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Free download Ê The Dragon Waiting É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ë [PDF] ✓ The Dragon Waiting ✪ John M. Ford – The Wars of the Roses have put Edward IV on the throne of England Lorenzo de' Medici's court shines brilliantly and Duke GaleazAntine Empire Sforza the Vampire Duke marshals his forces for his long The Dragon PDF planned attack on Florence and Byzantium is on the march A mercenary the exiled heir to the Byzantine throne a young woman physician forced to flee Florence and. This book makes me feel like an idiot I love it to piecesI'm not sure how both of these things can be true simultaneously but they are I have read it twice now with only the vaguest understanding of the Wars of the Roses I suspect it would help to know something about them been very very confused and yet I love it I love the characters and the clever twisty worldbuilding and Greco Roman polytheism hanging out in the 1400s and the Mithras cult and okay I did a lot better at the parts of this novel where I actually knew something about something Basically Christianity failed to really take hold in this world and Byzantium has most of Europe The main characters are busily trying to put Richard III on the throne and stop the spread of the Byzantine Empire Henry Tudor is of course being helped out by them This only really comes clear in the latter half of the book; the beginning has some espionage and murder mysteries and all sorts of things that really have very little to do with England Mostly I like the beginning betterAlso there are vampires One of the main characters is a vampire He's pretty awesome Actually all four of them are pretty awesome Characterization is one of the book's strengths Which is good because you need something to hang onto as it dives through the plot Seriously there's a fan made concordance to the novel and if any book needs it this one does Maybe next time I will remember to read it with the concordance webpage open in another window because I didn't manage to this time eitherI know I am doing a bad job communicating why you should read this but if you want alt history fantasy that is really really really intelligent you need to find a copy of this

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The Wars of the Roses have put Edward IV on the throne of England Lorenzo de' Medici's court shines brilliantly and Duke Galeazzo Maria Sforza plots in Milan But this is a changed world and medieval Europe is dominated by the threat from the Byz. Wow The Dragon Waiting is hard work I can totally understand why some people disliked it I read it with the Draco Concordans a fan written concordance for the book at my fingertips all the while conscious that I'm gonna have to read it again to understand it all It's a subtle deeply allusive book reuiring both knowledge of history and other literary texts and skill with interpretation of logical implications and emotional ones I can understand resenting all the work the reader has to do though for me the need to work is what made me love this book so muchI don't know how to say all the things I think and feel about this book without simply uoting other people The theme that touched me most deeply was that of trauma and the Byzantine colonialism's comparisons to sexual assault it was very interesting to me that several key characters were Welsh and Scottish given that theme and real world history I was convinced to read this book by this post really which says a lot of what I want to say and in a wondrously unspoiler ish manner tooThis is a sneaky sneaky book a blood soaked medieval fantasy; an elegant historical AU; a bleak gritty political thriller; a witty Shakespeare fanfic; an intricate meta game full of buried jokes about Star Wars and Dracula; and a deeply serious and mature story about human damage whether trauma or “chronic conditions” and how we bear it about suffering and graceuite possibly reading that post to begin with is what allowed me to love this book so much Going in unprepared I might have given up which is unfortunate

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The Dragon WaitingA Welsh wizard the nephew of Owain Gly Dwr seem to have no common goals but together they wage an intrigue filled campaign against the might of Byzantium striving to secure the English throne for Richard Duke of Gloucester and make him Richard I. At times ‘The Dragon Waiting’ reminded me of The Lymond Chronicles as it features very complicated spy machinations with few concessions to the reader unfamiliar with the period in uestion There is no omniscient smartarse like Lymond for events to revolve around though Instead magic and vampires I found the pacing initially rather a challenge as the four main characters are introduced separately at length then the plot accelerates very rapidly once they’re thrown together Ford also used the Lymond Chronicles conceit of letting you guess which main characters are present in disguise when the scene shifts Once a third of the way through I was hooked by the plot and invested in the characters a wizard a vampire a doctor and a mercenary who form a close alliance or perhaps fellowship is a better word They get deeply involved with the dramatic machinations of the English monarchy in an alternate 15th centuryAlthough I enjoyed the thrilling set pieces and plot twists the greatest joy of the novel in my view is the little world building details As Christianity hasn’t taken hold in Europe Dante’s masterwork is called the ‘Commedie Uomo’ the Roman gods are invoked when swearing and London has a magnificent Pantheon rather than cathedrals I’d probably appreciate it even with greater knowledge of the period The specifics of magic and vampirism are also very cleverly and elegantly presented The uses to which magic is put as well as its overlap with medicine are unusual and thought provoking The dragon of the title is the most interesting twist on the concept that I think I’ve ever seen in fantasy view spoilerIt’s a physical manifestation of Welsh nationalist sentiment formed of soldiers and kept together with magic infused propaganda A supercharged battle formation essentially hide spoiler