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Free read ë One Tempting Proposal Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ❰EPUB❯ ✰ One Tempting Proposal Author Christy Carlyle – Becoming engaged Simple Resisting temptation ImpossibleSebastian Fennick the newest Duke of Wrexford prefersG as she is disagreeable His title may now reuire him to marry but Sebastian can't think of anyone less fit to be his wife even if he can't get her out of his mind After five seasons of snubbing suitors and making small talk Lady Kitty has seen all the ton has to offerand she's not i. 3 star romance gets half a star for the heroine I wished authors wrote heroines like this He loved her and she loved him But she feared reaching out and embracing love Loving him would change her and for the better but losing him would break herOk so I loved a lot about this book the characters the romance I loveeeeeeeed the heroine Kat Everyone is flawed but usually HR heroines tend to be pretty perfect besides naivete or inexperience Lady Katherine or Kat is not She's the ueen Bee sort of of her social set she's an Ice Princess she's manipulative and has a cruel streak if she so chooses She's basically a normal girl to me frankly and reading characters like her make me want to wish away all the wide eyed too perfect heroines Kat is VERY guarded Like VERY Her father wanted her to be a boy and basically finds fault with everything she does which has made her steely and cold as a result Everything about her is poised and rehearsed Underneath she's struggling to break free Enter Sebastian Duke of Wrexford He's recently accidentally inherited his title and he's guarded too but he has a big heart and goes along with Kat's scheme to help her younger sister Hattie marry for love Kat puts her sisters' Hattie and Violet's needs way before her own She has a big heart too but all she sees are her own flaws Sebastian sees through Kat's poise and chips away at her icy exterior Because they are brought together through a scheme to help Hattie and Seb's friend Ollie get married they are able to let their guards down in their fake engagement and of course they fall in love The romance had all the great elements but I think certain bits of the execution left me wanting The pacing for the eventual declaration of I Love Yous felt a little rushed The book was well paced up to then so I think it was a matter of adding meat to the last section of the book to make the HEA feel earned enough There was also a matter of a subplot with Seb's ex that I hated and served no real purpose It would have been far interesting to continue to explore Seb's insecurities and hang ups about relationships isntead

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Becoming engaged Simple Resisting temptation ImpossibleSebastian Fennick the newest Duke of Wrexford prefers the straightforwardness of mathematics to romantic nonsense When he meets Lady Katherine One Tempting MOBI #194 Adderly at the first ball of the season he finds her as allurin. DNF I don’t know why but I just didn’t like it almost from the beginning of the book

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One Tempting ProposalMpressed But when Kitty's overbearing father demands she must marry before her beloved younger sister can she proposes a plan to the handsome duke Kitty's schemes always seem to backfire but she knows this one can't go wrong After all she's not the least bit tempted by Sebastian is s. This is a fun story with the hero and heroine using deception to help others all in the name of love This is the first book I have read from this author and I thoroughly enjoyed her voice; I will be looking for from her in the futureKitty Adderly is the Maruess of Clayborne’s daughter and is about to start her sixth season She has turned down several proposals over the years as she has no wish to marry She has spent her entire life trying to dodge her father’s ill judgment and disapproval and refuses to live her married life with the same issues When her beloved sister Hatty finds a suitor who wants to marry Kitty’s life is about to change it seems her father demands that she marry before he will give his approval to Hatty and her beauSebastian Seb Fennick recently inherited a title and all the responsibilities that go with it when a distant cousin dies With his mathematical mind his plan was to spend his life as a scholar and he is not at all happy about this turn of events Yet he is now in a position to help his good friend Ollie who wants to marry a young woman in London yet things get complicated when Ollie’s intended Hatty needs her sister to get engaged first to win the approval of her father Kitty and Seb find themselves deceiving both families while fighting the attraction that consumes them bothThis is a well done historical with engaging characters and a plot that kept me interesting until the endI like Kitty but when we first meet her she is holding court with her “friends” who are her age and have the same social standing she acts like she hates the belittling and gossiping they do yet she seems to add to the conversation which I did not like But when she gets called out by Seb at their first meeting she is contrite and vows to make it right which went a long way to redeeming herself I also like how she stands up to her father even when she is trying to get his approval she does not let him bully herSeb is a delight he may not have wanted the title and inheritance but he is making the best of it as he is able to help both his friend Ollie and his sister experience the social functions they would not have been able to before he is a good friend to Ollie and a wonderful brother to Pippa I also like how he confronts Kitty when he thinks she is being mean at the ball but after they talk he realizes she is not as she seems and he likes her immediately When they make a plan to help Ollie and Hatty they go in with eyes open about how it will work out but the attraction is intense and things change fastThe writing is well done and I never felt a lag in the story as the plot developed nicely Secondary characters play large roles in this story and I enjoyed how the author kept us guessing when there was a bit of a twist at the end I liked both Hatty and Ollie and I especially like Pippa and her scholarly mind and will be looking to see if she gets a story one day This is the second in the series and can easily be read as a standalone; I did not read the first book and had no trouble with the story I will be adding this author to my list as I enjoyed this book and look forward to Review at Ramblings from a Chaotic MindCopy from the publisher for an honest review