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Summary Diamonds Life According to Maps #2 é PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Free read Diamonds Life According to Maps #2

Summary Diamonds Life According to Maps #2 é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ó [PDF / Epub] ☉ Diamonds Life According to Maps #2 By Nash Summers – Maps’ kingdom is crumbling before his eyesHis parents are forcing him to get a job there’s a new kid at school who won’Maps’ kingdom is According to Kindle #215 crumbling before his eyesHis parents are forcing him to get a job the. 45 THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE Neither is being cat calledOr getting sassy while dressed up as a giant chickenOr arguing with a 5 and three uarters year oldBut this is MAPS And his life isn't ordinary When Lane spends the summer at baseball camp Maps doesn't miss him At ALL So what if Lane hasn't sent a postcard in three weeksMaps has other things to worry about like Benji stalking girls at a mall or getting a job Maps is too smart for a job but his parents insist Which is how he ends up at the Chicken Palace or maybe Castle Who cares What matter is that Lane shows up to eat chicken and he never even tells Maps I usually avoid YA I like my books to sizzle Diamonds not the kind that sparkle has no steam to speak of just one kiss that means everything But I ADORED this book maybe a bit than the first Maps is uniue and brilliant I love his self confidence his way of creating REAL LIFE that's only real to him and maybe Lane Maps didn't know why but when he looked at Lane he thought the world made a little sense This story is uirky And charming It's funny really REALLY funny and tender It's Maps And it's Lane It's diamonds in the dark and cat costumes and hand holding It's a little bit of jealousy thanks to Perry the fabulous hair stylist who may have a teeny tiny crush on Maps; but seriously who doesn't And it's gap toothed green eyed boyfriends who protect your honor and will never call you their neighbor again Do not cat call my boyfriend Dude Trevor said his hands raised as if to shield himself I didn't I just called him a catSo you admit it Lane said PS This can't be read as a standalone Read Maps first You won't be sorryThere's a book 2There Is A Book TWO FUCKtakes deep calming breathsWhy did no one tell me there would be Maps Lane in my futureAlso COVER love

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O help Maps deal with his real problemsWorst of allMaps is lostAnd none of the roads on his map are leading to La. When I found out that Nash Summers would be releasing the next story of Maps Wilson I was excited Maps was pretty uniue as a character I always pictured him a tad of young Sheldon Cooper Genius smart but can be condescending towards others socially challenged and exasperating But lovable can be lovableIn this seuel Maps is missing Lane even if he vehemently denies it because Lane is staying at baseball camp Maps also needs to find a job because his parents demand it oh the travesty So Maps is navigating his life and the feeling he develops for his pale blonde haired pear green eyes gap tooth baseball boy next door And it was a delight to read I would actually love to read about the horrible adventures of Maps finding a job I thought those would be hilarious to read based on two disasters that Maps getting himself into haha Although I also feel sorry for Maps' coworkers ^^I also wished that Lane would be present this is book two after all I think Lane keeps Maps grounded he has his way to tone down Maps patronizing behavior I guess Maps become tolerable when Lane is around However I can't deny that separation makes heart grows fonder because I think Maps and Lane are stronger this time around despite Maps' being his usual drama king I mean those sweet words in the end were just perfect Lane just smiled “So can we be school boyfriends too”Maps nodded “Yep And baseball game boyfriends”“And science boyfriends”“And cyborg boyfriends one day”“Hopefully one day soon Cyborgs are cool”“But mostly hand holding boyfriends Those are the most important kind”“Obviously” Oh I liked the addition of a new secondary character here Perry I meant he was a good addition plus he helps making things right for Maps and Lane Besides I thought that Maps' circle of friends could grow other than Lane and Benji Of course those people might have to be able to deal with Maps uhm uirkiness but it would be lovely right The ARC is generously provided by the author She said no need for review but I gave one anyway I solemnly swear that this is a fair and honest review No high rating is reuired for any ARC received

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Diamonds Life According to Maps #2Re’s a new kid at school who won’t stop staring at him and his best friend is too busy thinking about girls t. This is a wonderful seuel to book one with tension conflict and best of all MORE MAPS I too feel like waiting for sedimentation from time to time Perry is adorable and made a fantastic foil for BenjiAs with book 1 I wanna uote a whole bunch of stuff but I don't wanna spoil the book for anyone But I highly rec it Sheer happy entertainmentbut I haven't read book 1 yet I AM SO FAR BEHIND IN MY READING Gah