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Loves Autograph characters È 107

review Ü eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ò Michele M. Reynolds

Their family life seems like a nice change of pace from her world of music and fame She doesn’t count on falling in love or on having to watch Ria go on date after date. The beginning of the book is very good but it went downhill at around 30% mark I can't seem to like Ria as a character much less liking her as a potential love partner for the protagonist There's no chemistry nor any spark between the main couple I'm really glad the author noticed Ria's flaws in the story but she barely did anything to fix that The worst part is when I actually rooted Ellie to be with another woman instead of Ria Imagine someone did everything wrong as your lover after a while they said sorry they noticed their mistakes they regretted their decisions etc; then you and that person got back together as a happily ever after couple The End This is that kind of story Ellie did so much for Ria but we didn't really see much of Ria's love in return That's one of the main reason why I couldn't get into this book I'm pretty sure that the dialogues in this story took than half of the book editing skill also need improvement not a deal breaker for me too much random time skippings and the side characters are like cardboard boxes most of them view spoilerSo what happened to Gwen I'm guessing Robert is out of the picture Jenny is also gone bye bye Dina was so sure that Ria is a bad lover; she also joked about killing Ria but then she dragged Ria back simply because of how miserable Ellie is wtfEverything resolved way too uickly and random that I have a hard time finish the book This one just wasn't for me hide spoiler

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Loves AutographWhat do you do when you show up at an apartment to pick up your blind date and she mistakes you for her kid's sitter Lesbian rock star EJ Way decides to be the sitter for. DNF I got through 60 70% of the book but I can't take Ria any She's too much of a contradiction and at this point I just hate her character More in the spoiler tags view spoilerWhere to begin Do 34 years old accomplished surgeons text LOL that often A lot of the time she seems to be a teenager both by her texting and speaking habits as well as her massive lack of confidence which contradicts her being a surgeon People in medical field usually are confident they have to beShe says she cares about Maggie so much but lets Gwen move in after just two months in a new relationship Why She even mentioned Gwen not having a relationship with Maggie who has special needs I just can't wrap my head around how this could happen besides author forcing drama for the sake of drama Then Ria mentions hating cheaters yet she intentionally flirts and basically emotionally cheats with Ellie while being in a relationship with Gwen Better yet Gwen is in the next room sleeping while she flirts with Ellie And she hates cheaters OkAnd then Ria escalates her relationship with Ellie but pulls back at each obstacle She basically strings Ellie along Maggie again is used as an excuse yet it was fine moving in with basically a stranger after just two months in a relationship she wasn't worried about Magie then And Ria never shows any love towards Ellie she falls into Ellie's bed only after she gets to know about her celeb status and all she talks about is physical attraction Ellie is giving her all while Ria commits nothingSo to summarize Ria put her special needs daughter in danger allowing a stranger to move in while being attracted to Ellie yet never expressing that And when a 3rd party reveals Ellie's feeling to Ria she strings along Ellie who genuinely loves her and her daughter Of course there are legitimate concerns about being in relationship with a celebrity but Ria never talks about problems she runs away at any and all obstacles and shuts Ellie out As if problems are solved by ignoring calls and texts If it's not a toxic relationship it's damn well near itrant hide spoiler

Michele M. Reynolds Ò 7 review

Loves Autograph characters È 107 » ✹ Loves Autograph Epub ✼ Author Michele M. Reynolds – What do you do when you show up at an apartment to pick up your blind date and she mistakes you for her kid's sitter Lesbian rock star EJ Way decides to be the sitter for the night Fascinated by both What do you do whThe night Fascinated by both Ria and her eleven year old daughter she finds herself sitting night after night without revealing who she really is Getting a glimpse into. Any book that keeps me reading until the wee hours of the morning only getting two hours of sleep before having to get up for work is worthy of a decent rating review I'm not saying that this book is perfect it's far from it There are editing issues and the 'hot and cold back and forth' relationship drove me up the wall at times but overall is was a lovely sweet read On a side note Maggie's personality shone from the pages and I'd really love to read a seuel featuring her all grown up as a successful rock star 45 stars