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Honeymoon Baby review ´ 103

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Honeymoon Baby review ´ 103 í ❴PDF❵ ✐ Honeymoon Baby Author Susan Napier – THE UNMARRIED BRIDEJennifer had taken drastic measures to become pregnant and she was saving every ounce of love she had for her baby There was no room in her life for marriage only now the father of THE UNMARRIED BRIDEJennifer THE UNMARRIED BRIDEJennifer had taken drastic measures to become pregnant and she was saving every ounce of love she had for her baby There was no room in her life for marriage only. I like not having to use any contraception with you; I like the thought of flooding of my sperm into your fertile body; I like knowing you're lush and ripe for me because my seed is flourishing inside you' Yes this was that bookHoneymoon Baby is the story of Jennifer and RafeDo you like a comedy of errors in which there is romance angst betrayal secrets and also boob fetish breeding hot sex humorThe book begins with our pregnant heroine coming face to face with the hero she's undergone IVF and he's the baby's father But suddenly we realize she is his 5th stepmother And that his father had apparently known her for ages And then they had a marriage of convenience And then a volcano erupts literally and they are trapped And then secrets are revealed And then surprise she's suddenly an erotica writer apart from being an inn keeper great accountant kind daughter big dope And then he's a model but also an editor and not just hot with big nips But her dad and mom are religious and she's been taught that sex is a sin And then they have hot sex And then he suctions her boobs like a vacuum cleanerWe are only midway throughWhat begins as a typical angsty HN novel soon turns into much much as the hero and heroine get secluded in their room and we see them discovering various facets of each other's personalityAlso which legit cracked me up was the breedingnursingbreast fetish the hero had These are some of the ways her milk duds are mentioned in the book snugly defined full breastsattention to her heaving breasts cupping and lifting them for his bold appraisalhis mocking gaze darkening as it ran over her body lingering on her breasts and reminding her of his earlier outrageousnesshis knuckles scraping briefly against her towelling padded breastmost of the upper curves of her full breasts the undarted bodice stretching provocativelysight of her firm creamy breasts straining against the watery silkShe was suddenly conscious of her overripe breasts and broad hipslanguorously fondle her breastsShe gasped as his hands slid up to cup her breasts rounding them his thumbs rubbing at her stiffened nipplesher voluptuous breasts swaying towards his mouthAre you going to breastfeed' 'Wh what''Your nipples are already uite large and they're going to grow bigger as you become heavily pregnant you don't think they might get to be too much of a mouthful for a tiny baby''I love your womanly proportions I love the roundness of your bottom and the size of your breasts And I especially like the way your nipples fill my mouth when I suck them Last night you loved me doing that'He was looking at her breasts as if they were miracles of wonderHis hand slid around her back to unhook her bra and peel it away from her jouncing breastsas she watched his lean cheeks hollow with the tugging suction reminding her of his sultry absorption the previous night when he had lain beside her in bed suckling her breasts while his hand played idly between her thighscontract rhythmically on her lace clad breasts And these are NOT even 50% of the times that her momos were mentioned in one form or anotherThat being said if you like to laugh and enjoy likable characters breeding like bunnies in an isolated dysfunctional setting and finding their own variation of HEA this would be a good read for youI enjoyed it so ridicSafe45

Susan Napier ☆ 3 summary

Now the father of her unborn child had turned up on her doorstepJennifer's first problem was that her entire family believed Raphael Jordan was actually her husband and that at last. 4 12 Stars Jennifer lost her father when she was 19 then a year later a horrible accident took her brother and left her mother nearly crippled and her fiance ended their engagement A survivor Jennifer struggled to make a life for her and her mother opening a bed breakfast was ideal They had an annual guest Sebastian a wealthy fertility doctor from London Fearful that time was passing her by now 27 years old Jennifer asked their guest about IVF and thus their bargain was struck Jennifer would travel to London with Sebastian as his companion he was dying from cancer and he'd set her up at his fertility clinic And to protect Jennifer's reputation and to legally keep Sebastian's assets out of the hands of his ex wives children they marry in name only It was only on his death bed that Sebastian revealed his deceit that he'd impregnated Jennifer with his son's sperm also without his knowledge Horrified Jennifer immediately ran home to New Zealand Rafe too was horrifed when his father confessed what he'd done and so as soon as he could wrap up things in London Rafe came after Jennifer Certain he'd find a calculated gold digger out to deplete his father's trusts and then go after his own using the paternity of the child as a weapon he's surprised to find she's a successful innkeeper and rather devoted to her family Her mother doesn't know about the IVF and believes it's Rafe that Jennifer married He uses this lie to earn his stay and much to Jennifer's dismay that stay means he shares her room where it seems he's determined to learn all her secretsThe plot in this story is really uite brilliant with so many intricate details that make the incredulous actually seem uite plausible Rafe is very much aware of his own charisma and senses that Jennifer hides a very sensual nature The sparks these two create scorch the pages I was glad that Rafe learns midway into the book that Jennifer hadn't been privy to his father's manipulation This takes away any sense of betrayal and allows them to explore their undeniable attraction Ms Napier is a master when it comes to sexual chemistry and has a wicked sense of humour; the double entredres in the dialogue are really uite delicious

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Honeymoon BabyThe happy couple could have a honeymoon Her second was that Raphael was delighted with the idea and suddenly Jennifer found herself sharing a bed with her gorgeous sexy pretend husba. TSTL the lot of them I am STILL trying to figure out why a healthy young woman gave up on life and got herself impregnated without the prospect of a spouselifematewhatever on the horizon especially since she really is a hopeless romantic Oh the ruts we get ourselves intoDidn't understand her rationale Had a hard time buying into it REALLY liked the hero despite all of this REALLY liked Aunt Dot too The hero's father was a meddling old coot who seemed to be trying to do the right thing by his son beyond the grave I kinda got over my anger with him at the endThe heroine was just meh for me