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free read Invincible º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¼ [Read] ➵ Invincible By Dewayne Haslett – Troy Connor has no idea who he is He doesn’t know where he came from or how and why he ended up in the crime ridden streets of Detroit All that he knows are the disturbing nightmares that haunt his Troy ConnoAbilities Troy must deal with being in love for the first time a deadly enemy sent to destroy him and a mysterious stranger who may hold the secrets to his pa. This book remind me so much of I am number four

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E the disturbing nightmares that haunt his mind the strange powerful skills he develops and the plans he has in store for themAs he learns to harness his new. Is it really that easy to call someone Dad if you only know them for less then a few months The beginning is certainly creepy and you realize that something is very wrong with the protagonist First of all if you found yourself in a stranger's house wouldn't you be alarmed actually very alarmed Besides the obvious lack of stranger danger awareness There were other failings in this book Like the cliche mistakes and the lack imagination in hiding one's secret identityAnywaythis review wasn't meant to be really like this It wasn't supposed to be critical at the author but of a calmer and positive review Invincible was upbeat it wasn't dull really the action kept moving and the characters okay Another point that was good was the good old fashion fight in the end even though it was a bit of a let down the end I think about three fourths into the book I was kinda hoping that it would become a series Though I've changed my mind since reading the endSo in the end give this book a chance Its a okay read and worth reading for most of the part

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InvincibleTroy Connor has no idea who he is He doesn’t know where he came from or how and why he ended up in the crime ridden streets of Detroit All that he knows ar. First please forgive the run on sentences I'm trying to do this on a bus from my phone whilst keeping an eye out for my stopharder than I thought Invincible sadly was uite disappointing I'm afraid The premise is good although a little too similar to I am number four right down to the alien fight scene in the schoolusing large alien creatures to fight for them fellow alien girl human friend and girlfriend and it fell short in a lot of areas The writing was good overall and I could follow the flow of the story but things were happening that didn't make sense such as the character's having knowledge of events and other character they couldn't possibly knowAn example of this would be the main villain knowing Troy's name a fake name that he came up with himself despite them never meeting and ok I suppose the doctor could have told them these things and probably would have when he went to work for them in which he had one appearance making him seem important but he goes and dies off page after passing the enemy information but the way he talked to Troy in their 30 second conversation was very personal as if this kid was his arch nemesis which was really confusing seeing as how they had never met the boy was not part of the military and only happened to be a resident of the last world they destroyed in which he was hardly uniue as there were a few It's not a very detailed review as I'm in a rush and I cant say I really enjoy bashing a book I'd prefer to let people form their own opinions but I cant say there was very much I did enjoy about this book I'm afraid The writer seems to have some talent and I'm hoping he can use this as a stepping stone to produce better standards of work Invincible is a respectable effort but personally just fell short in a lot of areas