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Free read Screwed The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class And What We Can Do About It BK Currents 107

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Free read Screwed The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class And What We Can Do About It BK Currents 107 ´ [Read] ➵ Screwed The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class And What We Can Do About It BK Currents ➼ Thom Hartmann – Nationally syndiAlly impotent working poor This book asks How did this Screwed The PDFEPUBhappen Who's benefiting And how can we stop it. Most of this book is probably a Michael Moore ish version of Lou Dobbs' latest book In other words it deals mostly with how the middle class is being sueezed and and that it's mostly the Republicans' fault However the author is not beholden to the D as in Democrat label He lumps in Bill Clinton with Reagan and Bushes I and II primarily due to his support of NAFTA and GATT His good guys are FDR and Dwight EisenhowerThe most interesting and chilling passages occur in chapters 7 and 8 Really really interesting parallels are drawn between the rise of fascism in Italy and the rise of the corporatocracy in the USLargely I agree with the book's themes However the book tends to jump around too much The editing could have been professional too

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Nservatives and corporations are waging against America's middle class a war that's reducing the rest of us to a politic. Screwed The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class by Thom Hartmann Screwed is a fantastic book about how the corporate right has threatened democracy by systematically sueezing the middle class This 249 page book is composed of fifteen chapters that are broken out by the following three parts Part I A Middle Class Reuires Democracy Part II Democracy Reuires a Middle Class and Part III Governing for We the People Positives 1 Thom Hartman has a way with words His elegant prose is matched by cogent thoughts 2 It's a pleasure to read a book from a knowledgeable author who knows how to engage the reader 3 What a wonderful way to learn history Interesting and accessible 4 An inspiring book with substance There is conviction and passion behind his words 5 Knowledge is a powerful tool This book is empowering 6 Our beliefs should be as strong as the evidence for them Mr Hartmann provides well referenced compelling arguments 7 The middle class defined and a wonderful historical account on the vision of our founding fathers 8 The close relationship between the middle class and democracy 9 Democrats versus the Cons and why the shoe fits 10 The realization backed by a long list of examples that business will not always do what's best for society 11 The legacy of Franklin D Roosevelt's New Deal 12 Fascinating look at the failed political philosophy of Ronal Reagan 13 One of the great strengths of this book is that not only does it point out the negative factors that have threatened our democracy but how to reclaim it Excellent 14 Great thought provoking uotes throughout 15 Despite a clear progressive agenda one that for the record I ascribe to the author's criticism is even handed Mr Hartmann is very critical of NAFTA and GATT which were signed by Bill Clinton 16 The myth that a smaller government means fewer taxes for you and me A reverse Robin Hood 17 The real roles of a democratic government 18 Thomas Jefferson and the concept of free market in perspective 19 Why the middle class is shrinkingso many great arguments 20 The rise of the corporateocracy at the expense of us all 21 Bad big pharma 22 A fascinating look at the founders' vision The great Thomas Paine 23 The true historical significance of the Boston Tea Party I'll drink to that 24 Where the concept of corporations as persons came from and the implications That tidbit alone is worth the price of the book 25 What causes the loss of democracy Find out 26 American fascism illustrated 27 How the Irai war screwed American taxpayersupsetting to say the least 28 The eye opening account of prisons for profits and the implications 29 Health care as it should be 30 The evolution of heath care in America 31 What is threatening Medicare Find out 32 Social Security as an anti poverty insurance program not an investment program 33 What the government needs to do help increase the middle class 34 The illegal employer problem 35 The living wage as a step toward the middle class 36 The need for progressive taxes and how it works 37 Links worked great on the Kindle thank you 38 A treat to read from cover to cover and a future reference book Negatives 1 Clearly Thom Hartmann has a progressive agenda and at time gives you the illusion that FDR can do no wrong while Reagan was evil 2 It never hurts to add charts or illustrations to complement the elegant prose 3 Setting aside time to read books from Thom Hartmann In summary A fabulous book that met all my expectations Educational fun inspiring and so well researched it was a treat to read Mr Hartmann is one of the reasons I love reading books so much Highly recommended Further suggestions Perfectly Legal by David Cay Johnston American Fascists by Chris Hedges The Conservative Assault on the Constitution by Erwin Chemerinsky and Common Sense by Thomas Paine

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Screwed The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class And What We Can Do About It BK CurrentsNationally syndicated radio host and bestselling author Undeclared War Epub #220 Thom Hartmann exposes the covert war co. Acclaimed radio host and renowned author Thom Hartmann does it again providing a provocative look at one of America's most ignored social and political issues the immanent demise of the middle class Hartmann offers an historical perspective to back up his positions often referring to the original intent of the founding fathers pointing out how many of the original signers of the Constitution had the intent of assisting the poor and preventing the rich from rulingbecoming the government Hartmann demonstrates how it is a combination of Reagan Economics and the ascendance of corporatehood into personhood that has gradually and recently hastily led to a concentration of wealth among the few jobs which are being shipped overseas and incomes that are faltering steadily In short the rise of corporate dominance is destroying the middle class Engaging and well supported Hartmann once again has produced a provocative 5 star book