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Summary ☆ Give All to Love ✓ eBook PDF or Kindle ePUB

Summary Give All to Love

Summary ☆ Give All to Love ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❴Download❵ ➼ Give All to Love Author Patricia Veryan – Though he had half the women in England at his feet criminally handsome Alain Devenish had at the ripe old age of thirty three eluded all the trappYWith suitors lined up offering for Josie's hand Don Juan Devenish was suddenly feeling less like a parent and like a jealous lover A situation Miss Josie Storm found most agreeable inde. Pretty good ending to the Sanguinet Saga All of the previous characters were brought back and made appearances so you wouldn't want to read this one as a standalone view spoiler Guardianward romances are not unusual but this one has a little 'ick' factor not because of the age difference but because they were living together most of the time as papa and daughter although he called her Elf a lot The hero thought she was between 10 and 12 years old when he found her but she was really about 14 years old and she was 19 when they became betrothed hide spoiler

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Otion to his ward Miss Josie Storm the irresistible little minx he'd Give All MOBI #194 rescued from gypsy captors Who'd have guessed such a tragic waif would become such a beautiful lad. I am completely baffled that I apparently did not write a review for this book and did not give it five stars This is super strange as I ADORE Dev so much that the book where he loses his first love is among my least favorites by Veryan So what happened hereI know that there are two or three things about this book that I find a bit problematic but for me the good outweighs this by a lot Dev is such a wonderful hero with his temper his humor his charm his deep affections his hidden worries his incredible courage and his way with people and with animals He grows so much throughout this series but all the good stuff in him is there from the start

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Give All to LoveThough he had half the women in England at his feet criminally handsome Alain Devenish had at the ripe old age of thirty three eluded all the trappings of matrimonyPerhaps it was his dev. This was good Very old school feel and apparently the 11th in a whole saga that I never read before of course I would start with the final book of the series but for all that I wasn't too lost I liked it a lot it's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for when I search out guardian ward romancesIt was kind of meaty in that there was a lot of action going on instead of focusing only on the romance But the romance was strong too and it was charming and cute and funny Josie was a perfectly likable heroine but Dev was the real draw of the book I liked that he was so honorable and I loved that he had a good sense of humor Oh yeah and there were SO MANY CATS And a pig too I'm not much of a sucker for cats but damn if it wasn't cute the way Dev was picking kittens off his shoes every two seconds And that pig LMFAO That whole incident with Dev pretending Lady Godiva was a weird breed of dog killed meGreat clean read unexpectedly funny and all the characters were interesting although there were a lot of names thrown around that made me aware that I was coming into an established series I'm actually going to look for the other books now