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Tanya was thrilled and grateful St Petersburg was the city of her dreams She was determined to pack a lifetime into that one all too short visit And the disturbing Prince Nikolai was there to see that she did He was acting like a jealous man But the moment the thought entered her head Tanya dismissed it as utterly impossible A person had to have feelin. My second book by this author the first being the Cockermouth Mail which was surprisingly well put together This book is set in the same time period of Regency Period but in Russia which was a new and interesting setting to me I had read very few historical fiction set in Russia before this book and this one was full and by full do I mean chock full of historical facts It is loaded with details of every sort of architectural tidbits about the buildings and people of the time I saw that the author spent a lot of time traveling to Russia and it shows in this book That kind of historical detail is to be commended and was common for the older traditional historical fiction novelsBut perhaps because I am not as used to Russian society and its rules the book failed to enchant me It was well written for the most part There are almost no villains aside from the Ice King's late wife and her brother and everyone behaved scrupulously well Men were gentlemen to a fault and Tanya had pleasant relationships with all the women around her The only conflictmystery to the book was what had happened to the Ice King in the past and it is revealed that view spoilerhis late wife was a beautiful and horrible woman who flaunted her affairs in front of his face and even died pregnant with one of her lovers She had apparently approached Nikolai for recognition of the child as his and he had refused She then was petulant and angry and miscarried her child falling down stairs an accident which immobilized her Thereafter she killed herself by swallowing some of her medicine He had then been so downcast and downtrodden from that wreck of a marriage that he had had his own affair with one of his serfs and had a son from that affair that he recognized hide spoiler

Summary The ice king

The ice kingGs in order to be jealous and Prince Nikolai hadn't earned the name Ice King for nothing He seemed devoid of all emotion­ particularly love What had happened to him wondered Tanya to turn his heart so cold that no woman had been able to thaw it The answer to the uestion was shocking and it turned Tanya's feelings into a confused mixture of pityand lov. A beautifully written story with a hero that seemed rakish and cold but was really a completely sweet beta meltsI did have a problem with some of the things that happened or were revealed in the end view spoiler like the fact that his crazy servants made him get a girl pregnant while in a laudanum haze Having a child was supposed to make him pull trough of his daze but reallythey took away his choice HE was the one that should have chosen to have or not to have a child and for sure he should have at least had the right to see the mothers face let alone pick the child bearer Maybe they had his well being at heart but it was just NOT OKAlso the heroine went way overboard with asking the hero to legitimize his bastard He himself told her that would make the kid his heirthis is all fine and dandy but at least see how the kid is getting used to you before you give him advantage over all your future kids Really I am unable to go all ‘aaaaaaw’ over every bastard out there like these martyr heroines do hide spoiler

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Read & download á The ice king É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ½ ✮ [PDF] ✩ The ice king By Dinah Dean ✻ – She'd resigned herself to her dismal fate Tanya had no money and now with the death of her uncle no home The solution was a virtualShe'd resigned herself to her dismal fate Tanya had no money and now with the death of her uncle no home The solution was a virtual prison sentence she must take a job as companion to a reclusive and ailing old woman in a remote Russian Village But fate granted her a reprieve Kindly The ice ePUB #186 relatives offered her a season in St Petersburg and. If you're in the mood for something heavy this ain't it Average light reading A little over the top at the end with the sugary sweetness and neat and tidy bow wrapping things up but tolerable through most of it Enjoyed the emo hero's slow melt Ha Didn't mean to make a pun to match the title LOTS of skimming unless you're really interested in an in depth education of Russian architecture and furnishings