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Unfulfilled in her job and relationship It reinvents the Doctor and companion for modern television grounding the show in a world of council estates celebrity gossip and soap operas Rose. I see what you did there Seems like a shrewd move to start a new but oddly familiar series that you hope but aren't sure will find an audience with discussion of an episode that started a new but oddly familiar series that hoped but wasn't sure it would find an audience Like the actual episode Rose I feel this book does a good enough job in proving that the format has potential but isn't actually that amazing a piece mostly pointing out things that will be very obvious to the diehard fan But perhaps we who think we know everything already aren't the target eh We'll probably buy the books either way after allOn the other hand I didn't get nothing new out of this slim thesis it hadn't struck me before that meeting the Doctor is Rose's lottery numbers coming up And that's a nice way to think about the phenomenon of becoming a companion the odds against it happening are astronomical sometimes it happens to and sometimes to less deserving people but don't lose hope keep playing and one day It Could Be You I much prefer a lottery analogy to the whole special snowflake theme of recent seasons where the Doctor's companions are literally the best people in the entire universe give me RTD and his totally unexceptional schlubs who prove exceptional the moment they're given a chance to step up to the plate any day

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Rose The Black Archive #1Was not only a new vision for Doctor Who but pioneered a revival for the Saturday night adventure seriesJon Arnold edits fanzines Rose The PDF and is a major contributor to Hating to Lov. A solid analysis that reminds me of Philip Sandifer’s style Arnold looks at “Rose” not so much as a story but as a televisual event In the course of the book he looks at different factors that made Russell T Davies’s relaunch of the series a successful piece of television for the 21st century As a reader who has watched only New Who I also learned a bit about the Classic Series as it often serves as a contrast to Davies’s aproachGreat start to what seems to be an interesting series I’ll definitely be buying books from the Black Archive and I hope they write on the New Series

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Rose The Black Archive #1 Download ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à ❰Ebook❯ ➡ Rose The Black Archive #1 Author Jon Arnold – ‘Nice to meet you Rose – Run for your life’Rose 2005 reimagines Doctor Who for the 21st century showing us the Doctor through the eyes of Rose Tyler‘Nice to meet you Rose – Run Black Archive PDF #203 for your life’Rose reimagines Doctor Who for the st century showing us the Doctor through the eyes of Rose Tyler a shop assistant. I'm going to be a bit critical here Although many others like this aspect I found the freuent contextualisation of the episode too much distracting from a close reading of the episode itself Indeed it was only about halfway through the book that I finally got to a bit that analysed part of the episode the initial characterisation of Rose sufficiently deeply to my liking For me anyway too much of the book prior to then and indeed later in the book as well was either about the wider context of the episode as an event or about creative decisions made by Russell T Davies that affected the whole of the first season not just this one episode Chapter 4 for example was really a discussion of the arc structure of the entire first season rather than Rose itself I accept that this relaunch episode needs to be considered in the wider context into which it fits But for me that aspect was too overpowering and done at the expense of closer study of the episode itselfI also found uite a lot of repetition throughout the book where a point would be restated sometimes even as many as three times There could probably have been a firmer editorial hand in placesI suspect I will probably like the less event episodes Black Archive books But I don't want to sound too critical I just found things a bit frustrating I'm sure others will enjoy it massesI did really like the conclusion though