualify his junior year as an aspirant to the Drill He does achieve the necessary rank to try out and then the nail biting 14 nights begins Blended throuout the book we see his life while on furlough adn of course a love story One interesting coincidencethe Drill he is trying out for is the Drill that held the sword arch for my husband