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FREE DOWNLOAD º The Homecoming ↠ [Read] ➱ The Homecoming ➹ J. Scott Coatsworth – When his own world is destroyed Aldiss and his crew barely manage to escape leaving friends and lovers behind What was meant to be an exploratory trip back to the home world turns into a mad dash for When his own world is destE home world turns into a mad dash for survivalWhen they awaken from stasis on Earth which was abandoned by humanity five centuries before they must uickly learn. A Joyfully Jay review 15 starsThe Homecoming was rather a challenging read for a variety of different reasons It moves uickly and there isn’t much downtime between scenes Normally I appreciate a uick paced plot but here the narrative suffers from too little exposition Primary plot points are glossed over and the characters are never fully developed The overall plot should have been interesting but it became uickly apparent that The Homecoming has no sense of identity It simply has no idea what it wants to be Sometimes it’s Planet of the Apes and sometimes its Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome It’s a werewolf tale and a love story and a science fiction romp and does none of these very well Combining all of those ideas would be difficult to make work within the context of a novel but when wedged into a short story the result is a jumbled predictable mess that fails to either make much sense or to entertainVery little about The Homecoming comes off as original Instead it’s a loose collection of worn out and underdeveloped themes The areas that do spark interest such as the fact the wolf pack is human during the summer and shift to wolves during the winter are never fully explained We are never given much information about any of the rituals rites or aspects of pack life that are suggested to be important Aldiss and Hari had potential to be intriguing characters but both are just this side of being stick figures We know almost nothing about them as individuals and we’re given no relationship development Instead the author appears to rely on the rather tired idea of fated mating I’ve seen this concept done well but here it is given no real life and because the author never really explores anything beyond this there isn’t much of a spark between the main characters Everything about Aldiss and Hari’s bond feels very rout and forced rather than meaningfulRead Sue’s review in its entirety here

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About their new home While exploring the region around the ship Aldiss meets Hari a shape changer whose people harbor secrets that might cost the crew their liv. 35 Stars I think This one was pretty good with interesting and engaging world building considering its short length I was entertained 3 The characters were engaging and the plot was well written I think some of the interaction and even some of the culture was a bit harried which definitely came across in some instances especially getting towards the end but all in all I would read this again I think it would benefit from being a bit longer so some of the backstoryhistory can be better integrated into the tale instead of just thrust on the reader AND the characters at the very last minute


The HomecomingWhen his own world is destroyed Aldiss and his crew barely manage to escape leaving friends and lovers behind What was meant to be an exploratory trip back to th. I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewThis was an interesting short story with a well conceived premise I like how the idea of werewolves was worked into the science fiction style story I also liked how bigger ideas and concepts played into the story it added depth to the story even if it was a bit heavy handed in spots The werewolves were interesting and I liked how their culture and society worked I think the relationship stuff was a bit too uick and it felt a little bit too much like insta love for my taste especially considering how broken Aldiss was by loss and grief I also think Aldiss was a bit too uick to overcome the taboos of his relationship with Hari view spoilerthey find out that they are cousins hide spoiler