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Originally published as the serial Undercover (Seduced Conflicted and Betrayed) Summary ✓ 8

characters Ö eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Helena Newbury

Originally published as as the PDFEPUB #191 the serial Undercover Seduced Conflicted and Betrayed now available as one full length standalone romance with HEAI am out of my depth Yesterday I was just a CIA language. A book about a CIA nerd and a Russian mafia boss Yesyou read correctlyArianna is a CIA nerdor better said a CIA worm that sits underground at Langley and translates phone calls that are in Russianmeanwhile Luka is the heir to a Russian mob empire and the man that fills Arianna's dreamsShe has only heard his voice but that doesn't stop her from fantasying about himand when she's offered a shot at a real assignment and the chance to meet him she jumps at the opportunity only to find out that she bit than she can chew The action takes place mostly in Russia which I loved and the author does not shy away from adrenaline fuelled scenesjust the way a mafia novel should be DWhat I didn't like was the fact that sometimes I felt a little to in the heroines head meanwhile I couldn't form a connection to Luka Also the sex scenes weren't as hot as they should have been considering the kind of rough sex they where havingI just wasn't felling them But besides that this was a great novel that I totally recommend it to all you mafia sluts out there ;

review Originally published as the serial Undercover (Seduced, Conflicted and Betrayed)

Originally published as the serial Undercover Seduced Conflicted and BetrayedS geek safe behind a desk I thought I wanted a taste of the actionThen I met himLuka Arms dealer Russian mafia A man who'll kill to get what he wants And he wants meNow I'm on a plane to Moscow with orders to accid. So I tried really hard to continue this book It seems like it might be good But I just can't take being in Arianna's head any longerI noticed the word thigh way before the first sex scene but damn I found myself starting to highlight Starting at page 144 158 this is what I highlightedAnd he was staring right between my thighsHe looked meaningfully down at my pressed together thighsI ground my thighs togethermy grinding thighs held motionlessHis fingers started to explore the soft folds between my thighspinning me to the bed as his head— went between my thighsas he knelt between my thighsHe bore me down on the bed as his hips pushed my thighs apart He grabbed my knees and spread them wide and then wider so wide that my inner thighs achedhis ass pushed hard up between my thighsI remembered what he’d said when his head was between my thighsIt's a wrap at 41%

Helena Newbury ✓ 8 Read

Originally published as the serial Undercover (Seduced, Conflicted and Betrayed) Summary ✓ 8 ï ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Originally published as the serial Undercover (Seduced, Conflicted and Betrayed) Author Helena Newbury – Originally published Entally run into him again Seduce him Sleep with himI can’t control myself when I’m near him Originally published PDF And if he finds out who I really am I'm dead due to steamy scenes Trigger advisory inside bo. This is what I wanted out of this story And this is what I got The basics Nerdy green CIA chick lusts hard for the Russian gangster she ease drops on for months but then is asked to come face to face with her fantasy as his lover Will she betray him to earn her CIA cred or everything she's believed in all her life to really be his It could've been a great book but sadly for me it was like a cute little dog that you really want to pet hold and roll around with But then you notice it's overrun with fleas and ticks Musings On Repeat Anyone that freuently reads my reviews knows that I hate long musings especially when they play on a loop The female MC plays this in her head over and over' He's so bad I want to fuck him He's so wrong I want to fuck him I'm a good girl I shouldn't want to fuck him He's the big bad enemy I shouldn't want to fuck him He is gorgeous I want to fuck him I'm so plain I shouldn't want to fuck him 'While I certainly could've lived without half of the repetitive musings in this book I will at least admit that it was meaningful and believable Her angst over wanting someone and something she shouldn't is palpable understandable and warranted It still gets way too repetitive for my tastes I can get her conflicting emotions without being told 100 times A couple of fleas are a lot different than hundreds The same with her constantly going back and forth in musing between condemning his 'badness' and 'evilness' vs justifying it It's a believable meaningful element to the plot and character but the number of times it's gone over and over and over just transforms the point into an irritant of repetitive fluff Trite Nonsensical Repetitive Weird Romance Lingo There was something else there just a flicker of it in his eyes Even the damn bodyguard had flickering eyes for f's sakeYuri looked up and stared straight into my eyes and I felt a deep hot jolt go through me I could feel his eyes on my suirming body on Luka's fingers buried in me and I saw a flicker in those normally emotionless eyes Lust and maybe sorrow Too many flickering eyes done way too often and that convey way too much 'meaning' without words The wtf black smoke Something deep inside me something I hadn't even known existed until the party in New York twisted and throbbed releasing a dark dark heat I felt something rise and spiral inside me black smoke shot through with sparks of pure fire hot enough to blazing right through the ice Dark heat Black smoke Okay that's f'ing weird This dark smoky thing churning within her is used multiple times and it just gets weirder the often it's said His big hands was a constant throughout the book eyeroll Who Where The Hell Are These People The male MC and his dad are the most trusting naive refined welcoming forgiving f'ing mobsters I've ever heard of Are they in Russia or did I misread and this is Oz She's CIA fights like a school teacher has the critical thinking and situational assessment skills of a two year old about to run out into traffic Yeah okay eyeroll Did I Miss Something There's a lot of buildup here surrounding the male MC's dirty bad wrong sexual desires and it's implied she's so innocent and he's so bad that he'd like break her with his brand of rough and rowdy I'm thinking this Mixed with a scoop of this But I get this I don't know what you're used to but you won't be used to me Then The first sexual is typical sex 'insert object here' sex scene with the highest kink factor being he holds her wrists and won't let her move about like she wants I was just left scratching my head as to where the kinkyfuckery that was eluded to wentAnd the vanilla that went down ^ elicits him asking if she's okay as He sounded Wait was thatwas he scared Scared that he might have hurt me Holdin