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Creativity review É eBook or Kindle ePUB Ò [PDF] ✈ Creativity ⚣ Philippe Petit – In the vein of The Creative Habit and The Artist’s Way a new manifesto on the creative process from a master of the impossible   Since well before his epic 1974 walk between the Twin Towers of the In the vein of The The artistic endeavor from generating and shaping ideas to practicing and problem solving to pulling off the coup” itself executing a finished work The strategies and insights he shares will resonate with performers of every stripe actors musicians dancers and practitioners of the non performing arts painters writers sculptors and also with ordinary mortals in search of fresh ways of tackling the challenges and possibilities of everyday existen. Absolute rubbish The author is an arrogant name dropping self infatuated attention seeking narcissist

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As from an early age a voracious learner who taught himself cultivating the attitudes resources and techniues to tackle even seemingly impossible feats His outlaw sensibility spawned a uniue approach to the creative process an approach he shares with characteristic enthusiasm irreverence and originality in Creativity The Perfect Crime             Making the reader his accomplice Petit reveals new and unconventional ways of going about. Is Philippe Petit really a mere mortal I wonder After watching Man On A Wire last year I became an instant fan In Creativity Philippe ponders many things and gives out great advice to the reader The greatest factor of his new book is his energy It will infect you and you will become his partner in crimeThis is a book to savor and ponder and experiment with It's not a how to it's of a what if and how about thistake on life and Philippe's experiences which are vast and always interesting The book is filled with his drawings musings experiences and ideas he is an idea man Philippe helps to look at life in fresh surprising ways Ah he is a miracle and what a fun partner in crime he makes Some of his ideas are big and some are small He encourages trickery and balance and once you begin the journey with him there is no return Sometimes you'll be a fool and sometimes you will be wiser than others while making the tryst with PhilippeThis is a rare book by a genius to savor and re re re read It will be a book for your life that whenever you pick it up no matter if you've read it already several times something new will click and your partnership will be renewed and your creative crimes will be wonderful and adventurousThanks Philippe you are definitely not a mere mortal

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CreativityIn the vein of The Creative Habit and The Artist’s Way a new manifesto on the creative process from a master of the impossible   Since well before his epic walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center Philippe Petit had become an artist who answered first and foremost to the demands of his craft not only on the high wire but also as a magician street juggler visual artist builder and writer A born rebel like many creative people he w. This is a truly dreadful book It has nothing to do with creativity and everything to do with the ridiculous ego of the so called author I say so called because the writing is horrific disjointed thoughts unfinished sentences rambling infantile drawings and most annoyingly exclamations every third sentence He is a skilled wire walker and self promoter but there was no thought put in to the ramblings of this book than if a self absorbed 7th grader wrote a few sentences every time a thought popped into their headI would give an example but honestly every single sentence in the book is an example of how bad it is and I can't bear to pick it up again Whoever told this man he could or should write did him a disservice One star only because I cannot give less