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Read ✓ Carnal Author Lola Taylor ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB µ ❮Reading❯ ➽ Carnal ➶ Author Lola Taylor – Boy meets girl Then things get hotSally the succubus sucks at her job no pun intended Being a former secretary with no love life to speak of Boy meets girl Then things get hotSally the succubus sucks at her job no pun intended Being a former secretary with no love life to speak of doesn’t exactly give her much experience in the “Hot Seductress” department So when her Master says she’s not meeting her monthly soul corrupting uota he does what any loving boss would do – he sends her to Elysian a reform school for the “w. #Erotica #DarkFantay #Bargain #99ct US UK CA for FREE

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Icked at heart” Determined to prove she’s not terrible at her job Sally sets out to become the best succubus she can be And with her long time crush Hector the Underworld’s most infamous incubus as her teacher Sally’s even anxious to prove her mettleToo bad no one told her that people have been mysteriously disappearing from Elysian only to show up as mutilated corpses a few days lat. I LOVED this book I don't really do paranormal book but I mean this book was super good it had a bad guy and a sexy good guy and it had passion and hate It was an amazing book The writing was so good no mistakes with the Grammer is was perfect There was sex fighting passion fighting and teasing lots of teasing that made you all hot and bothered I loved this book and you will to You guys have to read this book Lola did an amazing job with this book and it's a series that I can not wait to get deeper into you are going to crave when the story is done I know I am This was her first book and she did and amazing job with it You HAVE TO READ THIS DAMN BOOK I'm glad I had the chance to read it You will not be disappointed

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Carnal Author Lola TaylEr Then she might not have been so eager to go man candy or notWhen the killer targets Sally it’s up to Hector and her to put a stop to the evil force once and for all But doing so may cost them their hearts – and their soulsFast fun and flirty Carnal is a steamy paranormal romance that’s sure to leave you aching for WARNING Adult language and explicit sexual situations Recommended for. I give this book a 35 stars It was a well written book and it was a pretty good read I really didn't gather much of a storyline of them being a succubus or an incubus which was probably just as well because I don't like stories where a character would be getting it on with someone else I think there should have been of the storyline with all of the killings on campus and the danger Sally was in I'm sorry I'm gonna be nit picky but I hated the name Sallyit was not a sexy name for a succubus Overall after I was done reading this book it was a feeling of I didn't love it but didn't dislike itit was just fine I appreciate receiving this book as a contest winner and would really like to read from this author