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Beautiful Torment Beautiful #1 Summary Ä 104

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Beautiful Torment Beautiful #1We both knew it was wrongBut nothing has ever felt this rightHe's a teacherI'm his studentBut that doesn't stop usLuci Cunningham i. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Beautiful Torment book 1 of 2 Ultra forbidden sexual affair as innocent student pursues her enigmatic teacher “You were everywhere my own personal beautiful torment” Books in Beautiful series should be read in orderBook 1 Beautiful TormentBook 15 Beautiful MessBook 2 Beautiful DreamsBook 25 Beautiful EndingsBeautiful Torment book 1 is a forbidden and doomed teacher student affair looking back at the senior year of high school student Lucida Cunningham Luci From the moment she met her chemistry teacher Josh Harrington she relentlessly pursued him with a mixture of stalking and innocent seduction “You’ve touched yourself before though” “Yes” I laugh as I roll my eyes “God that’s hot” he sighs smirking” Though Josh should be the grown up in the situation his hot cold responses only fueled the intensity of their attraction Soon their addicting affair spirals out of control with isolation from their surroundings risky rendezvous reckless sex lying to everyone around them and each other until it all comes crashing downSix words to describe Josh Harrington Mysterious secretive complex selfish immature and recklessSeven words to describe Lucida Cunningham Luci Determined obsessive lonely impressionable misguided and immatureBeautiful Torment is told from Luci’s POV allowing Josh to remain an enigma This does not gloss over This is a wild and irresponsible affair that will wreck havoc on Luci and Josh’s lives and in many ways ruin their chances of ever finding love with anyone else After a devastatingly shocking ending their story concludes several years later in book 2 Beautiful Dreams but there is also a novella from Josh’s POV book 15 Beautiful Mess “He was always too much always leaving me wonderstruck and forever breathless” Hero ★★★★Heroine ★★★★Plot ★★★★12Storytelling ★★★★12Sexual tension ★★★★12Sex scenes ★★★★12Story ending NAOVERALL RATING ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Angst | MEDIUM FOCUS |Darkness | LOW FOCUS |Humor | LOW FOCUS |Kink | MEDIUM FOCUS |Romance | HIGH FOCUS |Sex freuency | HIGH FOCUS |Suspense | MEDIUM FOCUS |

Paige Laurens ✓ 4 Summary

L She didn't expect her teacher to be so hotWarning This book contains explicit language sex scenes and is intended for ages and up. This book is about teacher student love story Well though I have read other books with similar subject sth in this story was keeping me back It was an easy reading but maybe I am too conservative and I found their interactions rather kinky most of them take place in classroom in teacher's office and no one ever interrupts them or catches them in action I really don't know how I feel about this book35 stars

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Beautiful Torment Beautiful #1 Summary Ä 104 ↠ ❮Epub❯ ➜ Beautiful Torment Beautiful #1 ➛ Author Paige Laurens – We both knew it was wrongBut nothing has ever felt this rightHe's a teacherI'm his studentBut that doesn't stop usLuci Cunningham is about to begin her senior year butS about to begin her senior year but her entire world is turned upside down when she walks into chemistry on the first day of schoo. ★★★★ 45 STARS “Je me ennuie de ton baiser Vous êtes tout ce ui est dans mon esprit” My first read from Paige Laurens I never heard of her and when I saw my friend's review I'm intrigued Usually I read book based on genre and when I saw the NA tag I wanna out LOL yeah NAYA scares me sometimes So I'm gonna give it a try Turns out it didn't bad as I thought Again don't judge the book by its cover I know the cover isn't prettyLucinda Cunningham or Luci is starting her senior year with new classes She's smart and a good girl When her chemistry class began with the hot as sin teacher Mr Harrington She couldn't focus with another except for him Slowly but sure her unreuited 'love' with Mr Harrington bear the forbidden fruits Teacher and student What a scandal but they couldn't stop itLuci has boring and mundane life in her introduction Her family sister who is in freshman year and friends Seems like a normal teenage life IMO Luci is mature than other girls She has different perspective about life and could handle her emotions pretty good The story told from Luci's POV and it was boring She has 'stalker' tendency in school whenever with Mr Harrington feeding her addiction Mr Harrington seems calm and laid back person Well he is when you're not seeing him What surprise me is Mr Harrington likes to get himself off Like a lot Chanting her name over and over But that's why you're trouble he shakes his head Because you make all the wrong things feel right I enjoyed their flirtatious moments I could feel their burden around school They're teacher and student It's forbidden relationship Their banter is really emotional for me I'm not the type who handle feelings very well I could feel Luci's pain It was like you want something you couldn't have Surprisingly Mr Harrington feel the same He didn't deny the chemistry between them Their sexy times happened and it was beautiful I don't know Mr Harrington is such a dirty talker Luci isn't a shrinking violet and didn't afraid with her sexual needs I simply loved it They're continue their cat and mouse relationship in school and it was surprised me that they never caught in action ;Honestly this is not my typical of romance There are limits in their forbidden relationship and it was intense and difficult How much they're wanting each other but simply couldn't Beautiful Torment is a fantastic read and nearly perfect if only Luci's mundane life didn't take too long Still I couldn't stop read it until finished Curiosity won it It was well written with steady pace Whew What a great roller coaster feeling I could feel the angst between Luci and Mr Harrington It was complicated shit mixed with lust sadness and angerWhen I reached the ending I really wanna hate him so bad But I couldn't it's hard Different It's not fair for Luci