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The Maze Bummer characters î 7

review The Maze Bummer

The Maze Bummer characters î 7 é ❮Download❯ ➶ The Maze Bummer Author Steve Lookner – THE MAZE RUNNER JUST GOT HILARIOUSWhen Thomas wakes up in a dark elevator he has no idea where he is or even who he is But he soon finds out he's trapped in a giant maze with 50 dudes and no chicksTha THE MAZE RUNNERGiant maze with dudes and no chicksThat's right no chicksWelcome to the Sausage FestFaced with this horrible nightmare Thomas must figure out how to escape But until then h. I just finished reading the Maze Runner and I didn't like it honestly I got this in the mail from a goodreads giveaway and read it right after I finished the maze runner It was funny and a easy read But honestly I wouldn't have picked it up on my own

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THE MAZE RUNNER JUST GOT HILARIOUSWhen Thomas wakes up in a dark elevator he has no idea where he is or even who The Maze Epubhe is But he soon finds out he's trapped in a. When done right a parody can be incredibly funny and even original in its own way But most parodies involve a large level of creativity and well written humor none of which The Maze Bummer hasFirst off the humor in it will only be funny to the lowest common denominator of readers; its unoriginal perverted sex jokes and fart jokes and other toilet humor is not only crass and crude but presented in a pathetic idiotic way None of the jokes in this book are creative or funny and I suspect that Steve Lookner got most of his inspiration for them by plopping down on the sofa in front of a Family Guy episode while thinking to himself just how nasty can I make this book so that it'll catch the attention of sleazy people everywhere And I'm not trying to sound like a snob or anything but the women degradation jokes just got tiring The characters were all guys and much of the book was them making sexist remarks and acting like a bunch of twisted pervs Not only disgusting and trashy but incredibly boring tooParodies always poke fun at the books they're based on yet they usually retain a level of respect for the original book all the same The Maze Bummer didn't do this instead it presents its knock off plot and characters in a very disrespectful way A seventh grade kid could write a better book than this one in fact it's probably been done My advice Avoid this low grade filler and pathetic attempt at comedy it's just a waste of time My advice to Lookner He's got the potential to be better than this trash he should grow the hell up and move on from immature fart jokes and sex humor and try writing something that's actually both funny and intelligent though I doubt he'll try Nonetheless if you're a book buyer don't waste your cash on this it's not even worth the paper it's printed on

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The Maze BummerE'll be shoveling lots of klunk and hangin' with lots of dudesTalk about a bummer A maze bummerWill Thomas ever get to hang out with a girl again Find outin THE MAZE BUMMER. A lame cheezy book parody The lightning fart was way better