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The RuinsTrapped in the Mexican jungle a group of friends stumble upon a creeping horror unlike anything they could ever imagine Two young couples are on a lazy Mexican vacat. “The vines covered everything but the path and the tent’s orange fabric In some places they grew thinly enough that Eric could glimpse the soil underneath – rockier than he would’ve expected dry almost desertlike – but in others they seemed to fold back upon themselves piling layer upon layer forming waist high mounds tangled knoll like profusions of green And everywhere hanging like bells from the vines were those brilliant bloodred flowers” Scott Smith The Ruins I’ve always had this conception that the horror genre be it books or movies are meant to be scary So that’s how I’ve judged various entries in the field Did this book or movie scare me Mostly the answer is no Real life itself is so terrifying that fictional fears really don’t do anything for me After all no monster springing from an author’s imagination is uite so terrifying as my student debt load While reading Scott Smith’s The Ruins it occurred to me that my concept of horror is wrong or at least strikingly narrow That I was grading horror on the wrong scale To be successful horror doesn’t need to scare you At least not in the BOO sense of the word It should also horrify you Yes I recognize this should be self evident that legions of youngsters flocking to Eli Roth's torture porn oeuvre knew this intuitively What can I say I'm old and I'm starting to recognize all the things I don't get Anyway The Ruins isn't frightening but it is horrific Almost from the start it filled me with dread creating a weird tension as I longed to read on and hesitated to read onThe setup is rather standard Young people ostensibly good looking find themselves in a wee bit of trouble Things get bad before they get worse The setting of course is paradise because there’s nothing like inverting the joy of being young attractive and in Mexico with the unspeakable terror of being hunted by something inexplicable and perhaps supernatural Jeff and Amy are med students Eric and Stacy are not med students Stacy and Amy are friends All four are enjoying some time on the beach getting drunk and lolling in the sun They meet Mathias a German tourist who is looking for his brother They also meet some Greeks one of whom they nickname Pablo Mathias suggests they go meet his brother at some Mayan ruins He has a crude map and a general notion about what they might find For some reason Jeff Amy Eric Stacy and the functional alcoholic non English speaking Pablo all find this a good idea It does not in fact turn out to be a good idea The six get stranded on the ruins for reasons that I will not explain further at the risk of spoiling plot points Smith is like the Salinger of the modern suspense novel scene He has written two books This is the second A Simple Plan was the first Both are excellent Both were bestsellers Both were made into movies One of those movies had Billy Bob Thornton in it That movie is not the one based on The Ruins because there is no place for Billy Bob Thornton among young attractive vacationers getting themselves into a situation Unless I suppose Billy Bob is the situation A Simple Plan came out in 1993 The Ruins followed at the speed of George RR Martin in 2006 He hasn’t published anything since I haven’t been able to figure out why This is a shame Because Smith does uality work The Ruins is an absolutely fantastic book that I

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DOWNLOAD Ö The Ruins Í ➸ [Read] ➳ The Ruins By Scott Smith ➽ – Trapped in the Mexican jungle a group of friends stumble upon a creeping horror unlike anything they could ever imagine Two young couples are on a lazy Mexican vacation–sun drenched days drunken nig Trapped in the Mexican jungle a group of frienIon–sun drenched days drunken nights making friends with fellow tourists When the brother of one of those friends disappears they decide to venture into the jungle. When four American college students and a German tourist go on a foray into the Mexican jungle searching for the German's missing brother they have no idea of the horror they will find themselves entangled in Will any of them leave the jungle aliveI was in the mood for some horror and received recommendations for this book from two highly regarded reviewers I'm proud to say Kemper and Trudi weren't wrongThe Ruins is the story of five people who make a series of uestionable choices and wind up trapped on top of a hill with a killer vine terrorizing them It reminded me of The Troop uite a bit in the way the relationships disintegrated as supplies ran low and the vine got and vicious After one stupid mistake things uickly fell apart I'm surprised the characters lasted as long as they didThis book seems to have a polarising effect among reviewers Part of it is probably that it straddles the line between horror and thriller stymying people who like to be able to slap a convenient label on things The other part is probably the characters I didn't find any of them overly likeable but I didn't hate any of them either Sure I wanted to slap them around from the moment they decided it was a good idea to go for a romp in the Mexican jungle all the way until the end but that's how horror stories of this type go sometimesEric's self mutilation was one of the creepier parts of the book made creepier at the end when it turned out he actually had vines inside him I felt bad for Jeff trying to hold things together when everyone else seemed continually on the verge of losing his or her shit I think I would have pushed some assholes down the mineshaft when he came back to find them all drunkThe vine was creepy but that wasn't a surprise since plants are emotionless monsters Just look at the Venus Flytrap or watch how uickly plants overtake an abandoned shed or cabin I didn't have a problem with the plant's intelligence but I will admit that its mimicry was a little far fetched at the endWhile The Ruins isn't your grandma's horror novel it delivers the goods if you're looking for a tale of desperation and creepiness Four out of five stars

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To look for him What started out as a fun day trip slowly spirals into a nightmare when they find an ancient ruins site and the terrifying presence that lurks there. Please indulge me while I float this older review for a horror novel that remains near and dear to my heart If you are looking for some genuine thrills and chills this Halloween season this may be the book for you Happy All Hallow's Read I just don't get the storm of criticism aimed at Scott Smith's second novel The Ruins Why do people love to hate this book I found the story to be brutally convincing and the characters believable if not always very likable These are college age kids backpacking in a strange country Four of them are American and tend to be not too bright and a lot self absorbed But that's realisticSure the story is about man eating ivy and that may strike some readers as too silly to be scary a la Little Shop of Horrors but that's not where the real horror lies anyway The vine is merely a plot device to trap the college kids in the jungle and force them to confront and attempt to survive a series of terrible eventsSo it's not high brow literature or anything but it is a visceral visual novel filled with moments of genuine terror Under such conditions of extreme physical danger and psychological stress the six travelers succumb to various coping mechanisms; when they are not turning on each other they are turning on themselves The situation becomes a fascinating microstudy of human behavior the group in peril scenario we've seen before in classic stories like Golding's Lord of the Flies Saramago's Blindness or Stephen King's novella The Mist So I stand strong in my defense of Scott Smith's The Ruins; I just can't figure out why those of us who do seem to be vastly outnumbered The amount of vitriol being launched against this book verges on hysteria and is completely unjustified My advice is to not let the nay sayers keep you away from this book Give it a chance; like me you just may think it's great