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Taming Dex Review Þ 108 ¶ ❰Read❯ ➪ Taming Dex Author Zoey Derrick – Dex Harris Drummer for America's Hottest Alternative Rock Band 69 Bottles has never gone looking for love—for good reason After an ill fated night after a tour stop in Phoenix his wicked demons resu Dex Harris Drummer for America's HotteDex Harris Drummer for America's Hottest Alternative Rock Band Bottles has never gone looking for love for good reason After an ill fated night after a tour stop in Phoenix his wicked demons resurface Is he strong enough to resist falling back into the black hole that was once his life or will he let addiction consume him Raine Montgomery has worked for Bold International Inc since she moved to California at eighteen She’s fought her way into the executive offices as an assistant to CEO Cami Michaels but being an assistant is. It's extremely hard to live up to such an amazing series and the first three books in the 69 Bottles Series just blew my mind I LOVED it I CRAVED it I couldn't get ENOUGH it If you read the last book in the series you are aware of what Dex's ultimate happily every after looks like I know some will have an issue with it because they already know the ending BUT let me remind you it's not the destination that counts but the journey And Ms Derrick takes us on one hell of a journey with Dex's story We dive deeper into his past discover his weaknesses and his vulnerabilities The heartbreak that he has been through will tear at your heart You might think you know Dex the badass manwhore drummer from 69 Bottles but let me tell you you do not know the half of it Get ready for one hell of a scorching hot intensely erotic emotion ridden thrill ride The deliciously prickly angst gets to me EVERY SINGLE TIME Another hot steamy panty melting slam dunk to the series 69 BOTTLES Groupie 4 LIFE drops mic GIfted copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Zoey Derrick é 8 Summary

N't what she imagines doing for the rest of her life so when Cami sends her to assist with the Bottles tour she jumps at the opportunityThere’s only one kink in that plan and his name is Dex HarrisRaine doesn’t expect to be on the radar of the sexy manwhore drummer let alone the center of his sights Shattered from a long term relationship with a cheater Raine is determined to make Dex prove himselfWill Dex toss away his one night stands in favor of sleeping every night with only one woman or is Raine simply his latest conue. 1 StarI read the first three books in this series and although they weren’t 5 star reads or anything they were fun uick reads and I did enjoy them I was looking forward to Dex’s story because he was an intriguing secondary character in those books and I was interested in seeing him get his girl and his HEA But there was a lot about this book that I just couldn’t get past and therefore I couldn’t enjoy itFirst of all there was just way too much back and forth with Dex and Raine One minute they were sleeping together the next minute he was with another girl and she was freaking out and they were fighting Then he would show up at her door and apologize and it would start all over again It started getting old really uick I wanted to shake her and tell her to move on and tell him to get a clueBTW by about the 50% mark I was that guy in the middle of the gif above – I just couldn’t bring myself to care any I pretty much skimmed the last 30% Then there were some things in the book that just had me going “WTF” and “Really” and “Huh” and just kind of pissed me off in general I’m just going to list a few here When Raine utters these astonishing words the first time they sleep together I watch as his long fingers uickly slide the condom on “I fucking hate those things” I groan Though I wish he wouldn’t use it I see the condom as his own little barrier of protection keeping me in line with all the others Then realizing and understanding the significance behind the condom It’s his separation his way of detaching himself from me so that I can be that one night stand So that when he’s satisfied and done he can walk away Um what How about he’s using them for I don’t know Protection You know safe sex and all that jazz She’s constantly bitching about what a manwhore he is and how many girls he’s been with but she wants him to fuck her without a condom Yeah that's real smart Raine That’s the way to do it It may not seem like such a big deal but to me it is Especially because view spoiler she was raped in the past and we find out later that she got pregnant as a result of the rape and had to have an abortion Now I’m not an expert in rape or abuse but I would think a highly traumatic experience like that would make you insistent on using condoms and just being carefulweary about sex in general hide spoiler

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Taming DexSt A Rock Band A Tour Bus One Wild RideContent WarningThis books if full of crazy Alpha male drummer who loves women It also contains sexual acts content and otherwise erotic adventures between a Man and a Woman however there might be a little MFM action too The author is not responsible for panty washing or changing boyfriendhusbandsignificant other breaking or the events that may cause you to read one handed This story may also contain certain discussion of drugs drug addiction alcohol alcohol addiction and other serious thin. 4 tamed starsHell yes I knew I had a thing for the drummer from the start and I am so glad I jumped right into itDex is a man whoreduh no need to be surprised about that he had it rough through life fighting drugs and random fuck ups UNTIL herRaine she comes on board as an assistant to Addison and has a thing for the drummer boy hereSure she's a knock out herself and our drummer here notices that tooBUT altough she does engage into a one night stand with a playful Dex pulling his bodyguard into a sensual threesome things don't go very well at the end of that gatheringand after that Raine has to deal with her own fucked up shit from her past as well as dealing with her own personal issues and a huge deal breaker cheatingNow can Dex pull his head from his ass and man up enough to consider the alternate relation with only one womanwellwe all deal with shitand this book was a winner for mecharacters worked for me they were complex and multi layered and fucked up BUT they worked they tried to pull out of the gutter and fight the right way throughso I just need to say this