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Read & download Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Þ Susan Moody

Death Takes a HandHouse hotel There's Ned Causobon the dishy wine merchant with a suspicious lack of oenological knowledge a strong interest in bridge teachers and apparently a rather sordid past with Sonia There's also the robust Felicity Carradine who seems to have lifted Sonia's childhood recollections verbatim for use in the bestselling opus Love's Tempestuous Sea and Thomas Lambert a rather hapless journalist whose magazine profile of Sonia failed to please On a personal level Cassie also de. I don’t know anything about the card game Bridge don’t care about the game and don’t care to learn the game yet I found this Bridge centric mystery a great read The game does play a major part in the story but Moody’s writing makes it rather painless Instead we are focused on the character and plight of Bridge teacher Cassandra Cassie Swan who had the great misfortune to stumble upon a murder scene not once but twice If the first time was bad for business then the second was disastrous resulting in cancelled engagements and unwanted attention from the tabloids – “I Played Bridge With Cassie Swann AND SURVIVED” She takes up the investigation not from a case of Miss Marplesue nosiness but to preserve her livelihood and to avoid a return to the girls’ school from which Bridge allowed her to escape The character of Cassie is endearing having to deal constantly with her weight obsessions his moralistic upbringing and near constant attentions from the wrong sort of men If there is any downside to the book it’s that the police are treated rather shabbily portrayed as rather dim; on the other hand had the law been represented by a Morse a Lynley or even a Ravyn Cassie might not have had a chance to show she’s as good at sleuthing as she is at Bridge

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Actually it would have been hard to miss the large body of Sonia Wetherhead sprawled on the drawing room floor with her head bashed in Nor Death Takes ePUB #186 would it have been easy to overlook the eually dead Colonel and Mrs Plumpton sitting at the green baize table their cards and eternity spread out before them But bridge teacher Cassie Swann also notices numerous connections both above board and illicit among her seemingly respectable students at a stately Cotswold country. Cassandra Swan is a former teacher of Biology at an English girls’ school neither fashion model slim like her cousins nor plump as some of her current crop of clients In this first episode for the Cassandra Swan Bridge Mysteries we meet Cassandra as an extremely unfortunate organizer of instructor in and hostess for bridge weekends somewhat analogous to the common game conventions in the US held in the English countryside Death Takes a Hand does indeed provide for a taut murder mystery with clues which hinge upon an ill fated bridge game Ill fated Of the three players sitting at the table balanced by the dummy hand all are deceased by the beginningI categorize Death Takes a Hand as a cozy mystery because so much of it takes place in the English countryside and because the female protagonist seems as concerned with her “black thumb” regarding house plants and foisting off the unwanted attention of forward “would be” male lovers as she does with solving the mystery At least that’s the way it seems until her income is threatened by potential hotel ownersmanagers and clients beginning to believe that she is the bad luck element the schlimazel lightning rod at the root of these deaths and another uite untimely death at another bridge weekend she organized The villain is well established by the time of the expected revelation The clues are available for the reader but not emphasized I also like the fact that Cassandra needs to solve the mystery for both the sake of her ongoing business and because of a certain amount of suspicion that comes upon her She doesn’t go head to head against the police as with certain mystery characters and she is very much aware of how superior the inspector’s resources are to her ownIt may be that the male supporting characters are the most interesting in this novel There is the one who seems to be a confidence man the one who seems to be a lower class workman but seems incredibly aware of art and antiues for someone as crass as he is and the one who is either a suspect or her best prospect for a beau Nothing about her love life makes sense to me in reading from the male perspective but the emotions she goes through in trying to decide how to deal with these “gentlemen” remind me of the time I visited the family of my cousin’s girlfriend The girlfriend’s sister was gorgeous actually a homecoming ueen candidate Yet every time the phone rang she ran to it hoping to hear from someone to ask her out on the following night alas I was heading out of town the next morning “Wow” I thought “even the most beautiful girls in school seem anxious to get a date” I uit being afraid to ask girls out after that I got that same feeling in Cassandra’s attitudeAbout the only thing I have in common with Cassandra is that we were both raised in a minister’s home She was raised in one against her will due to unfortunate circumstances; I didn’t know how fortunate I had it As she reached adulthood she largely rejected the faith under which she was raised while I have grown to appreciate my faith and have my understanding of it broadened as I’ve grown older Apparently a slight bit of the ethical underpinnings of her religious background has remained Alas even so it is a rather negative perspective on God as a proctor cruelly observing lest one get any detail wrong “What God would say for that matter for despite her rejection He nonetheless still lurked somewhere in the rear of her mind an eternal Head Prefect monitoring everything she did” p 88I liked Death Takes a Hand It won’t be one of the primary mystery series for which I reach in bookstores and my public library but I won’t turn my nose up at the next one I find either

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Death Takes a Hand Free download Ó PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ñ ★ Death Takes a Hand PDF / Epub ✈ Author Susan Moody – Actually it would have been hard to miss the large body of Sonia Wetherhead sprawled on the drawing room floor with her head bashed Tects a sudden calm in her formerly busy schedule and a serious drop in her bank account She may only have discovered the victims but others particularly the tabloid press and future employers see a clear connection between Cassie and violent death As her career wilts much like one of her unfortunate houseplants Cassie decides to match her bridge sharpened wits against a ruthless and desperate opponent But winner will take all in this perilous game and the stakes are life or deat. Remarkably dated but nevertheless uite readable The pacing was spot on; I deduced the murdered the chapter before the climaxFeminist book club view spoilerThe heroine never solves the crime She walks into a trap to be rescued by a man hide spoiler