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Summary Ø At the Spaniard's Pleasure Ì PDF DOC TXT eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Summary At the Spaniard's Pleasure

Summary Ø At the Spaniard's Pleasure Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ß [PDF] ✈ At the Spaniard's Pleasure ✍ Jacqueline Baird – Ketika melacak jejak para pencuri berlian Nick Menendez menemukan nama Liza Summers teman masa kecilnya ada di anInya Walaupun demikian ia memutuskan untuk menerima tawaran Nick berkunjung ke Spanyol dan menikmati ketertarikan yang sangat kuat di antara mereka Namun secara tak sengaja ia mengetahui ketertarikan itu hanya kedok Nick untuk dapat mengawasi tindak tandukny. WTAF Seriously This book was walking the border of rapey a few too many times for my peace of mind To be fair it never crossed that line and pulled back from it really uickly But really dude you're going to avoid view spoilerbanging the jailbait by making out with her and then calling her a slut hide spoiler

Jacqueline Baird è 2 Characters

Ri berlian Nick terbang ke LanzaroteLiza sungguh tak menyangka At the PDF or akan bertemu lagi dengan Nick setelah perpisahan mereka yang menyakitkan bertahun tahun lalu Pria itu semakin memesona dan cinta yang pernah ia rasakan dulu kembali muncul dalam hat. 2 Stars Didn't like it and I find it boring

Free download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free è Jacqueline Baird

At the Spaniard's PleasureKetika melacak jejak para pencuri berlian Nick Menendez menemukan nama Liza Summers teman masa kecilnya ada di antara nama para pencuri itu Dengan maksud ingin mengetahui sejauh mana keterlibatan gadis itu sekaligus mengumpulkan keterangan tentang para pencu. WARNING The review below contains some classified info so beware Liza inadvertently becomes a suspect in a diamond heist case ‘cuz she has no idea that his boss is a crook Nick owns a security company is assisting his BFF in the case He’s hot on the trail persuades his pal that he’s da best man to subject the prime suspect’s PA to a 3rd degree inuisition HH have known each other since she’s 8 yo he’s 10 yrs older Their moms are BFFs Typical of hero worship cases in HPlandia heroine has had a huge crush on hero since she was a teen This will be their 1st meeting in 6 yrs Let’s go down memory lane We’re supposed to believe that she’s been fascinated w him since their 1st meeting He’s the most beautiful man she’s ever seen So beautiful that she tripped over skinned her knee He started to notice Liza’s attractiveness the older she got He lost his marbles when he witnessed 16 yo Liza kissing a stable boy Nick interrupted the cozy scene kissed Liza groped her as an outlet Nice In reality he’d be slapped w a sexual harassment lawsuit He called her a cheap slut to her face this label had stuck to Liza like super glue since then on It doesn’t matter that she’s only had 1 sexual encounter w her fiancé her engagement only lasted 3 days ‘cuz she’s a frigid bedmate The hero’s motto Once a slut always a slut Killing 2 birds w 1 stone not only he has a professional reason to stick to her side he gets to nail her delectable too Liza gives naïve HP heroines a bad name She melts like a roasted candle clings to him like a barnacle stammers like a village idiot turns incoherent whenever Nick kisses her to shut her trap He’s 1 moody SOB whose 1 track mind actions are led by his ding a ling His temperament changes as easy as flipping a switch He’s supposedly a daredevil he gets his adrenaline rush from pursuing death defying sports that jeopardizes his poor mama’s heart He’s a bit dense prolly just suffering from a short term memory ‘cuz he almost picks diamonds for engagement ringI didn’t like the HH all I thought they were annoying deserved each other ‘cuz they’re both miserable as a couple independently There’s 1 incident 30 pages from the ending that absolutely crosses the thin line from dwamatic to over the top Heroine is so enraged upon eavesdropping hero’s phone conversation discovering hero’s deception that she decks him he almost becomes a roadkill Athletic bloke that he is he saves himself from plunging 30 feet to the snow covered ground the last minute I wondered if his life flashes before his eyes that moment like “This is it I’m gonna keel over right here right now thanx to this raging beyotch” LOL I like playfully combative HH but this is taking it to the extreme Here’s a prime example of an unhealthy volatile sexual relationship I say sexual ‘cuz from beginning to the ending I was not really convinced of their ever lasting luv I was not fond of the fact that the hero calls her ‘slut’ ‘bitch’ even if the circumstances warrant it She almost slaps him when she’s incensed Chauvinistic pig that he is true to form he sneers he cuts her down to size he kidnaps her for her own good ‘cuz the 2 baddies are still out there His crispy one liners are cheezier than BK’s cheesy tots that I mentally cringed from the cheez overload I often wanted to drag heroine by her hair to ‘How to develop a spine 101’ class She’s v much in self denial that she’s no man’s push over yet her contradictory actions speak elouently than her internal dialogue A suave next door James Bond wannabe he ain’t If James Bond spins craptacular sexual innuendoes like Nick does to Pussy Galore here the franchise woulda been 6 feet under the audience woulda had a bad hangover ^2Now that is a picture worth saving I wish I had a camera U'd make a great centrefold U might have become a porn star or a lap dancer U certainly have a figure for itTo sum it all up I was shaken by Nick's giggle worthy persona but not stirred into reading the other JB in my TBR the 2nd one I've just read is even worse but that's a whole different story don't even go there