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Urban Love Prophecy Free download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free µ ✤ Urban Love Prophecy Download ➸ Author Jessica Ingro – This isn’t a story about a bad boy and a girl from the right side of the tracks This is the story of a man and a woman diThis isn’t a story about a bad boy and a girl from the right side of the tracks This is the story of a man and a woman discovering love is blind to how you grew up who your friends are and where you live Love sees only the heart and soul of whom it belongs to Someone once said that the best way to predict the future is to invent itAs a boy Jayson Santiago Urban Love PDF made a vow to leave behind the p. This one was okay I loved the beginning and how this couple met but after 51% I felt like it was dragging By the end of the book I was not sure I believed in the hero's love for the heroine I did not buy the epilogue The relationship felt like it was going in circles with the hero saying he did not want a nother relationship and the heroine telling him she wanted view spoilerWhile the couple have a fight the hero has a girl over that gives him a BJ His friends tell him that it is wrong to have this other woman giving him a BJ while he has a girlfriend that cares for him but he ignores them This is while the heroine is texting the hero telling him she misses him He ignores the message Then the next morning the heroine shows up while the other woman is in the hero's bed Even though he did not have sex with this other woman I did not believebuy the hero's love for the heroine completely so I did not buy his apologies The heroine was upset and I don't think the hero did enough to show his remorse hide spoiler

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Rojects where he grew up He planned to conuer the world and find a woman who could not only hold it down but also hold him up Now he’s the reigning king of hip hop and while he has the professional success he always wanted he’s missing the personal success he craves Victoria Watson is the daughter of an oil tycoon who never wanted for anything Circumstances have forced her out of her protective bubbl. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review45 StarsOnce again Jessica Ingro has written a novel that is not your average cookie cutter story She takes chances with her story lines and her characters The emotions are raw the connections deep and the writing just draws you in Urban Love Prophecy does not disappointJayson Jay Santiago grew up in a single parent home not in the best of neighborhoods In other words he grew up in the projects He vowed to grow up get out of his circumstances and be nothing but successful Now an adult he is a successful mogul in the hip hop industry Women has never been an issue for Jay They come to him in droves Victoria Tori Watson grew up on the other side She was given everything she wanted Until life happened and she was forced to make it on her own When Tori and Jay's lives cross paths nothing is ever the same You go from zero to wild in sixty seconds flat whenever I touch you This is inevitable Life is too short to hold backJay is your typical player He does what he wants with women and that they should expect nothing from him than a good time in bed When he meets Tori she threatens to shatter that truth Jay immediately senses that and tries to keep Tori at an arms length But who can deny they sexual chemistry between these two Jay can't seem to stay away but he is not ready to give Tori what she needs Tori knows what Jay can't do yet she still craves him These two drove me crazy with their want for each other But the story goes deeper and you realize that giving into love can be harder than you thinkI thought we were building something Something that in my heart of hearts knew would be beautifulJay and Tori's primal lust and need for each other definitely went beyond the bedroom Their banter is unlike no other I loved reading the way these two interacted The inside jokes the laughing their sarcasm I laughed a long with them I swooned over Jay as he had a way with words And when Tori got mad at Jay I wanted to kick him Ha I was invested in their story Why They just simply belong together It is fate And nothing gets in the way of fate But their love It isn't easy But what wants to read about easy love anyway Love knows no boundaries and Tori and Jay are proof of that Love sees only the heart and should of whom it belongs toUrban Love Prophecy is so much than good girl meets bad boy or rich girl meets boy from the projects If you go in thinking that you are wrong It's about love and that it doesn't come in a neat little package That love doesn't see who you are where you came from or your past Love knows where it belongs to and it lives there It doesn't let go There's no denying true love Tori and Jay's story attests to that This isn't your normal rainbows and butterflies romance story Their love story hurts It's raw It's real Love isn't perfect I love that Urban Love Prophecy showed that Tori and Jay are flawed Yet they can love Mistakes happen Lines are crossed But their love went beyond where love is supposed to go They fought for their love It was dark at times It was challenging However love always preseveres It hopes It never gives up Tori and Jay went through so much but in the end everything was worth it While this wasn't your typical love story by any means I truly enjoyed it It was gritty It was real The author held nothing back And I am so glad she didn't

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Urban Love ProphecyE and into the real world where she struggles to make ends meet while finding a way to get back the only important thing in her lifeWill they be able to make Jayson’s prophecy come true Or will they be pushed past their breaking point It isn’t easy to keep focused on the heart and soul of the one you love when you’re always being tested Then again the best things in life are always worth fighting f. I went though so many emotions reading this First I swooned at Jay then I would be laughing then I was pissed at Jay then I wanted to claw out Ness' eyes and tackle Anabelle then I was swooning again then I'm laughing at T then I'm pissed again and want to tackle him for the NY party thing I felt like he was so full of BS I stayed there for a while I was so mad Like so pissed off Then I was proud of T and how she handled it what she said how she reacted Then I was surprised Jerome Wow I didn't think anyone would say anything I mean bros before hoes and all that shit right But when he said his piece and so did Marcus I couldn't believe it Not to mention his mom He was acting like such a douche I just Ugh Then I was heartbroken And as mad as I was Jay started to weasel his way back in I wanted to stay mad hell I didn't want to like him at all after the shit he pulled on her the things he said But He did He made me swoon all over Then he was a champion What he did for her Just Wow This book was full of feelings and emotions and takes you on a rollercoaster ride Jessica knows how to write a strong female character who is able to be vulnerable when it counts but not annoyingly so I also love that she made reference to her other book Grant love him I love that Jessica writes about topics that are personal and relatable Everyone can relate to the topic at hand whether it's baby mama drama cheating marriage trust loss of a loved one friendship it's all something someone can relate to and it's written in a way that just pulls those emotions from you