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His Submissive Husband Landon and Cole Book 1 Summary ô 8

review His Submissive Husband Landon and Cole Book 1

His Submissive Husband Landon and Cole Book 1 Summary ô 8 Ù [Epub] ➤ His Submissive Husband Landon and Cole Book 1 ➥ D.J. Heart – Landon doesn't know what to do His third wife's son Cole is crashing with him and though the boy has a heart of gold he's a disaster He has no skills hEnemas and bondage All characters are eighteen Submissive Husband Landon MOBI #180 years or older Landon woke up with his nose buried in Cole's silky blond hair His hard shaft lay nestled between the firm globes of Cole's ass his balls feeling full and heavy Cole himself was asleep chest rising and falling evenly arm resting on the pillow curled around his face Submissive Husband Landon and Cole Kindle The sight of Cole's hand trapped in the leather mitten had Landon's stomach curling with hot possessiveness He still couldn't believe that he was doing this That he was making the boy his He didn't r. Really short around 500 kindle locations and almost read like a teaser for the actual story but I enjoyed it Landon bought a lot of kinky stuff at the sex shop that didn't get used yet so I'm pretty tempted to order the next two installments to see if those feature in scenes especially the bondage sleep sack Cole is really passive and accepting to the point of being slightly unrealistic but I did find their scenes hotOne other thing that bothered me is that the author mixed up his MCs names a couple of times Cole became Landon and Landon became Cole Took me out of the moment

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Landon Husband Landon and Cole Epubdoesn't know what Husband Landon ePUB #180 to do His third wife's son Cole is crashing with him and though the boy has a heart of gold he's a disaster He has no skills he's dropped out of college and the only thing he's got going for him is an incredible ass Landon His Submissive PDF or decides that Cole would be much better off if he were in control of the Submissive Husband Landon and Cole Kindle boy's life He has three wives behind him but maybe he'll have better luck with a submissive little husband This word short story includes rough sex spanking punishment. 15 starsSilly me Reading all of these it took about an hour to read the first three shorts and thinking it would get better Silly me especially since I’d already read it all before See Keegan Kennedy’s The Substitute Wife The Complete Series published two years before this series is pretty much the same storyStepdad separates from his wife but keeps her teenaged son The young lad is wayward gullible very submissive very susceptible to the daddy kink He just needs a good firm older hand to um set him straight Stepdad marries stepson and takes over his life Random bad guy enters the picture causing some mini havoc putting young lad in danger Stepdad comes to the rescue True love prevailsIt’s straight up PWP— minimal character or world dev lots of randy sex And absolutely nothing wrong with that it serves a purpose for when you're in a mood But what cheezed me off was that it’s nothing new it’s been done before

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His Submissive Husband Landon and Cole Book 1Egret it He wanted Cole and that want had only grown demanding He wanted ownership Control He wanted to be the boy's god His everything Landon brushed his hand down from Cole's chest feeling the slight indents of his abs as he moved lower fingers coming to rest on the silicone trapping his little prick He traced the pads of his fingers over the smooth material feeling the warmth of the trapped member beneath He had no intention of letting Cole have another orgasm ever Landon would train him to take his pleasure from his ass Would keep his manhood soft and tucked away a vestigial remnant of his old li. It is ok There is sexual content in this book but some of it I didn't like I understand that it is a bdsm book but some scenes were just too much for me The characters are slowly getting developed which makes sense because it is a serial and this is only book 1 I have read this author's work before and liked it but I won't be finishing this serial