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characters Kink the Halls Hers #25

Read ✓ Kink the Halls Hers #25 107 ò ✺ [BOOKS] ✮ Kink the Halls Hers #25 By Dawn Robertson ❄ – ’Tis the Season for an inappropriate Christmas taleSeven and Levi are celebrating their first holiday togetherStar is pretending to be domesticatedAnd siblings are banging each otherSeriously whatOm the Seven James ParkerStar Bloom crewOne thing is for sure this is a Christmas no one will be forgetting anytime so. Absolutely LOVE Dawn and her kinky books she has here You will need to read Hers and Finding Willow so you know what’s going on in the crazy Bloom house for the holidays In the Kink The Halls novella you get of Seven and Levi and all of Seven’s naughty prego ness which is still super sexy but funny at the same time They’re hot as ever and I still love them You also get of Star and f’in hot MC’er Chrome yummm But in this novella you’ll see the story develop for Paisley Star’s sister and River Chrome’s brother and they’re just as hot as the other two couples Look for This Girl Stripped early 2014 I’m really interested to see what’s part of River’s past like all of Dawn Robertson’s books – it should be good Kink the Halls was a great festive short read and an awesome Christmas installment for the Hers series that gave us just enough to hold us over until This Girl Stripped comes out KTH has it’s hot kinky fuckery sweet swoons and funny moments Absolutely love this crewCheck out our stop for Dawn Robertson's Kink The Halls Blog Tour

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Oliday togetherStar is pretending to be domesticatedAnd siblings are banging each otherSeriously what do you expect fr. In this novella by Dawn Robertson we get to see an inside look at how the holiday’s are spent with Star and Seven Newly pregnant Seven brings her hubby Levi with her to Star’s new home Christmas is on its way and Chrome Star Magnolia Scarlett Levi Seven Paisley and River are all sharing a house for the holidays New relationships are formed some relationships are strengthened and of course there’s lots of sex Seven grew up with Star living in a van as their parents went off doing who knows what Seven decided that she would get her life on track and went to college becoming the CEO of two major companies in New York Seven and Star have remained best friends for years until she met Levi Levi met Seven at an unconventional place Even though Seven told him it would only be a one night thing he fought for her Now they’re married and expecting Star is was a porn star She was heavily into drugs and alcohol desperate not to feel One day after getting into an altercation with Seven she decided that she was going to turn her life around Drop the drugs stop with the porn and find her daughter On her journey to find her daughter she met Chrome Chrome is a biker the person who you’d least expect to fall in love From the moment he set eyes on Star he had a feeling that she’d be his River Chrome’s brother helps run the local motel in Woodstock where Star is now staying He helps take care of Chrome’s daughter Scarlett while he is away on business He never thought he’d have feelings for someone until he met Paisley Star’s sister Paisley experienced some hardship while she was in Florida She traveled up to New York and found Seven who brought her to Star Spending a month with her sister she was reserved and uiet Star knows something happened but won’t push until she knows Paisley is ready Scarlett is Chrome’s daughter Her mother passed away in a car accident so Chrome was granted custody Scarlett uickly became best friends with Magnolia Star’s daughter Star was overjoyed at her new family This novella gets four stars from me There isn’t a lot of plot to this novella though readers to get a chance to see inside the lives of these characters and to really get to know them better The story just seemed pretty bland As always with Dawn’s writing this novella is intended for those readers 18 years of age and older

Dawn Robertson ☆ 7 Read

Kink the Halls Hers #25’Tis the Season for Halls Hers Epub #219 an inappropriate Christmas taleSeven and Levi are celebrating their first h. I received this book from the author for an honest review I LOVE THIS SERIES I finished Finding Willow and jumped right into this fun and uick read The novel basically gives you a completed HEA for Star and Chrome plus Seven and Levi We have missed some action and so the reader gets to see a MARRIED Seven James WHAT you say YES MARRIED people to Levi the man of her dreams This novel also lets us see a future for River He is such an amazing character so I loved seeing him have some fun' in the story I actually would love to see from him and his lady love Scarlett and Maggie are stoked about their family and hanging together Basically If you loved Hers and Finding Willow you cannot miss this book It was a fast book but i was cracking up alotSeven's milk coming inPRICELESS SCENE Star and Chrome's special gift exchange at the end og the book had me teary BUT THE BEST SCENE WAS River and his lady getting interrupted by Seven and Star GREAT CLASSIC scene In conclusion snickers I love this book and everything that happens I loved Seven relaxing a bit and Levi taking a bit of control I loved Chrome being uber alpha male for him girl and Star becoming Martha Stewart