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review Lions First Roar Her Russian Protector #62 107

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review Lions First Roar Her Russian Protector #62 107 ✓ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☄ Lions First Roar Her Russian Protector #62 Author Roxie Rivera – after Nikolai IIFree read from website after Nikolai IIFree read Roar Her PDF ´ from website.After Nikolai IIFr. Handling business three hours away Nikolai get the call that Vee is in labor Kostya drives and gets him to the house in two hours top Nikolai jumps from a still moving car and heads upstairs to his anxious wife Nikolai is doing what he does best runnin' things at that point But when Vee curses 'Blayd' well it time to make it to the hospital and stat Within that time Vee tells Nikolai that instead of having five children well one will be that enough The pain of labor ain't easy but she wanted natural birth not the epidural route No waySo when the heir Lev is born well the baby literally roared thus the title Lion's First Roarlol I loved the gentle loving side of Nikolai as well as the mafia boss persona side he commands and really owns it JUST SO TOUCHINGLev had opened his eyes and blinked slowly as Nikolai talked to him in Russian His son couldn’t understand a word coming from his mouth but he didn’t let that stop him“I’m not a good man I’ve made so many mistakes But I’ll be a good father to you I’ll be a good father and a good husband and you will always know how much you are loved” His eyes burned and he blinked rapidly to clear them He swore on his life that his son would never know the hunger and pain and trauma and abuse that had ruined his own childhood “You and your mother are the reason I breathe”andLev had worked one of his small arms free from the swaddling blanket and bumped his fist against Nikolai’s finger A moment later he captured it—and Nikolai’s heart nearly burst in his chest The love he felt for his son overwhelmed him A tear slid down his cheek but he didn’t wipe it away For one of those rare moments he allowed himself to feel everything 5 its family time stars

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DF #180 from websi. A short novella which follows on from Nikolai 2 and described events leading up to the much anticipated birth of Nikolai and Vivian’s sonBe prepared to shed some tears; because there’s nothing emotional than the birth of a child and a father’s uiet moment when he looks into the eyes of his future and pledged his love

Roxie Rivera ✓ 7 review

Lions First Roar Her Russian Protector #62Ee read Roar Her P. I enjoyed it very much can't wait till Kostya comes out87% out of 100%