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Read ✓ Love Like the Movies É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ê [Download] ➻ Love Like the Movies By Victoria Van Tiem – Kensington Shawová má slibně rozjetou kariéru v reklamní agentuře úžasného snoubence Bradleyho se kterým chystá pohádkočí týden a Kensin život se ocitá v naprostém chaosu Bradley nebo Shane Bradley se perfektně hodí do jejich rodiny všichni ho zbožňují Vztah se Shanem bylo jedno velké zemětřesení které sice onehdy skončilo pohromou avšak když se na ni podívá zem se chvěje dosud Jenže svatba se nezadržitelně blíží a tlak okolí sílí Zasáhne osud a ukáže Kensi kdo je hlavním hrdinou ve scénáři jejího život. Kenzi has everything she could ever dream for A good job working for an advertising agency and the perfect fiancé Even if she's constantly runner up in her family's affections to her oh so perfect sister in law things look pretty good Then her ex boyfriend Shane walks into the advertising agency and she uickly discovers the agency is having financial problems her job is on the line and they desperately need Shane's business She is ordered to do everything she can to secure the account but she wasn't expecting to be re enacting scenes from her favorite romantic comedies Love Like the Movies is great fun It really does read like one of those great romantic comedies of the 1980s and '90s It's a book that will leave you with a silly smile on your face and feeling good for days I should note that some might shy away from this book because it's about a love triangle I know that's a trigger issue for many readers of romance It's a trigger issue for me as well so I'm going to go out on a limb and say I had no problems with this book at all That aspect doesn't really play into the story all that much and lovers of cute uirky romances will love this bookMany thanks Pocket Star and Netgalley for providing me with this ARC

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Kensington Shawová má slibně rozjetou kariéru v reklamní agentuře úžasného snoubence Bradleyho se kterým chystá pohádkovou svatbu a plánuje velkou rodinu i přátele Žije si zkrátka jako v pohádce Alespoň si to snaží namluvitpřestože v hloubi duše cítí že všechno zase tak skvělé není a že by to možná chtěla jinakTřeba nemuset věčně poslouchat ódy svojí matky na perfektní snachu a být si. Updated after re read 101815 It was just as awesome the second time I really liked I adored this book It was all I can ever wish for in a bookIt is charming it is funny and it is romantic It's romantic comedy at its very best I thought I was over chick lit Turns out I was wrong Very wrong It had all the elements of a good chick lit The heroine was easy to relate to I adored her from the first page Her family didn't treat her right She was engaged to Mr Wrong And she turned it all around She grew so much over the span of the book The hero was swoony As in chick lit he was a bit in the background But it didn't matter I routed for them and he was the perfect hero in a romantic comedy The plot was smart and well crafted I needed Kenzi to stand on her own two feet She could save herself And that made me so happy If you have a thing for romantic comedies this is a must read I've been disappointed by so many hyped books and I've been in a book slump but I'm so happy to announce that it is finally over My only wish is that I had been able to read it in one sitting But life kept interrupting I will read this soon again and then I will shut life out No words can convey how much I adored it And the epilogue Best Epilogue Ever

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Love Like the MoviesJistá že chystaná svatba je s tím „pravým“ V práci najednou taky neví kam dřív skočit a kamarádce nemůže věřit Love Like eBook #209 Do toho se objeví její bývalý Shane a začne jí motat hlavu tím že ji uvádí do situací v nichž spolu prožívají scény z filmů na které se kdysi tak rádi dívali – třeba ze Samotáře v Seattlu Deníku Bridget Jonesové Pretty Woman či Hříšného tance Sta. 45 Hilarious Romantic Stars “The world doesn’t always make sense but in a good romantic comedy I’m guaranteed a happily ever after”Love like The Movies is not only an enchanting entertaining and amusing love story but also depicts a young woman’s journey of self discovery and finding the courage to stop letting other’s make choices for her Kensington Shaw is on the brink of turning thirty Her fiancé may fit her families’ approval than hers but Kensington can accept that because she’s ready to settle as she envisions her life plan of marriage and children finally coming to fruition All is going as planned until her ex boyfriend Shane Bennett shows up as a client at the ad agency where she works Desperately needing this account she agrees to his proposition of living out ten Romantic Comedy movie moments with him and then he’ll sign the contract Combining Contemporary Romance Chick Lit and Romantic Comedy the author has crafted an engaging read with lovable uirky characters It’s filled with witty clever dialogue and there are many laugh out loud moments This book sparkles and I could hardly believe this is a debut One of the aspects that make this such an appealing read is that most women can relate to a few of Kensington’s situations She’s spent most of her adult life measuring her self worth based on other people’s standards and not her own Along the way she’s lost the essence of who she is as she conforms to other’s ideals Heartache also played a major role in her decisions Shane Bennett shattered her world when he walked away years earlier and now with his return the carefully designed road map she has for her life is uickly becoming utter chaos There are so many hilarious uproarious scenes readers should bewareCoupled with the humor you’ll also find tender sensuous moments as well as somber and very relatable events Shane is a sexy hero oozing charismatic charm and one of his best ualities is that he totally gets Kensington His re appearance throws a major kink into her plans and initiates a flood of internal searching If you love to watch Rom Com I’m sure you’ll recognize many of the movies used throughout the story I don’t think I’ve read anything uite like this and I loved it The author very cleverly incorporates a few of the movie uotesphrases perfectly into the character’s dialogue adding even pleasure Not only is this fun and highly entertaining there’s also a beautiful and romantic story within these pages as well as an amazing Epilogue Highly recommend to everyone who loves this genre ARC courtesy of Pocket Star books via Netgalley A huge thank you to my friend Jilly for leading me to this fantastic read